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Found 27 results

  1. Pardon me from my retirement, and I will only return to this site once. But well, I know some many Fire Emblem fans are wanted a new dlc for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, even me. It's about swimwear, because, the only thing of we need. Unlike Summer of Bonds from Fire Emblem Awakening, and Beach Brawl from Fire Emblem Fates. Will Three Houses Chracters in their summer alter egos from Fire Emblem Heroes from the past year are predict a new wave dlc for Three Houses? Is this a coincidence? I guess this is a coincidence...... And We know Edelgard can't swim in the water and she is so scared. Her parents Ionius IX and Patricia were never teached to her daughter how to learn to swim, while Edelgard was a little child. She needs to have help with her teacher Byleth and her friends from the Monastery too for learn to swim, and overcome to her fear to be stronger. I was saw in a forum thread in GameFAQs about the swimsuit DLC since 7 months ago, and some fan arts from Pixiv and Twitter. They are made rumors about the swimsuit dlc, and ther version 1.2.0. from this game are keeping stable, and the developers weren't continued working, due from the COVID-19 pandemic or something else, and they weren't made a new DLC for this game in the past year. We need a new update from this game to launch a new wave DLC to avoid to be obsolete the stable version of I mentioned. So do you think about my prediction? I'm not good making predictions, because, I'm so nervious. Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day.
  2. I was thinking about this, and If Sharena haves her GBA-styled sprite? And also Alfonse, Anna, Fjorm and another Heroes charactera haves their GBA-styled sprites too? I don't know.... Is this a great idea, or not. Because, Heroea is a Mobile game, and isn't canon at all, and more difficult to make the rom hack project.....
  3. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  4. Working on some new ideas for skills. Here's my first one: Ward Type: Command Target: Self Effect: When activated, physical attacks (Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Daggers, and non-magical Monster Weapons etc.) target Resistance instead of Defense for 3 turns. Once the effect ends, the user can not use Ward again for 3 turns.
  5. This idea was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine. And honestly, i agree. Having some sort of interactivity in battles similar to the Mario RPG games would make battles feel more fresh. He does mention in that thread about having a string of buttons to input for a better critical hit but i disagree with that part since it's RNG so you don't really have time to prepare. But the rest sounds like a solid idea. What do you think?
  6. I was just playing Sacred Stones and while I was playing my mind drifted over to Ragefest (Link to the guy who does it) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFj3iwNV5w1wFxNBYjQPsig and how interesting the scripting and altering of game mechanics can get. (Examples: chests that cause events when opened, using npc's as shields, etc) So it came into my mind about units transferring levels and experience. Thinking about it as so, imagine a unit with 90 exp and another with 10 exp, you could transfer either or to get the other to level up. The unit that gives the exp keeps their level but their exp is set at 0 (in this scenario) The example with level exchange is imagine a unit that is level 20 and can no longer gain exp, now you also have a unit that is level 12, you could transfer 2 levels from the level 20 unit, making them level 18 and able to gain two more level ups, and then the other unit that was level 12 is now level 14. To balance this out you obviously couldn't transfer the levels back to the unit once they reach 20 again I feel like this would be an interesting mechanic to implement if so. Now the question is, is it possible? I'm no romhacker or someone who has any experience with coding and the like, so I'm just asking people who have experience is it possible and if so would it make an interesting mechanic in a Fire Emblem game? Or is it impossible/too hard/too impractical to do?
  7. So I was wondering, what if they made a region based on the Philippines? (that will never happen though) Here are some ideas I have: Locations, Population, and Pokémon: Villains: Gyms and Elite Four: That's all I got for now, feel free to add! Anything goes, just no discussing of politics.
  8. I've always wanted Micaiah to be able to use Dark Magic in FE10, So maybe with a remake, She could be reclassed into a Big Smoke's Order Incarnate?
  9. What if Intelligent Systems made a Fire Emblem game that takes place in the Wild West?
  10. Hi everybody, you know this situation: An enemy Reinhardt is sitting comfortably in the other corner of the map and you wonder if your bait will survive his attack on enemy phase. Wouldn't it be great if you could drag the enemy unit on yours, to check how much damage would be dealt on enemy phase? Of course the result would depend on the tile from which the enemy would attack. If it is a defense tile or in range of a spur for example. Alternatively they could show the damage taken on EP if you drag your own unit over a tile in enemy range. What do you think of the idea? Would it be likely to be implemented if suggested to IS?
