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Found 2 results

  1. So, seeing a lack of D&D thread here, I figured I should start one. Pathfinder is "Close enough", and D&D video games count too, I guess. Are you in a game, what edition, and what sort of character? Tell some stories, share some advice, and so on. Feel free to argue about settings, but not editions, and share homebrew you find interesting or made. . For myself, I'm in two games- one in-person, Pathfinder in a homebrew world,, the other online, 3.5 in the Eberron setting. First one, I'm running an Aegis/Soulknife that can basically be described as a karate bugman. Second, I'm running an Artificer, aiming for Renegade Mastermaker. Throwing and Returning are almost required for my Battlefist, obviously. Ghost Touch, too, given what happened last session... Anyway, go nuts. EDIT: And I suppose I'll toss up a list of free D&D editions/retroclones. 3.5 E, found in the form of the SRD, or the infinitely better navigable Hypertext SRD. Pathfinder, basically a clone of 3.5, with some changes. And it's 3rd-party-material-including d20pfsrd incarnation. Swords and Wizardry, a clone of the Original D&D games. Dark Dungeons (Not the Chick Tract, don't ask), a clone of the Rules Cyclopedia version of the game. Labyrinth Lord, based on the Magenta Box version of the game. If anyone has other suggestions for retroclones and other legal free versions of the game, I'll add them to this list.
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