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Found 5 results

  1. Want to bring to the forum's attention of a game called Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. It's by an indie Western company called Dancing Dragon Games. Published by Freedom Games, the same publisher of Dark Deity. The gameplay is reminiscent of Soul Nomad. Grid based, turn-based strategy but rather than 1 v 1, it's squad v squad combat. A squad can be led by a generic or a named character. Class changes, promotions are all present. There's a wide variety of units, ranging from swordsmen, samurai, knights, gunners, archers, mages, healers, etc. Oh, and dragons! I won't be starting a LP of this, as I'm still not done with Banner of the Maid. That one is delayed, as....well...first there was work and then there's medical issues with the family that require my attention unfortunately. Either way, I'm intrigued by the game and wanted to let you guys know! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1488200/Symphony_of_War_The_Nephilim_Saga/
  2. This is some gameplay footage from my solo project, Winter's Lullaby. While there's little to no relation to Fire Emblem apart from the tactical gameplay and the art (I took quite a bit of inspiration from the GBA's FE style), I decided to share it with you guys today. Let me know what you think!
  3. Anyone been playing this? It's a great little RPG so far, heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger & Old School Phantasy Star with some Grandia thrown in. In general the game has a really cool 16-bit and Sega CD/Turbographix aesthetic, I can't help but get drawn in, its made by Zeboyd Games the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. The characters are all quite enjoyable so far, and the combat is really fun and fast paced for being turn based. Might note I said Sega CD & Turbographix throwbacks too, which is seen in cutscenes like this. Small overview from the trailer video btw is Its on Steam currently which is the version i'm playing.
  4. Hello, my name is Roy Havenstone. I recently lent my voice to the main character of Wingdaria Destiny, a western indie visual novel that's currently seeking funding on kickstarter to turn it into a full-fledged game. Set in a medieval fantasy, Wingdaria Destiny focuses on the forbidden love between a princess and a blind peasant. It features all original artwork, characters and music, and promises 4 different paths and 20 different endings. This is all from the mind of youtube JoyDreamer and her team, so I hope you'll give it a shot and maybe donate, as every little helps. All information about rewards, stretch goals, and link to the game's website and a demo of the game can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/390897415/wingdaria-destiny-adventure-romance-visual-novel Thanks again and let's make this destiny a reality!
  5. So, Plague of Shadows came out yesterday and I spent a portion of the time between then and now playing it through (between arranging meetings and doing some artwork...oh and sleep). It was...different from the main game; Plague Knight is slower and somewhat more slippery than Shovel Knight, and it took some time getting used to all the air mobility and juggling bombs. But I have to say, I was very satisfied with the game once I got the controls wrestled down, even when it got particularly frustrating dying from a beetle knocking me into a pit/spikes/lava (Plague Knight's knock-back is obscene really.) But I think my favorite part of Plague was the story and characters; the first Shovel Knight did an impressive job of creating simple but engaging characters to fill it's world, and while Plague does introduce a few new characters, the amount of depth they go into for everyone else is fantastic (turns out Shovel Knight is kind of a jerk;). But of course the stars of the game are our new duo; Plague Knight and Mona. Mona...was in the main game, but only as a mini-game operator and you could just as easily miss her really. In Plague, she's mission control for Plague Knight's crazy scheme, and the interactions between the two are both hilarious and eventually heartwarming. The story was also rather nice, being a completely different objective that coincided with the main story's. It was interesting how you can't initially go into the village or the armor outpost, since your a infamous member of the Order of no Quarter, or how you actually get into fights with the same guards that originally aided (...kinda) Shovel Knight in the main story. Also, having the Exploditorium end with... was utterly fantastic. the final boss was also really cool, if somewhat frustrating to figure out how to 'read' its attacks. All in all, I'm happy with what Yacht Club released and can't wait for the next expansion with either King Knight or Specter Knight. Anyone else played through yet? What are your thoughts?
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