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Found 2 results

  1. I've noticed that there isn't a concept thread for written works (at least not on the first page) like on the Fan Projects subforum, so I thought I create one here. Here, you can show your previews or ideas for others that you'd like to share, discuss, and get feedbacks on - FE-related or otherwise. Mods, can we have this pinned on the subforum? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've got three ideas of fanfics with mock-LP footages that I am working on, after I finish off Fates Conquest (see my signature). The first one is a fanfic retelling Three House's Crimson Flower, but with some Verdant Wind chapters and plotlines included. Here, Claude joins Edelgard's conquest during the Five-Year War of Fodlan, which I originally posted in Reddit: The second one is a crossover between the Pokemon Anime in XY, and Fire Emblem: Binding Blade in a closer depiction to real-life Europe, and a modern reenactment of World War 2 with some variations, which I've linked in shared document format from my Icedrive cloud. The third one is not really FE, but Persona (though it has a TMSFE whatif arc branching out from the ending of Persona 4). Basically my retelling of Persona 3 to Persona 5's stories. (Also in shared doc format from my Icedrive cloud.) The major differences from canon are:
  2. So last night, I was struck by an idea while browsing through my Avatar logbook. Since I save each of my end-game Avatars to the logbook, and I've so far used the same avatar - Silvia - each time, I've stockpiled about three Silvias so far (actually should had five, but they weren't really end-game nor worth saving). So I'm now thinking, once I compile myself a good ten different Silvias, I'm going to make the ultimate Silvia compilation Streetpass team. Yeah! What I've got so far is: Grandmaster Silvia, equipped with a Wilderwind and the skills Armsthrift, Sol, Ignis, Dual Support+ and Veteran. Grandmaster Silvia (will be made a Sorcerer), equipped with a Ruin and the skills Slow Burn, Lifetaker, Ignis, Vengeance and Tomebreaker. Bride Silvia, equipped with a Silver Lance and the skills Galeforce, Ignis, Astra, Rally Heart and Vengeance. As for planned ones, I'm thinking about an Amastu-carrying Swordmaster Silvia with Armsthrift, a Micaiah's Pyre-wielding Dark Flier with Bowbreaker and Tomebreaker, and of course, a Killer Bow-wielding Assassin with LETHALITY. Have any tips or suggestions for me? I'd love to hear them!
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