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Found 24 results

  1. What skills should I give to the children. Pairings: ChromxSumia VaikexMaribelle Lon'quxOlivia? GregorxCordelia KellamxSully GaiusxLissa VirionxCherce? StahlxPanne RickenxMiriel DonnelxNowi HenryxTharja I choose these based on how much I like the supports+plus good stats.>
  2. Prologue: Matrimonial Mondays Welcome, one and all, to "Matrimonial Mondays". Basically, I thought it'd be cool to do a weekly series discussing and rating all the potential pairings in Genealogy of the Holy War, generation 1. This is nothing new - everyone has favorite pairings, and plenty of ink has been spilled over which matchups are best. That said, one thing I haven't really seen is comprehensive discussion - that is to say, looking at every possible pairing, even the ones we'd normally write off right away. For good reason, perhaps, but I'd like to take a look at all the options. As such, I'm breaking this down week-by-week, looking at one marriageable maiden each week. There are seven eligible bachelorettes, and thirteen unconfirmed bachelors, making for 91 total marriages. A large number, but definitely doable. I want to inspire discussion, but I'll also be rating each pairing. These ratings consider the ease of matching up and the effect on the parents, alongside how the kids benefit from each different daddy. Ratings assume going for a "ranked run", so elements like leveling your Dancer and keeping everyone alive matter more than they might in a more casual run. Here's the scale I'll be using: (*): The single-best matchup for the woman in question. This pairing will usually be easy to set up, will provide benefits to both children, and may even help out the parents as well. (A): A very good matchup, usually offering something that the "best" pairing is missing, but has some flaw holding it back. (B): A matchup that provides something of value to at least one child, but may harm the other child or simply be difficult to set up. (C): A matchup that offers little-to-nothing of value to either child or parent, and is generally not worth pursuing. So, let's get right down to it! Chapter 1: Edain Edain is the second woman to join Sigurd's company, after Ethlyn, sister of Sigurd and wife of Quan. As such, she is the first playable female unit whose partner you can choose, and therefore the first one we'll be talking about. She joins at the start of chapter 1, as a level 3 Priest, on the run from Verdane's fiercest forces. She joins with a Mend staff and 5000 gold to her name. She has a B rank in Staves, and possesses minor Ullr Holy blood. Her stats are as follows: In the second generation, her children are Lana and Lester. Lana joins from the very start of Chapter 6. She joins as a level 1 Priest, able to use B-rank staves, with a Heal staff. She inherits items and minor Ullr holy blood from her mother, but may also inherit skills and minor Holy blood from her father. Lester joins not long after, on turn 3 of Chapter 6. He starts out as a level 1 Arch Knight with A-rank Bows and an Iron Bow. He inherits minor Ullr holy blood from his mother, and inherits items, skills, and potential holy blood from his father. For each of these units, their growth rates will depend on the pairing at hand, while their base stats will depend on their parents' stats at the end of the first generation. Now, who makes the best father for these two very different child units? i. Naoise ii. Alec iii. Arden iv. Azelle v. Lex vi. Finn vii. Midir viii. Dew ix. Jamke x. Chulainn xi. Beowolf xii. Lewyn xiii. Claud Anyway, what do you think? Are these ratings fair? How would you rate the pairings in question? I hope to read your replies soon!
