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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone played this game? It's an early-mid 1990's SNES game, prequel to Terranigma and sequal to some other game. I played it when I was younger when I still had my own SNES. I got up to a sort of mushroomy-jungle place before I got stuck, and my mom eventually got rid of my SNES for some reason (She didn't ask me, actually). Post your experiences? Mostly I wanted to share this: This just happened to me in the Diamond Mine. I've been using some cheats: mostly just one that gets rid of charge time for Dark Friar and Psycho Dash, but I got one that turns you into some guy named Shadow (colors were glitchy because I was Freedan at the time) and a cheat that lets you walk through walls. In fact, that's the only way I as able to get through the doorway underneath the Player thing. My save might be ruined? So yeah, what are your experiences, have you played it, do you want to?
  2. So it seems like most people don't care for what they did to Skittles - removing Lime flavor and replacing it with Green Apple. What do you think about that? Do you wish they kept Lime? Do you prefer Green Apple? Personally, I don't remember what Lime tasted like. I think I prefer Green Apple. It's my favorite of all of them too Bonus question - favorite flavor? oh also mods move this if you need to, idk if I put it in the right board
  3. that'd be pretty neat BUT ANYWAY how was your day? Did that one place hire you yet? How was spaghetti for dinner yesterday?
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