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Found 1 result

  1. I've playing FE games for a long time now, and I've had my share of difficulties. But I've never been this screwed before. I'm on my third route, Silver Snow, and I'm in maddening mode. Everything's been tougher. I appreciate that! I thought hard mode was a tad too easy. Now I'm eating my words. It's Chapter 13: Hunting at Daybreak. The same chapter happens in Blue Lions and, I've read, Golden Deer. It seems universally loathed and for good reason. Of my Black Eagles, I used Dorothea as a dancer, Bernadetta is a sniper, and Petra is a wyvern rider. Haven't used Caspar or Ferdinand, or Seteth for that matter even though he is in this scenario. My female Byleth is an Enlightened One. I can't get past this level. I have permadeath on, and even if I let everyone die I still can't make it through. I'm trying to lower the difficulty. I know it won't let me go back up after the round, but honestly I don't care about that. It says I'm not allowed to change the difficulty at this time. Is there somewhere else I can change the difficulty? Like if I retreat can I press something to open settings? There is no setup in this level. Have I just lost like 50 hours to be trapped forever?
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