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Found 4 results

  1. Hey so, you know how each character under the "roster" menu will have a "Notes" tab that shows their likes, dislikes, interests, timelines, and other such biographical information? Well, I decided to start compiling screenshots of each character's Notes page. A bit of a foreword: I thought to come up with this because of all the people asking about how to recruit these characters/get supports with them up, and also because I myself have a hard time keeping track of all these characters individual personality traits and back stories. So I wanted to compile screenshots of the notes tabs of each of these characters, and then offer whatever insights I might have on appealing to them. The idea is this will somewhat act as an informative guide to help people figure out how best to boost supports between your character and the others - to help you figure out what gifts to give them and to maybe help you figure out what dialogue options you should generally go for when attempting to appease these characters. Generally speaking, if you know a characters interests, likes, and dislikes, you'll know how best to appeal to them. Also posting this stuff because I can't find anywhere else people have this kind of information compiled in a relatively organized fashion. By the very nature of this topic, this will contain spoilers about the roster - namely, the characters whom you can recruit. Within the spoilered boxes are screenshots of character bios which reveal information about their backstories and information, as well as stuff I may have to say that reveal additional details. You have been warned. Also, these are somewhat big screenshots, and there are quite a few of them (I copy them from imgur after I host them there), so they might take a bit to load. Without further ado, here's the list, starting from the students of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer, and then moving on to those with no particular affiliation to any given house. Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Linhardt: Caspar: Bernadetta: Dorothea: Petra: Dimitri: Dedue: Felix: Ashe: Sylvain: Mercedes: Annette: Ingrid: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie: Flayn: Hanneman: Shamir: This all I have for now...
  2. Hello there, wonderful people! Here is an user whom you never heard of! Today I am here to show you the only (I guess?) let's play of a Fire Emblem 8 Hack that I really, really enjoyed: The Altered Stones by Mariode. This is my first let's play on this website so I will accept criticism, as long as they are polite and not troll-ish. Sooooooo what is The Altered Stones? Basically a difficulty hack of the original Sacred Stones with some tweaks here and there, with new music and classes for some characters and bosses. And even a new playable character! But we won't see them until mid-late game. But before jumping into the action, I have something to tell you, in order to prevent some comments - This is not a LTC or an efficent run, I WILL take my time and basically route every map. This is how I play every Fire Emblem, and this is probably why I enjoyed Awakening more than many people. I just can't be satisfed if there is even a single enemy on the map, unless it's an escape mission. - I will use the units that I want to use, when I want to use them. Suggestions are welcome but comments like "you must use x instead of y" or "you are using\not using x, you are a bad player!" will be ignored. This is valid for promotions\class changes and supports too. - Will I make favoritism? Hell yeah I'll do! - I played this game until chapter 15, so from chapter 16 this lp will be blind. - Forgive me if I mess up with grammar, I am an italian scum - Sometimes I will comment the story, sometimes I won't. Now without futher ado, let's begin the lp just like Vanilla FE8 does! With Valter facing Seth at 0.1% of his true power. Valty is a luck boi I am sorry for saving your life in the only way possible, Princess Eirika! Luckily Eirika isn't Clarine\Serra\Maribelle\Takumi and understands the situation and forgives his personal shield, takes the classic Rapier from him and prepares to defend herself As you can see, our gorgerous lord is quite boosted. This is because the Rapier, her personal weapon, gives her some passive bonuses, thanks to those she will mostly be a dodge-tank and will laugh at almost every axe in the game. Until the sword breaks anyw- ... Nevermind. Also you get 5 vulneraries instead of 3. That is nice, since FE8 gives you lots of them. Let's look at Seth now. The Silver Knight somehow lost his Steel Sword (maybe Valter stole it?) and his lance is not made of silver anymore. He is still above Frederick levels of awesome, since his bases while nerfed are still great. Also Juna Fruit, if you don't know what that is, basically when a promoted unit reaches level 20, they loses 5 levels but not the stats. Here. Not too bad, right? Also his growths are above 70% in every area outside of defenses. They are still over 45%. He is definitely not as good as Vanilla Seth because he has lower ranks (D in swords and C in lances) in an efficent run but in long terms he will definitely be an overkill god, and he will probably reach such levels because of my slow playstyle Now that we analyzed our duo, let's destroy some Grado mooks, shall we? Burning some rns in order to change how the battles will end. The only time I will do this. What will happen now? Pretty much the same stuff, but without Eirika critting the enemy. Beautiful : Yes I am pretty sure I can. In faaaaaact... : I didn't even need to crit. And thanks for allowing me to level up, kind fighter Pillow:it was decent but it lacks something. Anyways I am Pillow, your master tactican, the one who will guide your actions. : hmkay Didn't you watch the fight? -3- As a pink general says, strenght is everything. And you'll need lots of it to survive this war, therefore you better change your ways of levelling up, your base speed is enough for this entire prolouge-arc. And you will keep going even after meeting Ephraim again, since his route isn't completed and will never be. Unless the creator of this hack returns and updates the hack. Phew, and that's all for today! Now it is time to do something I don't see often in rom hack: rating the units! "But Pillow, you said you don't play efficently, how dare you rating an unit?!?!?!?!?1111" Calm down, I said I play slowly and routing every map but that doesn't mean I didn't try to play fast not even once in my life. For my ratings, I will look at the units with both eyes of a efficent player and eyes of a more slow-paced one. Now let's get down to buisness! Eirika: the lord of the Sacred Stones doesn't really change, keeping her pros and cons. She is still a foot swordlocked unit until promotion, and since Altered Stones enemeis are stronger, she will have a harder time facing even common soldiers until she gets some strenght. But since the Rapier is probably made in Nohr, she will reialably kill Knight and Cavaliers that has been chipped by her comrades, and the buffs in speed and luck will make her a goddess against axe locked enemeis. Her promotion isn't changed so she will spawn a white horse in this hack too, allowing her to cover more space and such. Overall my rating is 6.2\10. ButSheIsMyFavoriteLordInTheSeriesSoIWillGiveHerMorePoints 7\10 Seth: awesome, but what else did you expect from a Pre-Promoted Paladin? I talked about him before and I will say it again, slightly lower bases and much higher growths, should it be a better or a worse thing is entirely up to you. He will still wreck stuff like there isn't a tomorrow, therefore Seth\10. Next time on Altered Stones, two cool dudes will join us and the level ups will be better. Yay!