  3. Here it is! I was really glad that my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart" was positively received, and I hinted to the possibility of me making a "Partner Seal Chart" as well... Well, after countless hours, I finally managed to make a complete chart of all possible marriages in Fire Emblem Fates! (Yes all 817 of them!, at least when counted in one direction. In reality marriages work in both ways, so some information will be displayed twice.) Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqZ3dpcjZwdU9CX0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-zq0JMUw2kAIcBfIeCmCR-A This chart shows all the possible marriages, the classes and skills that are gained from said marriage for both the parent and the child, the support bonuses from both the guard and attack stance that the unit in question would gain from a S support, and last but not least, this chart also shows the stat modifiers from the parents that determine the maxium stat caps of their children. I believe this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of what pair you should give that Partner seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Partner Seals: Partner Seals are used between two characters of the opposite sex that can support with eachother, (although there are two exceptions, Niles and Rhajat can have a same sex marriage with the Avatar) in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Friendship Seal, the Partner seal works in both ways. This means that when unit A has a S support with unit B, unit B also has a S support with unit A. From most marriages one or possibly two children are born, with one base class and two classes that are inherited from each of the parents. The parents also determine the possible maximum stats the child can reach in each attribute. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! I you would like to check out my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart", click here. With thunderous ambition, Masterthunderblade P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere or another kind of error. Fire Emblem Fates - Partner Seal Chart.pdf
  4. Are you getting sick of dealing with the one question surrounding Awakening: "Who do I marry to whom?" Do you wish there was a program where you could just tell it what all you want from your children characters and it'll tell you which parents can give you all those things? Me too! So I wrote a program that does exactly that. The first screen is just a marriage organizer. Drag and drop characters around to marry them to each other, right-click them to see their stat growth / cap modifiers and available jobs. It'll even calculate these things for the children characters, if they have married parents. If you hit any button on your keyboard (except escape, that closes the program) it'll take you to the spreadsheet screen. The buttons at the bottom are to add a Heuristic (i.e. a Thing You Want) to search for: a class, a skill, or a minimum stat growth / cap. You'll need to pick a letter to represent each heuristic by typing it on your keyboard. In the screens to add a Class or Skill heuristic, classes or skills starting with the letter you've picked will be highlighted, so you can use that as a search function of sorts. So, for example, which combinations of parents would produce a child who: A) has access to Galeforce, B) can reclass to Dark Mage, and C) has access to vantage? These ones, highlighted in green. Cordelia with Stahl / Lon'qu / Gaius / Gregor, Tharja x Gaius, and Olivia or Lissa with Libra or Henry. And the avatar with anyone but Miriel / Panne / Cherche. And Morgan can do everything. If you've married characters together in the organizer screen, you can reduce visual clutter on the spreadsheet screen by crossing their rows or columns, or removing them altogether. I'm thinking of making a Youtube video to illustrate how to use it, but for now, here are the download links. Win x32: http://www.mediafire.com/file/psy1q6tcc0bxdk8/Matchmaker_win32.zip Win x64: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6h0rqaq3sgzs0di/Matchmaker_win64.zip (the x64 version comes with the necessary java files to run it. That makes the filesize a lot bigger, but the program is a lot more stable and you don't need java installed on your computer to run it) Tell me what you think! Or if you find any bugs.
