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Found 7 results

  1. Hello people! I hope you can humor me and my obsession with hacking Shadow Light and the Dragon of Blade or whatever! I've decided to merge my three different "projects", pure translation, improvement/modding, and a randomizer into a single project I'm calling "Fire Emblem - War of Darkness". The goal here is to add improvements to Blade of Light to bring it up-to-speed with its remakes. I also thought I'd open it up to the public for ideas and testing. Currently the script is as bug-free as it's ever been. Here's a list of all the things I've added as "enhancements" so far: - Camus is recruitable by Astria - Mages use their Strength/Magic to attack - Stat window shows MAGIC for Mages instead of STRENGTH - Crossbows are short-range only weapons for Archers - Thunder/Tron tomes deal bonus damage to Dragon Knights - Nyna replaces Biraku in Chapter 5 - Generals can wield Swords, Lances, and Bows - Gradius, Parthia, and the Miracle Rapier are unbreakable - Mars starts with a Vulnerary - Vulenaries are 3 uses instead of 5 - Some units have Resistance now (based on Monshou). - All units promote using Master Seals now - Knights promote to Generals - Hunters promote to Horsemen - Iron Lances have 6 Might instead of 5 - New Usability table - Added Steel Lance - Enemies use Steel Lances like in Monshou - Added Killer Lance - Added Killer Bow - Added Slim Lance - Added the Nothung (randomizer only) - Miracle Rapier is no longer Mars-exclusive - Added Intro - Added different song for some chapter intros Here's my planned additions: - Healers get EXP from healing - Map compression (better support for map changes) - Fake Maph tomes / redesign of Chapter 23 based on Shadow Dragon - Conversion of Commando class into Starlord (Mars can promote, just need to change animations) - Shaver tome (again, need to handle animation bug with Mages for this to work) - Randomized chests/village items I'm open to feedback from you guys on things to improve or whatever you may want modded in. The program I'm using to make these changes and randomize the game is not at a point where I could release it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, if you want more randomized seeds let me know. I threw in some randomized patches as an example with the "just-improvements" patch with randomly named seeds. I also tried to have the randomizer balance everything so you shouldn't get screwed over. There's still a very rare chance of getting a Thief with the Falchion or a Bishop with the Maph, though! 😄 If you happen to get any item in a randomized patch with a name like ???, don't use it. This can happen as since enemies have a rare chance to drop anything in the game. These ??? items may be turned into working things later. Test it out here: Latest Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C2K7SsLOMksapd6CR4Z0fRUmlBoRomsM/view?usp=sharing Latest Randomizer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F-cBeiVcHY4ZJAjJQ6m6MbQJRU2o_Qx7/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hey all, I’d like to propose a project to improve something a lot of people, myself included, typically have issues with when playing the FE GBA titles. The support system. Obtaining supports is slow and clunky, not to mention limited given both the 5 support limit and the A supports being the end of the line most of the time when it comes to exploring a character’s supports. I think this is pretty easy to solve, all that needs to be done is use one of the more modern support systems used in GBA hacking for each of the games, and possibly provide an option beyond A supports for players who are still learning about a given character, and aren’t sure which pairing they want to commit to yet.
  3. This question is mostly for the hardcore FE players or those trying to get better at the game. I was wondering, do FE players take notes on specific titles they play? If so, what kind of notes do you take? I want to start taking notes myself, because I want to improve at this game.