  3. As the title says: when do you think we'll get more information about Three Houses?
  4. All relevant information on the RP can be found on RotE's google site, and for those currently participating in the RP, on Roll20. Getting Started ACTING GMs Phoenix -Cynthia- CURRENT NEWCOMER POOL: 1000 SIGNUPS Below is the signup template newcomers should reference when setting up their character for approval. Originally, stat spreads and items would be included here, however, now that Roll20 is required to participate in battles, these aren't needed for initial signup. Instead, newcomers will finalize their stats once they join the campaign itself. Intended stats and equipment can still be posted along with the rest of the signup, but they're no longer required for approval. This signup format also applies to NPCs. Name: (Full name or alias can go here.) Nickname: (Optional.) Sex: Age: Class: Occupation: (Optional.) Appearance: (Guidelines: eye color, eye size, hair color, hair length/style, skin tone, build; generally what said character wears. Reference pics are also acceptable.) Nature/Disposition: (Optional.) Hometown: (Optional: Check the map and read up on the nations before picking a hometown. If you'd like a name for a marked location or would like to add a new one, consult Phoenix.) Connections: (Optional: list of people this person knows and their relations with them. These can be expounded on in Backstory if desired.) Backstory: (Its important that the backstory doesn't conflict with any established canon and is reasonable. It's good to ask for help or information if you need either.) (All optional: But we love mounts) Mount Name: Mount Nickname: Mount Sex: Mount Species: Mount Age: Mound Appearance: Mount Personality: Mount Relations: Mount Backstory: Q&A Q: Why have everything on a google site? A: There's a character limit for every SF post and I'd prefer to have just about everything in one easily navigable area. Hence, google site. Enjoy. Q: Is Roll20 required to join the RP? A: Not strictly, but your character (PC or NPC) cannot participate in stat battles outside Roll20. Q: Can I make a custom player or non player character class? A: No. Q: Why do we have to start with a specific set of stats? A: It was that or hard stat caps. This allows for better customization overall while only being a minor nuisance. It was only ever going to be an issue for early joiners since anyone joining after Chapter One would almost certainly be starting at a higher level and therefore have extra stats to distribute. Q: Can I suggest some new items? A: Suggestions for items are welcome, but there is no guarantee that they will be implemented, and even if they are, they will almost definitely not be added in their original form. Also keep in mind there is a huge selection of items already and they cover most aspects of the setting and combat mechanics as it is. Again, suggestions are welcome, but the complete item list ought to be completely examined before new ideas are brought up. As a final note, for balancing reasons, suggestions for new AS and SPD boosting items are very unlikely to be implemented. Q: Can I sign up a non-human character? A: Dark Avians are the only available non-human race currently for PCs, but others may be accepted as exceptions if we feel the person making the signup is cooperative enough and very familiar with the lore. As a general rule even among exceptions, dragons aren't allowed as PCs (too large). Q: Can I make a non-human npc character? A: Yep, but you'll be expected to be on top of any relevant lore. Read the avian, fallen, and (coming eventually) dragon articles when you've got the time. If you haven't read them, the character won't be approved on principle. Q: Can I start with a ___(item/weapon)? A: Only if you can afford it. It'd also be a good idea to make sure your character can wield it if that's the goal. Q: How do items get unlocked? A: Team leaders unlock items in towns, cities, and major ports the groups visit. Typically each notable stop will see at least a couple of new items unlocked. Items can also be unlocked by beating Challenges. Q: How are battle averages calculated? A: Point averages are calculated individually, like so: With 5 characters being counted ... Jade: 27 Jeb: 32 Jill: 36 John: 42 Julius: 45 The battle average would then be 36.4 = 36 Point averages round up to the nearest whole number from 5 and down from 4.
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