  5. I did a pseudo-draft with a friend of mind on Hard Classic, but she doesn’t have the game on-hand anymore. So the way this worked is that I picked a unit to draft, then she picked a unit I couldn’t use, and we went back and forth like so. I also let her choose my pairings at the end of the draft. My question is, what are some fun combinations I can do with these pairings without much grinding (as little grinding as preferable) 1. Chrom x Village Maiden 2. Bachelor Male Robin (+Mag, -Str) (No Morgan) 3. Sully x Virion 4. Sumia x Frederick 5. Panne x Gaius 6. Tharja x Gregor 7. Cherche x Stahl 8. Lissa x Libra The other units I have are Vaike, Basilio, Flavia, Walhart, Yen’fay, and Priam. I’m very excited for the challenge, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on skills that can be useful for these units/pairs. And yes, these pairings and units are set in stone
  6. If you've seen my first post, this is an addendum to that. I'm planning on starting Awakening over, this time on Hard/Classic, and I'm willing to grind and reclass this time, preferably with the SpotPass bonus boxes since I can't afford DLC. This time, any skill the parents can have is fair dinkum. I don't care how long it takes to get it. I'm in quarantine and have nothing better to do. I also have some ideas on what skills I want to pass, but I just want to confirm with you guys if these are good ideas. Which ones are the best to pass down to each kid? (Also, keep in mind that my avatar's asset is Magic and his flaw is Luck.) My current plans: Lucina: Aether and Galeforce (Chrom x Sumia) Morgan: Any male-exclusive skill (preferably Wrath) and Vengeance (Ryan x Tharja) Owain: Galeforce and Aptitude (Lissa x Donnel) Kjelle: Aegis and Hit Rate +20 (Sully x Stahl) Laurent: Tomefaire and Acrobat (Miriel x Henry) Cynthia: Galeforce and Aether (Sumia x Chrom) Brady: Galeforce and Swordbreaker (Maribelle x Lon'qu) Yarne: Lancebreaker and Pavise (Panne x Frederick) Severa: Galeforce and Luna (Cordelia x Kellam) Nah: Swordbreaker and Aegis (Nowi x Ricken) Noire: Tomebreaker and Counter (Tharja x Ryan) Inigo: Galeforce and Swordfaire (Olivia x Gaius) Gerome: Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker (Cherche x Virion)
  7. So, I got Awakening for Christmas, and I've been playing it almost nonstop. I'm currently up to Chapter 11, and I'm already planning my child units. For my first playthrough, I decided to go in semi-blind and not worry too much about the best combinations of skills. I wanna save eugenics for my second playthrough, or whenever I or my mom has enough money for the DLC. I'm playing Normal/Classic, and it's already pretty easy, so I don't wanna ruin it even more by making overpowered war babies. I'm just planning pairings that I think would work well from a character standpoint and/or be funny. Even so, I still want to improve my children's battle performance somewhat and acquaint myself with how inheritance works by passing on skills that their parents learn through their normal class progression. What skills should each parent have in their bottom slot before beginning the child paralogues that they can unlock without excessive grinding and with minimal to no reclassing? For context, here are my planned couples along with their current/default classes: Chrom (Great Lord) x Sumia (Dark Flier) Ryan (My Unit; Tactician) x Tharja (Dark Mage) Sully (Cavalier) x Stahl (Cavalier) Lissa (War Cleric) x Lon'qu (Myrmidon) Nowi (Manakete) x Donnel (Mercenary) Panne (Taguel) x Gregor (Mercenary) Maribelle (Troubadour) x Vaike (Barbarian) Cordelia (Pegasus Knight) x Kellam (Armour Knight) Miriel (Mage) x Henry (Dark Mage) Olivia (Dancer) x Gaius (Thief) Cherche (Wyvern Rider) x Virion (Archer) So, what skills can be obtained without too much effort that are worth passing down? I've already got some figured out. For example, I know I want Lucina to inherit Galeforce from Sumia because it's such a broken skill, I'm planning to give Nah Aptitude so her growth rates become absurdly high, I want Brady to have Despoil to help get some extra gold once he promotes to War Monk, and Armsthrift seems like it'd be a good skill for Yarne because it might help save money on Beaststones. I'd appreciate some input on what naturally-learned skills are worth passing down. Thanks!
  8. I just started playing Genealogy of the Holy War, and I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm currently up to Chapter 1, and I've already planned my pairings. I know that kids inherit the items in their parents' inventories, and that the only way to trade items is by selling and rebuying them, so item management is much more important than it is in Awakening. I'm just wondering, what items should I give to the parents so their children can perform the best? Here's the pairings I'm planning on doing: Sigurd x Deirdre (obvs) Quan x Ethlyn (also obvs) Lex x Ayra Midir x Aideen Beowulf x Raquesis Lewyn x Erin Azel x Tailte Holyn x Bridget Claude x Sylvia So, what items should each unit have before the end of Chapter 5? I'll use a guide so I know where items like the Brave Axe and Pursuit Ring are located, and I'm planning on buying everything from the armoury that I can, so obtaining the items isn't a problem. Thanks!