  11. So with the new release of sacred seals forge i saw the possiility to forge a "Phantom speed 3" which gives you +10 spd in comparison to another unit so does it make it pretty broken? Imagine a brave weapon user (Reinhardt for example?) with watersweep 3, he have a pityfull speed of 15-21 but with a +spd IV (who will ever do that) so 21spd + Horse buffs (27spd) and the sacred seal utility (+10) he reaches a total of 37spd (or 34 for neutral spd)! (Of course a 40+10 reinhardt is even better) Since watersweep requires only unit spd>1 he can safely poke a lot more of unit with DC or cancel green mages counter attack (like julia's low speed about 38 at her most with L&D3) Anyway it was a build i though of but i dont have the material for it nor want to build it Please tell me if any of you guys tried it, virtually it seems very strong so i would like to know the real results thx PS: -If reinhardt doesnt even oneshot an enemy at his first double strike there might a problem lol, basically i just suggested a useless build -We all know that reinhardt's damage potentiel will be reduced by alot because of magic deflect -This build idea example was set on reinhardt but of course you can use it on other units
  12. So with Echoes: Shadows of Valentia likely being the start of a remake side series, that'd make Genealogy of the Holy War next in line for a remake. While I don't want to talk about the story per se, rather, I would like to talk about the customization of the second generation. If you're unfamiliar, FE4 was the first FE to feature the pairing/child mechanic. Unlike Awakening and Fates, the children weren't optional and had a story all to themselves in the second half of the game. Because of this, players were given the freedom to basically customize nearly a whole party class with different types of holy blood, or even not pair a potential mother, which will result in substitute characters (so a completely new set of characters). What I had in mind was to take some inspiration from the later games. While child characters had a signature look to them, their hair color was always dictated by whoever their permanent parent married. I think it would be interesting if this was implemented in FE4. While this may seem like a very minor and trivial thing to discuss, I think this minor change of hair color depending on their father can maybe increase the players' interest in their generation 2 characters. So not only do they inherit their mother's looks, they can inherit one of their father's as well. So everytime you play Genealogy and if you make different pairings each time, it would feel like you're playing with a new cast because nearly all of your characters' looks will be somewhat altered. For example, let's say you paired Aira with Holyn in your first playthrough. Larcei and Ulster will have blonde hair. But on your next run, you pair her with Lex, resulting in the children having dark blue hair. Although it's a small change, I think a more visual indicator could be significant enough to make an impact on the player that their pairings really affect the second generation cast. The only characters, aside from the permanent G2 characters (Celice/Oifay/etc.), I can see being an exception to this are Arthur and Tine... for reasons... But they could have highlights or ribbon or something to sort of be that visual indicator. Maybe if IS had the resources to do so, maybe their armor color palette can also vary as well, to match more closely. But I think I'd rather stick with a cool redesign. So, thoughts? Yay or nay?
  13. A few months ago I had an idea to add the MC from Persona 3 into Fire Emblem 7. I had a perfect image of how he would play in my head. He was like Robin in Awakening. He would have the player's in game name and act on the player's behalf as the leader of the squad just like in the game he was initially from, and he would've used both swords and spells and his spell use animation would be him summoning Orpheus. This all sounded amazing in my head, but I came back down to earth after realizing I don't know anything about rom hacking. I tried messing around with some in game sprites, but that didn't end up working out well. I'm putting this out because I'm hoping that some talented individual or group who loves both franchises will attempt to combine them in anyway. It doesn't have to be simply adding a character, it could be a whole new game that is a TRUE Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. If anyone is interested please ask around and comment on this!
  14. Hello, I have a new idea for a different type of PMU. i want to hear you guys' thoughts. The idea in short is that you put up a topic just like other PMU's and that people randomize the units you will use. What this means, is that if you do a Revelation random PMU, the person choosing for you puts all characters in a list, and then roll. The character that is number 1 on the list, will be the person that the PMU player is going to use. But wait, you're not done yet! The class will also be randomized. Every available class for that particular character (including dlc if the challenger said he will be using dlc) will be put on a list and the class on number 1 will be the class of the character that you rolled earlier. This site will be used for this: https://www.random.org/lists/ I can't do it myself just yet, because I;m going on a holiday soon, but I will try to get around to do this after the summer. What do you guys think?
