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Found 3 results

  1. So I've noticed we have a fair few players of the various Warriors games on the site, I felt like making this thread. It can work as a general discussion/social thread of sorts about the games, discussing or aiding each other. Now I started with Dynasty Warriors 3 on the PS2, and I got so wrapped up into the historical aspects of the games that I'm now a somewhat competent self proclaimed historian of the Three Kingdoms Era and Late Han. I've played just about every Dynasty Warriors I own 3 to 8, I've played the first 2 Samurai Warriors, I've played all 3 Warriors Orochi games, I also really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors. (Still am and am hyped for the Legends bonuses). I really need to look into Ken's Rage and Dynasty Warriors Gundam. So enjoy yourselves and discuss anything, even historical talk.
  2. Topic is old now, so this. So, Skull Kid is a playable character now, and Phantom Ganon is a boss character. I hope they have a really good moveset for Skull Kid that isn't just "drop the moon" on everyone. =\ There's more than enough of that already.
  3. So, anyone else see this in today's Nintendo Direct? At first glance, I thought it was an MMO with how things looked, but I'm not entirely sure that'll be the case. Either way, I thought it looked FUN. I mean, Link really stepped it up and took a level of badass here. Chucking bombs like crazy, crashing through a veritable army? I mean, seriously, that looks awesome!
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