  9. I'm trying to plan out my Gen I pairings and am a bit stuck. In what ways can I improve what I have here? Pairings (Gen I): Sigurd (Seliph) Deidre (Julia) Quan (Altena) Ethlyn (Leaf) - Silver Sword - Money - Gae Bolg - Light Brand - Thunder Sword - Silver Lance - Return Ring - Skill Ring - Pursuit Ring - Speed Ring - Shield Ring - Elite Ring - Leg Ring Midir (Lester) Aideen (Mana) Ayra (Larcei) Lex (Ulster) - Brave Bow - Recover - Flame sword - Silver Blade - Killer Bow - Warp - Steel Blade - Money - Extra Stave(s) - Effetive Sword Beowulf (Delmud) Raquesis (Nanna) Sylvia (Leen) Dew (Corple) - Shield Sword - Heal - Prayer Sword - Money - Thief Sword - Mend - Knight Ring - Power Ring - Extra Stave(s) Fury (Fee) Claude (Ced) Bridget (Faval) Holyn (Patty) - Brave Lance - Valkyrie - Yewfelle - Sleep Sword - Steel Lance - Reserve - Silver Bow - Brave Sword - Javelin - Elf-tome - Bargain Ring - Wind Sword - Elf-tome - Steel Sword - Barrier Ring Taillte (Tinny) Lewyn (Arthur) ******************Finn******************* - Elf-tome - Forseti - Silver Lance - Magic Ring - Elf-Tome - Javelin EDIT 1: a. Swapped Shield Ring from Delmud to Seliph b. Swapped Finn's Brave Lance with Fury's Silver Lance c. Swapped Dew!Ayra and Lex!Sylvia to Lex!Ayra and Dew!Sylvia c. Added Knight Ring to Sylvia d. Added Reserve to Claude
  10. This is under major overhaul. How do you go about planning builds for your characters for Arena? These are my general build processes, but they need a lot of improvement and streamlining so critique is much appreciated. Hopefully, this will also help players who have trouble figuring it out how to build their own units. Disclaimer: Here is arcticsilverfox's calculator that is required for this process; it is based on Andu2's calculator which you can also use. You can also use the calculator to experiment with your own ideas. The introduction covers general game play philosophy and a little bit about my play style. It is not necessary to read it, but you will have a better understanding of the build process. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — This section's information is pending deletion/revision/overhaul to be incorporated into the above section. Before building a Player Phase unit, you should decide what kind of Player Phase unit you want to build. Player Phase builds are divided into two main categories: high Spd builds and low Spd builds. High Spd builds are your regular Player Phase builds that utilize an A skill that boosts both Atk and Spd and the B skill is usually Desperation. Low Spd builds consists of one shot builds, Brave builds, and Special spam builds. Here is the build process for Player Phase units: Here are my build processes for maximizing wins and minimizing losses on Enemy Phase. I do not enjoy planning these as much since they do not suit my play style as much. Here is the build process for Enemy Phase units: Here is the build process for Enemy Phase survival units: What do you guys think? Are there any flaws or things that I overlooked? Obviously, my build processes are not able to give you cool builds like Medic Lucina, Medic Linde, Galeforce Lyn, Wings of Mercy Hector, or Wings of Mercy dancers/singer; that takes creativity and creativity does not sprout from static formulas. You can also check this same guide on fireemblemheroesforum.com in this thread. The formatting there looks less "wordy" so it may be easier to read. Edit Log: Wishlist: — — — — — — — — — — — — — — - - - BEGINNER POINTERS - - - Here is a list of pointers. Not a big fan of most beginner guides since they fail to mention important concepts and drone on about obvious stuff. If there is anything you think is too obvious on here, please let me know so I can remove it. I do not want new players reading about things they already know about; it wastes their time. —<>—<>—<>— Before you start doing anything, please read these. —<>—<>—<>— Rerolls Natures DO NOT SEND HOME FREE UNITS!!! —<>—<>—<>— Here are pointers for general housekeeping right after the tutorial. —<>—<>—<>— DO NOT COMPLETE CHAIN CHALLENGES ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY!!! Positioning Units at the Start of the Map Upgrade Castle Upgrade Barracks Skip Animation —<>—<>—<>— Playing the game. —<>—<>—<>— Grand Hero Battles Team Composition Ranged Versus Melee Units Player Phase Versus Enemy Phase Combat Use Dancers/Singer/Assists Skill Inheritance Merging —<>—<>—<>— Here are some other pointers. —<>—<>—<>— Online Resources Common Abbreviations/Jargon This section is still under construction. I will add more pointers when I encounter something new players should know.
  11. I have been using skill inheritance a lot lately. However, I am not sure if I am getting the most bang out of my feathers. I have around thirty 4* and 3* units that have ideal or neutral IVs. I sacrificed a lot of heroes to give many units additional skills. The problem is that many sacrifices are 3* heroes promoted to 4* heroes. I have probably promoted over twenty times, so that is like giving up two 5* units. Is having more 4* units with skills better than having two more 5* units? I already have 5* Reinhardt (+ATK/-SPD), 5* Ryoma (Neutral), 5* Hector (+DEF/-HP), and 5* Priscilla (+ATK/-HP) as my core offensive Arena team, and I just switch one of them out for the bonus character. Another problem is that I think I gave some units more skills than necessary. For example, I gave my 4* Robin (F) Gronnblade, Gronnraven, Draw Back, Triangle Adept 2, Seal Res 3, G Tomebreaker 3, Threaten Res 3, and some random extra skills. Is it really a good idea to give some characters more skills than necessary to make them more flexible? She is only half way into learning all those skills, and I am not sure if I will ever use some of those skills.