  15. I had a thought. While this could work for other games in the franchise, it seems really neat for Fates. What if Intelligent Systems inputted a Challenge Mode, whereupon they designed maps/mini-maps based on learning the usefulness of skills and practical advantages to having certain skills? Ideas I have had are: 1) Lunge-Attack Stance. Set up two characters surrounded by two enemies with stairways on the opposite side to the player: SEPPES S: Stairway E: Enemy P:Player Reinforcements pop up from the stairway where an opponent has been killed. Players must make use of Lunge skill in conjunction with Attack Stance to protect partner, or block a stairway. Challenge is affected by difficulty setting. 2)Poison Touch/Grisly Wound/Savage Blow Units must one round each enemy they come across. Enemy can one shot a unit on enemy phase, and challenge rule is no deaths allowed. Enemies are positioned so that careful field placement will ensure being able to close in from outside range. Player must stack damage with skills in the right order depending on enemy (weapon triangle, bonus damage etc) to one round. 3) Attack-Guard Stance A semi-tank unit is plugging a wall while enemies pour in in single file. Some have ranged weapons too. Player must make use of secondary unit pair up for guard stance and attack stance whenever the situation demand it to survive a set number of turns. What do you guys think would be the response if this sort of thing was implemented? Also feel free to add any ideas you think would be really cool in the comments below! :D
  16. For those of you who don't know, a while back Lego created LEGO Ideas, a website where people can submit their ideas for potential LEGO products. If the project receives 10,000 supporters and LEGO agrees to make it, it will be made into a LEGO product! At the start of November, I made a project based on the Premonition chapter of Awakening. Today, I have made a project based on the scene in Fates where Corrin (Kamui) and Azura (Aqua) meet. It has already received two supports (not a lot, but it's some). Please support this Lego idea based on Fire Emblem Fates. To get to the site, click on the link below: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/125201 To support, you will need a LEGO account but it is relatively easy and free to make one. Another project is on its way based on the Golems in Fates.
  17. I already posted this in the Awakening forum, but I was informed that it would be better here. For those of you who don't know, LEGO Ideas is an online feature where you can post your own ideas for LEGO products (as long as it doesn't break any of LEGO's rules), and if the idea receives 10,000 votes, it can be made into a LEGO product! A few days ago, I submitted an idea based on the Premonition chapter of Fire Emblem Awakening. Included is the Fire Emblem, the dragon's table, Chrom, Validar, and Robin (comes with male and female versions). Here's a link to the site; when you get to the site, click the support button on the right to vote (you will need a LEGO ID though, but it is simple to make one). https://ideas.lego.com/projects/121131 You can also comment on the product on the site. Getting 10,000 supporters is mainly a question of advertising, so please tell others you know who would be willing to support this. Update (December 20, 2015): It is currently sitting at 14 supports, and it has been almost a month since anyone supported. Please support this LEGO Ideas project.
  18. Hi. I recently started an account on Serenes Forest. As such, I'm not sure if I'm posting this topic in the correct forum for something like this, but as it is the Awakening forum, I think it would go here. Yesterday Lego approved an idea I submitted on LEGO Ideas based on the premonition chapter of Awakening. If I get 10,000 votes within the time limit and Lego then reviews the idea and gets permission from Nintendo, it will be made into a LEGO product! Please support this Lego idea on Lego Ideas. The idea is called Fire Emblem Awakening: Premonition. Update (Dec. 20, 2015): It currently has 14 supports and it has been almost a month since anyone supported. I am in the process of making more projects based on fire emblem, but please continue to support this one.
  19. Hello everyone! I decided to post this here instead of concepts because this isn't I new game idea. I'm going to propose an idea for a chapter in my Blazing Sword hack and I ask that you guys share your thoughts on whether it's a good or bad idea. In the chapter before it your party is captured and thrown in prison, with one or two characters being in each cell. Your main lord manages to escape, and your thief picks the lock on their prison door. Prior to the start of gameplay all your other units (only six at the time) get turned into red units with the guard tile AI (this is to hide their location as this will be a fog of war chapter) and standing on the tile in front of their cell door turns them into green units which can be recruited back to blue units. Your goal is to rescue as many of your units as possible and you end the chapter by reaching a certain tile with the main lord and escaping. Any allies you don't rescue are permanently lost. There will be many enemies stationed around the prison with either the guard tile or attack in range AI (no approaching enemies) so you'll have to be careful about how you advance, but nothing cheap like a bolting tome or sleep staff. Does this sound like fun? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you, Gryphon
  20. Hey, how are you doing. I decided I wanted to do something with FE12, especially since no one is updating my current tag team of it. *coughcough* I wanted to try this playthrough as an idea. I want you, the people of SF, to make all the choices for me. This includes, Our dear MU's name and what they look like, class, stats, etc. All choices in the story (Who we get in the prologue, hair style choices, etc.) Who we use on each chapter Who we bench, and when we bench them Who we train in the training grounds and etc. And probably a few more things. A few exceptions to the rules I'm OCD and want to recruit everyone, so if someone is recruitable during a certain chapter, said person will be fielded, no questions asked. This will be a true ending run, so nothing that will screw me out of getting it. Julian, Minerva, Sirius, and Merric will be mandatory, mainly to get everyone during the final chapter, and just in case so I don't get screwed completely. You have to be reasonable with who we field in each chapter, I'm not using untrained people in late game chapters. No more than 2 units of any class. No reclassing. And this will be played on Hard mode, because I like to have fun with playthroughs and not hate myself. But anyways, we need to do stuff before we start! What's our name? I'll either randomize it or pick the most popular name, let's just see how this goes, first.
