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Found 13 results

  1. I think this game will actually be fantastic. THIS (Claude meme is not funny anymore) THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h3JjZ4qy88 THIS IS WHY Even if this game is bad what we have now looks great.
  2. At the time of writing this, its Oct 1st. Megaman 11 will come excactly October 2nd. Its just a thread discussing megaman 11 and your thoughts on it. Im sure there are many here in the forest who like this series and anticipate for it. Anyways, i didn't play the demo yet. I'd rather experience by playing it myself. Now i don't care if the game is good or bad, I just want the classic megaman experience gameplay. I know it will not be as good as other megaman games but would be certainly better than 7, 8 or possibly even 9 and 10. But its just about the gameplay and levels. Its the fun. Judging by how it looks, its gonna deliver me some great fun and challenge. I do also like the weapons, and the bosses, sure have unique design. But for now, i'd talk about the rest of mm11 later when i played the game already. Your thoughts guys? Will it be a blast?
  3. This is gonna be damn fun. This is what id like to see in FE switch, though NOT A PREDICTION. Ill separate it into categories, for fun mostly but it'll probably read better as well (Just kidding there is only one category for detail) Editing and open for suggestion to fanboy over. GAMEPLAY Distinct difficulty levels, for replayability and accessibility, standard, hard, no lunatic, though, as i think FE7 did the difficulty gap between hector normal, and hector hard mode better that conquest did, and, to be honest, it was a little daunting seeing lunatic on the start screen, first playthrough, for some reason. Rescue, not pair up. pair up is unbalanced to use and unbalanced to play against in the few instances that you do (Conquest, 17/18 cant remember , General bros being a fine example.) I don't really want shove back unless the enemies also use it on hard, as it was a little broken. Promotion to work kind of like a fusion between FE4 and Gaiden/ Echoes plus a little of the Gba norm. As in like that, promotions would only get you up to the promoted classes bases, never over, but promotion would not reset your level, or stunt exp growth. But also some three tier classes for good measure, not all classes though. but so that it was generally rewarding to see happen i would probably have the class bases for promoted classes be like, 40% stronger than the un-promoted variants. Third tier would, stat wise be less significant, but grant some gnarly skills. Also branching promotion would be cool, but only for first to second, not second to third, as that would be confusing. Second to third would join back together in one super class that combines the strengths of both lines together. Promotions, finally, would take items, like the riders whip, for mounts not just fliers, or the training guide for some standard infantry. etc Level cap 40 Skills would be linked to the class, not the level of the class, like fates did it. So Gamble would be innate of fighters and Sol would be innate of heroes ETC. Proc skills would replace crits for their classes, so if a hero crits he deals triple damage and heals half the damage dealt. Sword-master crit would be weird in that, instead of doing three times five hits doing half damage, it would be five hits doing half damage with a mini luna (25% less def on hit) at base might. Killer weapons would be low might and rare but still have high crit to compensate. I want dungeon crawling like echoes did. Not like FE8s attempt, oh no no no. Lots of cool loot, not too much though. Weapons unbreakable, but no shops, only forges, enemy, and dungeons. I want more echoes, but with cherries on top. Fe6 style rush for the throne based map design; Gives the player more control without feeling overwhelming to figure out . Also map size similar to fe6 would be fun as I think it hits a nice sweet spot. Large but not overwhelming. Gaiden chapters. I would prefer if the pause menu told you in advance the conditions for unlocking the Gaiden, At the very least, on a second play through. NOTHING locked behind multiple playthroughs. Ever. Hard mode would be just a harder version of the same game. maybe some new gimmicks on certain maps but nothing crazy like enemies dropping new items on hard. NO characters you have to choose between, like Sonya or Deen, or Bartre and Echidna. Playthrough differences would be formed by a close balance of the cast to chose from. Echoes/Gaiden/FE8 style world map, grinding possible, but slow and unnecessary. Echoes style bonus exp, but max gained per battle is 30 instead of 20, otherwise, identical. Trinity of magic RETURNS! anima>light>dark>anima. Light magic would actually be useful, having slightly higher range than other magic(1-3), but heavy-ish. Weapon weight would be a thing, With a con stat as well, to calculate rescues Visuals would just be HD sprites. GBA style animations Music would be ... ... AH! Done by the same composer that did fates. Because to be honest, that is the only way to describe what kind of music i would want for an ideal Fe switch. By the composer. Yeah. Im out of ideas. Maybe you could help me though. If so please comment. Ta-ta!
