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Found 2 results

  1. Would it be nice if the protagonist's group start as mercenaries (with a side of merchants)? It would make the storyline expandable. DLC chapters would make sense. I'm also hoping for character focused downloadable Gaidens. Would the protagonist be secretly a noble?
  2. So since every playable character has been added into the voting roster and then plenty of extras, that means there will inheriently be overlap with pre-existing characters that are already build into the game, since we've already seen plenty of people who are on that roster. My guess is that the characters we've already seen, even if they get into the top 10 spots, will not count if they're already in the game. Now this will mean that there is the possibility of losing your vote by casting your ballet for someone who is already guaranteed a spot, or conversely that they'll allow someone already in the game to take one of the top ten spots and then cause a spot to be lost due to them already being in the game. That would suck, but it's a possibility. So my outlook on this hypothesis is: Don't vote for someone you know will most likely be in the game (e.i. Ike or Corrin) or someone who has already been shown in game (e.i. Lon'qu or Minerva). I say vote for actual underdogs since for some characters have a shot at being seen outside of japan and voiced as well. That being said you shouldn't let what I say stop you from voting for whoever you want.
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