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Found 1 result

  1. [spoiler=Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (5 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (4 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Hey, welcome to yet another playthrough that I've been working on for a little bit of time, an FE6 Hard Mode LTC that does not require full recruitment, but bars sacrificng units for death. Doing this with my usual reliability rules for arrow retracing in the GBA games is rather challenging, since most of your units have trouble even 2RKOing enemies for the early part of the game, and raising characters to have good levels is equally difficult. It also makes it quite fun! I did some preliminary work on this over the summer which resulted in clears of the first three chapters (links above); since then I have made a little bit more progress (with some help from Irysa on benchmarks and the like), which I will be recording soon. I'll provide some more detailed descriptions per chapter in the thread here like usual, and hopefully you'll enjoy! Chapter 1 For the opening chapter of the game, I used essentially the same strategy that Gradivus used in his (shelved?) SS rank run, with some minor modifications to get Wolt more EXP at minimal cost (like 1 EXP from Alan), which also saves on the number of RNs burned. Marcus has to Silver Lance crit the boss, Lance gets a very solid first level (he's more useful than Alan in this type of playthrough for reasons that will be elaborated upon later), and Roy and Alan get close to leveling up. Bors faces no combat but gets the 5000G village.
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