  21. Okay, while FE Gaiden holds the spot as the first Zelda 2 for FE, I'm willing to bet FE Fates could be called the second one. First, by Zelda 2, I still mean good game, but that it will always be considered a black sheep when compared to its predecessor unless you share my opinion about FE Gaiden due to unusual design choices and fixing problems that weren't broken in the first place. See weapon durability and the weapon triangle, hot springs, and FE Amie It's no secret to say FE Awakening revived the series, and just like in Zelda 2, the decision for the sequel was to change the formula completely. We now have paid route splits, a completely revamped weapon triangle, and new weapon mechanics overall. Also of note, a large majority of mechanics seem to be taken from FE Gaiden the first FE Zelda 2 and improved upon see My Castle and weapon system. In conclusion, FE Fates is FE's second Zelda 2.
  22. Ok, so this hack is basically about Myrrh and Saleh + Ewan, and what they do from Chapter 5 onwards. I mean, there's a HUGE gap concerning them in the game, considering Saleh shows up in Ch5 and then finally reappears in Ch12 ish. I had a cool idea about what happenned between ch5 and ch12. So at the start, Myrrh leaves the village after leaving a note to Saleh explaining her absence. Saleh and Ewan pursue her, hoping to catch up with her. Meanwhile Myrrh reaches another small village in Jehanna, where a few bandits attack her. But then a Peg Knight swoops in and saves her. The peg knight lives in the village Myrrh is going to, and takes her there, where Myrrh meets the peg knight Linde's sisters - an archer, Kaina, and a healer, Immy. The sisters learn of Myrrh's situation, and agree to hekp her. The game switches between Saleh and Myrrh's POV. The two views/parts/whatever merge at the end. How does it sound?
  23. Hello all, it's Willie! So I had an idea to write scripts for movies and T.V. shows, and post them here! I love writing screenplays in my free time, and I felt like sharing them here! I would write a preview (maybe 1 or 2 pages long), post in on here, and then include a download link. People could tell me what they think of a certain story, give me feedback or ideas, and I could go from there. I would update each one as often as possible. Tell me what you think of it, and maybe I will make it a thing! I will write a little preview right now and post it, so you could get an idea. Thanks! -Willie
  24. Hello! I have an idea for a Rom Hack(For either FE7 or FE8), well obviously ahaha. Anyways, I suppose i'll give the idea below and a few of the characters that i wish to be in it. I cannot hack, i have no idea how to, but I am going to try and do my best. Now onwards. Be gentle i am quite new to this all. I'll post any progress here The continent of Asherina has a long and rich history of war. For thousands of years the countries were at war with each other, that all changed when the 7 heroes took up ending the wars. Together these 7 heroes gathered an army and put the war to rest. After the war the 7 heroes each settled down and founded the new countries on the promise to never have war with each other. Ravi the Archbishop founded Zinnia. Seraph the Enchanted Sorceress founded the land of Brookedom. Wayne the Wandering Warrior founded the Republic of Torus. Neil the rebellious Saint of Swords founded the free nation of Cronus. Mira the Maiden of Dusk founded the small country of Velma. Thames the Swift Archer founded the country of Eros. Rosalie the Soaring Falcon founded the country of Jakars. 900 years have passed since those days and the lands have kept their promise generation after generation. That is until the King of Velma, Kojak, begins to play with evil ancient magic. The event that transpired afterwards is the tale of young Warriors who must choose either their country or justice. Characters that I have planned out: Main Characters: Hope- Hope is a young (16-17) Mage girl who is apart of a mercenary brigade known as 'The Crimson Scar'. She is fairly new to magic, but she has a natural talent for it. Very smart. Light pink long hair,green eyes, and pale skin, flower accessory in her hair. Weiss(Pronounced Veiss)- Weiss is the leader of the mercenary brigade 'The Crimson Scar'. He is a very adept axe user and has been fighting for a long time. He is very serious about jobs when they come in, He wants to keep the reputation of the brigade up so they get higher paying jobs. White shaggy hair held in place with a headband, brown eyes, tan skin. Miles- Miles is a male Pegasus knight. He is one of the few males who