  12. I have a few questions concerning inheritance overall in FE4- namely, how it works in general because I have no clue, but specifically I'm wondering about 4 characters specifically: Deirdre, Finn (Should I decide to pair him up), Quan, and Ethlyn. I'm wondering if items are inherited from Deirdre by Julia, or if I should sell all of Deirdre's items before she leaves so as not to waste them. I'm also wondering how Inheritance will affect Finn in the second generation if I end up pairing him off, since my main hesitation with pairing him with Aideen over Midir is Finn himself being affected by inheritance, making Finn a unique case compared to other units. All of these units leave early on top of all of that, so is there anything specific I need to make sure of to trigger their inheritances or do they automatically pass items down when they leave? Finally, does Inheritance pass down all items or just specific ones? How does it work in general? I'm on Chapter 2 and before I proceed further I wanted to arm myself with knowledge so I don't screw up my pairings I spent 4 hours making. If it makes any difference, here's the pairings I have set up: Finn/Midir + Aideen (It depends on how inheritance effects Finn if I'm going to decide on using Finn or Midir in the end) Noish + Ayra Beowolf + Raquesis (Non negotiable) Claude + Sylvia (non negotiable because of Cairpre and the Valkyrie Staff) Lewyn + Erin (Non negotiable) Azel + Taillte Dew + Bridget (Very close to non negotiable because of Patty)
  13. I'm playing Awakening right now, planning on getting all the kids and going a little crazy in terms of skills I have passed down to them. I'm planning to pass down Galeforce to Owain and Inigo, but what about Brady? It feels wrong to me passing down Galeforce to a healer even though I know he could become good offensively eventually, so could I be missing an opportunity for him? I know it'd probably be best to pass down a Troubadour/Valkyrie skill anyway, but any advice on which one? Speaking of, should I do the same for Laurent and Gerome just for the sake of them having female-exclusive skills? May they find any good use for any Troubadour/Valkyrie skills? I'd be willing to reclass Miriel, but not Cherche.
  14. Simply put, how good is Delmud from Fire Emblem 4 (I know he appears in FE 5 as well) and what is his potential as a unit? What would I need to look for when Pairing Raquesis/Lachesis in the first generation to increase his potential?
  15. Found a great marriage/inheritence planner, it even shows classes and hair color for offspring. Really wished I found this when I did my pairings, I had to do an excel chart for the classes https://inheritance-planner.herokuapp.com/
  16. I have a brief question pertaining to Dragon Vein: So say, hypothetically, I pair Niles to Azura. This would yield me Nina and Shigure as children. Now, given that Azura, as a royal, can use Dragon Vein, it makes sense that Shigure, being her son regardless of parental choice, could as well. However, Nina's mother can be either royal or non-royal; yet, in this case, her mother is a royal, which would give Nina royal blood. In this hypothetical, could Nina also use Dragon Vein?
  17. This is what I'm juggling: & I am leaning more towards Saizo because Corrin!Asugi seems overall better than Corrin!Rhajat but I'm no expert on this stuff. Thanks for the advice!
  18. Hello all, I am trying to decide what class I want to choose as my secondary for my Nohr playthrough but I need clarification on how buddy seals work when Kamui uses them. My plan is to pick Ninja for copy-cat so I can pass it down through inheritance. What I am wondering is what would happen if I used a buddy seal on Kaze. His secondary class is Samurai so would I get samurai or nothing? I want to be a Weapon master but I want to pass down ninja. Also, If Kamui marries Azura, does Kanna get ninja, dark prince and peg knight and would Shigure get the same? Anyone know?