  4. Hi, everyone: As most of you know, Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, and I already have an overload of hype for the upcoming Fire Emblem game; so this is a serious case of overhype without a cure I can think of. I'm out of ideas and fear I might go crazy before heroes goes back online. Any suggestions on what I should do to curb this hype? I've tried playing chess on an 6 X 8 grid (assigning statistics to each piece), playing the original Gaiden, and attempting to keep my mind occupied with other activities. Thank you for keeping my sanity in check better than (Fates Spoiler). Edit: Maintenance is over. Thank you for all your suggestions! If you read further into the post, there will be mention of a story I wrote. Here's a link to it. The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment
  5. The Japanese FEH Twitter just put out three new tweets about features to come, some of which many people have been asking for quite a while. No specific date was mentioned for when these would be added, and they weren't included in the April update report, but they do say that "we were able to put in more features", so we could be getting these next month. 1. The ability to change deployment positions at the start of the battle At the beginning of the battle, before any of your units make any of their moves (i.e. no one can be greyed out), you will be able to tap a "Formation" button to shift your units around between the four starting positions as many times as you like. That'll take out the going into a level blind -> get bodied because Elise tried to duel Ryoma true combo, which was frankly quite annoying and a waste of like 20 stamina. 2. Adjustments to EXP gain The amount of EXP gained by 1* to 4* Heroes from enemies of lower levels will be increased. The lower the rarity of your Hero, the more EXP they gain from weak enemies. Right now, training is a little bit of a gamble; you won't get much EXP out of enemies that aren't like five levels higher than you, but your goddamn Draug weaker units might keep dying in one round to the stronger enemies, especially when they start reaching higher levels. This will perhaps make grinding on weaker enemies a more reasonable source of EXP. While obviously slower than fighting stronger enemies, you're less likely to get jumped and waste 9 stamina. 3. The maximum amount of Stamina will be raised from 50 to 99. Also, the amount of Stamina recovered by a Potion/an Orb will also be raised to 99 (still a full restore). The update we've all been waiting for (they even say this in the Tweet lol. Awesome that Orb/Potion recovery has been raised to match too, so we're not getting robbed. Shoutouts to Ice Dragon and Ryu Yuki lol
  6. It works the same for both FE9 and FE10, and in fact it's almost the same as the GBA RNG. A more detailed post may follow later (if I'm not too lazy), but here is the the tl;dr Calculation of the next RN is exactly the same as for GBA (bitshift+xors of the last 3 rns) There are a total of 8 possible initial seeds from power on The game then burns some "small number" (0~20 roughly) of RNs from this initial seed on the first frame The cool thing here (in my opinion) is that the number of possible initial states from power on in only ~100 or so, which gives us a notion of reliability (in the same sense as for GBA arrow retracing) for both of these games. This also means that TAS for both of these games are now possible, and the regular speedrun can probably be improved too via clock abuse manipulations (this latter claim is untested).
  7. In a article in Gameinformer magazine I got today, they covered the history of the franchise as well as confirmed that the 15th entry is already in development No information beyond that FE15 exists was confirmed in the article, but it is worth noting that it is in development FE15 HYPE Edit: Gameinformer got it wrong in the physical magazines, Nintendo still hasn't said anything regarding FE15.
  8. http://prevolt.tumblr.com/post/135639887596/god-eater-resurrection-and-god-eater-2-rage-burst http://www.god-eater.com/en/ So basically God Eater 2 (never released in America) and Resurrection (remake of the first game) have been confirmed for a Playstation 4/Playstation Vita/Steam Release for Summer of 2016 Literally hype So we can use this topic to discuss things about the franchise in general and more news as it is revealed
  9. So I read an article on ign recently that got me thinking about the concept of gaming hype. Or the buildup of games prior to release. Sure its always been around just look at old ads for NES and Genesis games. But with the growth of the industry as a whole and the explosion of the Internet we now get to see parts of games more frequently and some such as Smash get built up pretty high. Why not do this? It is essentially pregaming and advertising for the developers and the companies involved. It builds on the emotion surrounding the game and in theory should make more people want to buy it. Well there are some out there that would debate that hype is actually a bad thing and that all it does is build people up only to get jaded and disappointed and in their eyes the game(s) just become a taint in the series they once loved. So where do I stand? Well not going to lie I've bought into hype numerous times (how can you not at times?) and left games feeling slightly disappointed or that they were not as good as I thought they would be. But this is mostly my fault due to a lack of experience and probably reading up more on the game than I should have. That being said its not to say these games were not good games they still were. But I do notice that the less I know about a game I tend to enjoy it more because theres more suprise and discovery involved (this was my case with Awakening) and you get that sense of something new. Hype isn't a bad thing per se especially for the producers but from a personal perspective I've just learned to be cautiously optimistic and take things as they come with a grain salt. EDIT: Link to the aforementioned IGN article if you're interested. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/01/31/opinion-hype-isnt-always-a-bad-thing-hype-is-hope
  10. So anyone else see the top posts for the day and number of members online. Just wow I never realized this forum was that huge.