choose to try and become a Pegasus knight, most of the time male's are rejected by the creatures but because of Miles's calm soothing nature he was able to tame one to be his partner. He named his partner Cerise and cares for her very much. He prefers swords over lances but can use both. He is often made fun of for not being manly. Blonde well kept hair, pale red eyes, fair skinned. Thomas- Thomas is the level headed myrmidon of the group. He is often found reading and is very quiet, but has a very strong presence. He is good friends with Hope and they often fight together. He is mainly fighting on the front lines with Captain Weiss. Long straight black hair, light blue eyes, fair skinned. Micah- is the healer of the group. He was kicked out of the church of Zinnia for acting out of term against the Archbishop. He was exiled and is to never to return. He is soft spoken and is also an adept light Mage but rarely will he fight. He usually sticks to healing the team. Light orange short stylish hair, bright blue eyes, pale skinned. Bryn- Bryn is a cheery optimistic archer. She was raised with a tribe of local plains-people, she could match anyone with the bow. She joined the brigade out of a want to see the world. She is often seen practicing her archery or visiting with the townsfolk of wherever they are at the moment . Short layered blue hair, yellow eyes, olive skinned. Isabelle- Isabelle is a sword fighter who has an eye for trouble. She is often being dragged out of fights in the streets by her younger brother. She will defend her beliefs until the end even if it means hurting others that choose to argue. Despite her temper she is a very strong member of the group and is always there to help. Long pale green hair, dark brown eyes, tan skinned. Basra- Basra is Isabelle's younger brother, if you see her, chances are that he's right there with her. He is an Armour Knight who will protect his friends with his life. he is the youngest member of the group but is defiantly more mature than his elder sister. He has shaggy dark green hair, pale purple eyes, and tan skin.
  25. My name is Onee-nee I am here to introduce you to the idea of Fire Emblem x [email protected] Basically, we are thinking of modding Fire Emblem (Maybe FE7 or FE8) game to add [email protected] Character like Haruka, Chihaya, Takane, and so on with an original story all together. The Story might be the hardest since we are making an original story from a scratch. But I believe we can make this a reality. For starter, I aimed for all 765Pro character to be playable with Cinderella Girls character added to fill the character slot. I was thinking that maybe we can acquire some people who is capable and/or interested in it. Though, digging for the idea only seems to be a very good idea~ To be honest, while I know a basic programming and some adobe flash+Photoshop, I am quite incapable of making this a reality. But I can still pour a lot of idea. For now, let's dig some idea and so on~ Story: -Need Idea- Character: 1. Takane -Lord- The main lord for the first ten chapter (Aka Tutorial Mode) A Regal and Mysterious Maiden of The Old Capital, she wields a Lance, Her growth is based around Skill and Str with good Def growth and great Con yet average speed growth at best, making her an Accurate Tank. 2. Haruka -Lord- Your Main Lord from Chapter 11 to the end of the story. The normally normal girl who is also an idol, she wields sword. The Lord with Eliwood/Marth growth, her growth is basically average at everything except Res (Good Growth), Luck (Bad Growth), and Con (Quite Low) 3. Miki -Lord- Your main lord from chapter 11 to the end of the story when you do second playthrough. The Born talented yet Lazy idol, she wields Axe. Basically Hector expy with a stat that doesn't resemble him much, her str has the best growth but her skill and def are falling behind. 4. Chihaya -Myrmidon- The Myrmidon you need but you don't deserve. The Skilled yet shaken Idol, her class is Myrmidon. Your standard Myrmidon with great skill, great speed, and decent str but plagued by low def and low con. 5. Hibiki -Wyvern Rider- The first flying unit you can use. The Wild and Animal-loving idol, her class is Wyvern Rider. An All-Around and balanced unit that excel at everything except Res. So far, that's the current idea we have. Maybe if you have any idea you can speak up and discuss with everyone. I will be very thankful and pleased if you want to help us, even a simple praise is very supporting for us. Thank you and I hope this can become reality.
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