  19. Since I really like the butler class I have been checking how to get an army of butlers. From what I can gather from the characters, their available classes and my understanding of this thread on marriage seals and children inheriting classes, this would be the playthrough for Nohr with the most butlers: M!Kamui (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x Zero (Marriage Seal -> Butler) 1 and 2 Joker (Butler) x (Azura, Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Deer (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 3, and 4 Azura x (Joker, Odin, Lazward, Silas, Kaze or Flanell) -> Shigure (Rod Knight by inheritance instead of Songstress -> Butler) 5 Felicia x Xander (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Siegbert (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) 6 and 7 Effie x Benoit (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Knight class) -> Ignis (inherits Effie's Rod Knight because he already has Knight -> Butler) 8 and 9 Charlotte x Arthur (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Fighter class) -> Lutz (inherits Charlotte's Rod Knight because he already inherits Arthur's Fighter -> Butler) 10 and 11 Leo (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x (Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Foleo (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 12 and 13 Elise x (Odin, Lazward or Flanell) (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> No male child :( 14 Silas and Kaze (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) 15 and 16 16 Butlers For a 3rd Route Playthrough you can substitue: F!Kamui (2nd Class Rod Knight) x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> M!Kanna (inherits Rod Knight) and Dad's male child (probably won't inherit Rod Knight but Dark Prince) +-0 Felicia x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> male child (inherits Rod Knight -> Butler) +-0 Elise x Ryoma (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Shinonome (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) +1 Takumi (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) +1 Kisaragi (Buddy Seal with Foleo or Deere) +1 Grey (Buddy Seal with Deere) +1 20 Butlers, but you will have to use your F!Kamui as a non-Butler. For 3rd Route you could also use M!Kamui and marry any of the females you wish instead of Zero, because you have too many Butlers for the final map anyway.
  20. Chrom(RK) X Olivia(GF) Lucina!Great Lord Inigo!Beserker (S) feMU(GF) X Inigo(RK) Morgan!Grand Master Tharja(??) X Gaius(Sol) Noire!Sorcerer Lissa(GF) X Ricken(??) Owain!Dread Fighter Maribelle(GF) X Libra(??) Brady!Dread Fighter Sumia(GF) X Henry(??) Cynthia!Sage (S) Cordelia(GF) X Lon’qu(Astra) Severa!Assassin (S) Cherche(??) X Vaike(??) Gerome!Beserker (S) Miriel(??) X Gregor(??) Laurent!Sage (S) Nowi(??) X Kellam(??) Nah!Manakete Sully(??) X Donnel(Sol) Kjelle!Wyrven Lord (S) Panne(??) X Frederick(??) Yarne!Beserker (S) Brady X Cynthia Owain X Severa Nah X Yarne Morgan X Kjelle Lucina X Gerome Noire X Laurent Looking for some help with my pairings and classing. This is what I wish to do for my next Lunatic+ run, full grind and post game pairings. Main goal is for Apotheosis. I am open to all discussion on these pairings and which skills to pass down. I have put a (S) next to children that are designed to be a support unit. This is either because they are strictly there to do high damage or be a healer. No (S) does not mean they can’t be a support unit, just that I did not have him/her designed to be one. feMU is +DEF/-LCK. I am also open to my children support pairings as well. Lastly I was really hoping to have a Kjelle that looks awesome and sexy, but I don’t know what class she’ll look the sexiest as and be a strong damage support. I have Donnel as her dad since everywhere I read he’s the best and her best final class is Wyrven Lord. Thanks in advance for any and all help/thoughts/advice!
