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Found 3 results

  1. Wanting to have a real honest discussion about incest and why it can be healthy and when it becomes wrong. I'll share my experiences and thoughts honestly and I'm very interested to hear yours. I believe its normal for siblings of opposite sex that are close in age to experiment sexually as they hit puberty and im sure a lot of people's first experiences were with their sister,brother or cousins I think only becomes wrong if they have relationship together and fall in love and get pregnant. I believe sexual acts between family members can be an act of love not incest. Such as mothers of disabled boys who jerk them off every so often, sisters of retarded or deformed sometimes terminally Ill brothers who take their virginity because they love them etc how far would go for someone u love? My half sister and I are both long time single mid Thirty's have kids and have been thinking would it be wrong if we just had a good fuck occasionally to keep our sanity. Not in love, not together, just sex.?
  2. There is really not much to say at the moment, except expect one track every week. This week there will be much progress, but do not expect it to go on this pace. Preview of latest track:
  3. With characters such as Eirika and Ephraim, Priscilla and Raven, and the entirety of FE4, does incest have a place in Fire Emblem? Are there stories to be made, or is it a cheap shock? Is it abusive? This is something I've been curious about for a long time, especially with the lack of incestuous relationships even being implied in recent titles.
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