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Found 4 results

  1. I was looking through those screenshots that was used in the 25th Anniversary Book that reveals the cancelled Wii Title that was suppose to be planned to be released after Radiant Dawn came out in 2007. I definitely know that the continent that was used in that cancel game doesn't look it was Tellius at all, but it suppose to be a brand new continent. But I definitely see those three characters showed up in the screenshots looked alot like Stefan, Ilyana, and Rhys (we can't see the hair due to the hood on, but it outfit looks alot like his, but it had some red stuff in the clothing since the ingame models and artwork had Rhys had some blue in his clothing). They never specified that what was those three characters' roles suppose to be used in the Cancelled Wii Title. Do you guys think Intelligent Systems had planned on putting Stefan, Ilyana, and Rhys as Recurring Characters in that cancelled Wii Title similar to like the three Awakening characters that appeared in Fates such as: or do you think Intelligent System had planned those three characters were most likely completely different characters that looked like the three Tellius characters? If you haven't seen the screenshot of the Cancelled Wii Project what it looked like when they're there. They showed up in Imperial Capital: Grisstal and the Village. https://gonintendo.com/stories/249223-more-details-on-the-cancelled-fire-emblem-wii
  2. Ilyana has always turned out better than Soren for me, and my most recent playthrough of POR has her at her best. These are her stats at level 20 Sage: HP: 43 STR: 11 MAG: 30 SKILL: 28 SPEED: 28 LUCK: 21 DEF: 9 RES: 28 As for stat boosters, I use 1 Magic Dust, 1 Skill Book, and 1 Speedwing. She had already capped RES a while ago, and all she needed was a few stat boosters to cap out MAG, SKILL, and SPEED and her STR means that she can use Thoron without any AS loss, and if I use my last Energy drop on her, she will only suffer 1 AS loss wielding Rexbolt. I was freaking blessed. I tried to use Soren, but dropped him after chapter 17 because he was becoming more and more useless. These are his level 1 bases: HP: 18 STR: 0 MAG: 6 SKILL: 8 SPEED: 8 LUCK: 5 DEF: 2 RES: 6 When I dropped him at a level 15 Mage, these were his stats: HP: 25 STR: 0 MAG: 8 SKILL: 17 SPEED: 11 LUCK: 12 DEF: 3 RES: 16 He has solid SKILL and RES, but he somehow only got 3 SPEED and 2 MAG stats after 14 level ups, which I don't understand at all because he has higher growths in both of those areas than Ilyana. I had to bench him because he stopped doing adequate damage and the "speedy mage" couldn't double for shit. As for how he was when I got Ilyana, his stats were either equal or slightly lower than Ilyana's when she joined at chapter 8. And this wasn't the first time I had to drop Soren. Though Ilyana wasn't as good as she is now, my previous two playthroughs of POR has me drop Soren for Ilyana because Ilyana kept surpassing Soren. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Between Ike and Ilyana, who do you think eats more?
  4. I'm planning on doing a rather... interesting run of this game on normal where my endgame units will be: Ilyana - Rexbolt Tormod - Rexflame Heather - Baselard and Peshkatz (Because Sothe gets benched anyway) Mist - Alondite Elincia - Amiti Fiona - Wishblade Zihark - Vague Katti Jill - Urvan Laura - Valaura/Staff Tauroneo - Silver Greatlance Will I have an awful time with Ike's group with only long terming Ike, Ilyana, Mist, and Heather? I think I'll also use Oscar and Mia a little.
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