  11. Hello everyone I submitted both Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance about a month and a half ago for AGDQ 2015 and both made it past second cuts! The only thing left is for the marathon schedule to be made which should be coming out in a few weeks. Both myself and Vykan12 submitted RD and if we both make it to AGDQ he'll be running RD vs me running PoR in a bid war. I'll be keeping up in practice for both in case he can't make it. AGDQ stands for Awesome Games Done Quick held each January and it's a speedrunning charity marathon raising money for breast cancer research. This AGDQ's dates are January 4-10th? If I do run the game at the marathon I'll be running on Fixed mode to prevent bad level ups along with using the Growth Bands to further assist in Ike and Marcia's Defense stats. The late game section of the run is actually scary which worries me for consistency. My run estimate is a generous 2:30:00 when my Personal Best is an embarrassing 2:17:xx which can definitely go a lot lower. That being said the PoR route I am using at the moment can use some massive improvements since I used a mix of Chiki's old route and my own in the second half of the game. I'm not the best at routing and since PoR is different than other runs in which you must avoid combat as much as possible. I feel like I'm better at optimizing games better than routing them *shrugs* SDA Thread is here: https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/agdq_2015_game_submissions_round_2.html Second cuts list is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ejuauu9R5W3_dJN97S2SrIAadHWq7EpZcdf2oWDTBRo/pubhtml# I'll have to figure out how to embed youtube videos/playlists but here is my Speedrun strat playlist. The opening section of the run is largely the same from Chiki's own route from earlier this year, I don't know if there's an updated run anywhere I so simply built on an older route. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLybTK2FNBqXJ6NVuWQf3jUyrmNbE4bkp_ I have school this week so I won't have too much time to update the playlist, I'll make some new videos this week but mostly just wanted to get this out there. After making these videos I improved on the Chapter 21 strat to not require the BEXP. Not even sure why I BEXP'ed Ike so much, Tauroneo and the enemies in the throne room can kill Ike but he did not need that much BEXP. Ike still wants as much durability as possible for Chapter 27 down the line as well. Having a good run at AGDQ would mean the world to me and would love to do the series some justice after last years marathon. I'm surprised FE got another shot only a year but I intend to do my absolute best to keep up in practice. I can also run the game on the Japanese version for the Critical glitch, this could save a ton of time and make for a better watch but I'm unsure and would like some opinions on it. The downside to the JPN version is my nerves could overwhelm me to forgetting Kanji patterns for simple commands if I'm unsure what I'm doing (practice and practice for this!). People can also be less attached to the run since it's a first appearance and being unable to read some text in an RPG. Thanks~
  12. Games Done Quick! It's that time of the year again! Summer Games Done Quick will be running from June 22nd until January 28th, and will consists of 24 hour speedruns done by the community of SpeedRunsLive, and SpeedDemosArchive. This is a charity event, in comibination with Awesome Games Done Quick previously in January, will be putting all donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation! Here is the schedule for who will be running what games and at which times: http://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
  13. Some two years ago, after much blood, sweat and tears, a little known localisation company, XSEED, released the story-driven JRPG, Legend of Heroes (VI): Trails in the Sky (FC)- the English form of the 6th Eiyuu Densetsu game and 1st Kiseki game, Eiyuu Densetsu VI: Sora no Kiseki FC by Falcom- on the PSP. Due to the game's ending, (English speaking-only) fans of the game have had, what I can only imagine as, an excruciatingly painful wait for the 'answer'. [image=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/38/Loh6_The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky.jpg/250px-Loh6_The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky.jpg] That wait, is finally over. It has been announced that though the translating powers of Carpe Fulgur and editing of XSEED, Legend of Heroes (VI): Trails in the Sky SC will be released for Steam and PSN download for the Vita in summer 2014, after the port of of Trails in the Sky (FC) to the same platform/systems this winter. Source Sales of the games may increase possibility of translation for the newer Kiseki games, so if you're a fan, please support the games, and the two companies that will bring the games over! [TL;DR]:Trails in the Sky SC! HYPE!
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