  4. So a lot of people, including me, are hyped for the new update coming up this February mostly because of weapon refinery updates, but also the fact that four units that were available from launch are all receiving a unique weapon that would let them catch up to units that have power crept them. But what's even more great than this decision by the developers is that it opens up the possibility of other old units receiving the same treatment to have them catch up to the power creep that's occuring in the game right now. So the point of this topic is that I would like us to discuss which underpowered unit without a a unique weapon deserves a non-inheritable weapon that they could potentially wield in their original game (if you want to you could include what it's effect would be). So a few of you noticed that the units that received new weapons are all physical damage dealers. I think that with the next update the next batch of 4 characters to receive a new weapon will be magic users of each color as well as a stave user. I'm not going to list all units that need an improvement, just ones that could be the next four to receive a unique weapon. Raigh: I think that everyone agrees that Raigh is the worst red mage in the game. S!Leo has high res to allow him to be a res tank while Henry has his niche with that defense based damage special build, but Raigh's stats are just too balanced to have him compete against top-tier red mages. His attack is mediocre so the legendary tome 14 might will help him out a lot. The Apocalypse tome from Binding Blade would make sense for him to wield. Odin: The worst case of the game's developers not understanding how to build a unit for launch. His pitiful attack (22 at neutral) heavily weighs him down as well as the fact that he's even more balanced than Raigh in terms of stats. He definitely needs an attack stat boost on his weapon to go along with the 14 might. Odin's Grimoire from Fates is the weapon that'd suit him Soren: A watered-down Nino with a 33/33 offensive stat spread. Not a bad unit, but doesn't do much to make himself stand out among other green tomes who all have some kind of quirk. He should get a speed boost from his weapon to allow more chances for doubling or at the very least let him make use of his Watersweep skill. Tornado for him. I find it funny they gave him Rexcalibur when it wasn't included in PoR, not normally obtainable anyway. You had to hack the game to get it. Wrys: Ah, yes. That bald-headed dude who has a lot memes about him. Wrys's resistance is the highest in the game at neutral (36), but that's all there is to him. His attack is usually his dump stat so he doesn't really need a unique weapon so a support skill would work. Not too sure about what to give him, but maybe Barrier.
  5. Hi everybody, you know this situation: An enemy Reinhardt is sitting comfortably in the other corner of the map and you wonder if your bait will survive his attack on enemy phase. Wouldn't it be great if you could drag the enemy unit on yours, to check how much damage would be dealt on enemy phase? Of course the result would depend on the tile from which the enemy would attack. If it is a defense tile or in range of a spur for example. Alternatively they could show the damage taken on EP if you drag your own unit over a tile in enemy range. What do you think of the idea? Would it be likely to be implemented if suggested to IS?
  6. The reason why i'm asking this is because of the dick move made by the developers or whoever is responsible for the ayra tempest banner. We've gotten 125 free orbs this month and the amount at the end of the month doesn't seem like it will come close to any of the previous three months. Of course there's the argument as to what should be offered as prizes because people would get salty if you got the rewards from a previous TT at a lower amount of point score like BK or sacred seals. To be honest, I would't mind if clive and tobin (they're not that good anyway) were to be rewards for mini-TTs because people would be more focused on receiving orbs. Oh and I think that there should be sacred coins instead of sacred seals for these kinds of TT. Share your thoughts
  7. This topic might be a sort of similar to the topic "How to improve Awakening". But this topic only relates to strategical elements (tactical options etc.) and NOT technical elements like graphics and sound etc. What are your ideas of strategical elements for the next Fire Emblem game? Maybe you have an entirely new idea of a feature, which does not exist in the FE series yet. Here are my suggestions for the next FE game: 1. Weapon triangle like in FE9 + 10 If you got the weapon advantage, you cause +1 damage and the enemy causes -1 damage. The opposite happens, if your unit has a disadvantage. It is fairer to my mind. 2. Better A. I. Enemies should get vulnaries and use it. Enemies with long range weapons (archers, mages) have to attack units, who cannot attack back. In FE11-13 the enemies always attack the unit with the worst defense/resistance - regardless - if your unit can attack back. 3. Sleep, silence, restore, bezerk staff should return 4. Different types of missions Defense, escape etc. I really miss the defense missions in FE11-13. In the escape missons the units, who did not escape, got captured (= death) like in FE5. 5. Light magic and bishop class should return 6. Stat boosts Stats boosts, which are removable and raise a few stats of your unit (f. e. rings in FE4 or spheres in FE12) 7. Challenging final boss, which you cannot kill in 1-2 turns Your ideas, corrections and improvement suggestions are welcome
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