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Found 1 result

  1. Up front I'll go ahead and admit that my case for this theory is admittedly quite weak lol. That said, here's what I know: - Sophia is half-dragon and her dad is a human. Needless to say we know which parent the dragon part came from. - In their sprites, they both have the same (or at least a very similar) shade of lavender hair. By anime logictm, and the fact that no one else (correct me if I'm wrong) has the same shade of hair, this could point to them being related. That said, there are some problems with this theory as well, at least if we assume that Idenn is the mother: - Sophia's supports mention how most of the residents of Nabata village are part-dragon to some degree, so Sophia being a half-breed isn't exactly uncommon or 'special' - Idenn's hair color is more of a silver in her official art (and besides that her hair color could have come from her dad I guess? The purple seems like more of a dragon color though) - apparently it was Zephiel who released Idenn from the shrine of seals, right? (IDK the details that well but this is what it sounds like...?) So if that's the case, it's unlikely that she was out long enough for this to be a realistic possibility - Since Sophia looks hardly any different in Blazing Sword than she does in Binding Blade (about... between 10-20 years difference, IIRC), it's same to assume that she is at least a few hundred years old? So the only way this could be the case is if... uhh... Sophia's dad went to go give her a conjugal visit at the shrine or something, lol. Is it possible that Idenn could have a sister of the same hair color and possibly be like an aunt to Sophia or something? IDK it seems significant to me that Sophia is presented as what she is, and that Idenn appears similar... but hell, maybe it's just a design coincidence and I'm trying to make something out of nothing.
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