  21. Okay, so I love grinding and DLC and constant reclassing/customization for the best results, so gameplay on Normal/Hard passed pretty easily for me. Consequently, I didn't care much for "optimal pairings" or "best children" because I had no difficulty with the stages. Upon finally starting my lunatic run however, I discovered that this time I wanted to really plan out my pairings, skill inheritance and try to get the "best children in their best classes" possible! I'm absolutely fine with any sort of grinding and reclassing, so please don't hesitate to give me long reclassing paths if it's worth it! I also have full access to DLC and additional classes such as Dread Fighter and Bride, and skills like Limit Breaker - so there's no problem recommending me pairings that would utilize these skills/classes for their children. I've done some research of my own, and combined with the pairings that I used in my past playthroughs, I have come up with a draft - please don't hesitate correcting me! Chrom/Olivia (I've heard that this gives a great Inigo and Lucina) Inigo/feMU (Chrom or second gen is best for feMU, and Rightful King, so...) Cherche/Vaike/Frederick (Vaike gives crazy strength and I love a strong Gerome, but others seem to agree that Fred makes a tank Gerome. I'm a little worried about Fred's stats because in my past experiences Fred had quite inferior stats compared to other units further into the game.) Gaius/Tharja (Noire gets galeforce and that's awesome, but I've always made Gaius the father for Noire...is there any other good candidate for her father?) Maribelle/Lon'Qu/Henry/Libra (I've always done Lon'Qu for Brady and it worked out fine...but apparently Henry or Libra gives a good sorcerer potential for him. What should I do?) Miriel/Gregor (My mind is set on this one.) Nowi/Kellam/Donnel (Kellam gives Nah amazing defense. But why is everyone suggesting Donnel?) Sully/Donnel (Isn't this the best? I've heard Stahl and Vaike are good, too, but...) Panne/????? (Seriously, help me.) Lissa/Ricken/Libra/Henry/Vaike (So much potential...Owain might be a good magic user, but how about Dread Fighter? What should I do about him?) Cordelia/Lon'Qu/Stahl (That speed with Lon'Qu...but Stahl makes Severa a good hero...BUTBUTBUT) Sumia/Henry/Gaius/Fred/??? (I have zero ideas. But unfortunately Chrom is definitely out of question.) Please keep in mind, this is all for optimization and not supports or hair colours...(though I was very adamant on those before...) so no shipping wars! I greatly appreciate all the input, and thank you!
  22. Ok so Finn has a Shield Ring and the Paragon Ring in his inventory and is married to Aideen. When 2nd gen starts does Lester come with the Rings or does Finn hold onto them?
  23. I've avoided FE:A and all them newfangled remakes for quite some time, only playing GBA hacks and whatnot. Then I decided to buy it, and have been absorbed into the vortex that is FE:A. I am now some hours into the game and have just beaten "Hard" mode, and plan on entering into Lunatic mode with a female MU, asset Resistance, flaw HP, and need to plan the best team for Lunatic gameplay. Here are some rules I've set for myself: -Cannot play any DLC maps before Endgame besides The Golden Gaffe (Bullion grinding, woohoo). -Can only play through the main story, Paralogues, Reeking Boxes, and single instances of each Spotpass team before Endgame. -No egregious abuse of Reeking Boxes for mass level ups. -Cannot allow any characters to die (lolwat who would do that anyways). -Only use original characters, no DLC characters as role-fillers. Stuff I want to know: -Best pairings? Reasons optional and helpful. Subjective, but what isn't? Here's a convenient pre-made template, with fill-ins for the fathers: Female Avatar + Chrom = Lucina / Morgan Cherche + Gregor = Gerome Olivia + F = Inigo Lissa + F = Owain Maribelle + F = Brady Cordelia + F = Severa Sully + F = Kjelle Tharja + F = Noire Nowi + F = Nah Sumia + F = Cynthia Miriel + F = Laurent -Recruitment times for children. All I can remember from trawling the Internet was that Lucina is the first recruited child and comes in after chapter 12. Or 13. I am otherwise ignorant of the chapter limitations before children paralogues become available, since I hadn't established many romantic relationships throughout the progress of the game. -Class optimization. Perhaps a better question to answer is: What classes DON'T my characters need to become, on account of their skills being useless for that character/their child? I'm particularly interested in long-term benefits and can play around momentary setbacks (e.g: I would continuously Second Seal a character into unpromoted classes to farm stats and necessary skills, against the benefits of a promoted class with better combat survivability). Format I used: Donnel: Villager -> Mercenary -> Fighter -> Bow Knight -> Hero -> Warrior -Inheritance. Some people make the argument that children always inherit their parent's classes, save for gender-specific stuff, so you should pass that. On the other hand, some people say that certain gender-locked skills, like Counter, are situational and unhelpful to certain characters (Counter for tanky Kjelle). In general, what should the mother and father pass to their child? I've tended to lean towards the level 15 promoted unit skills (Pass>Lethality, Swordfaire>Astra, on the basis of minimizing the amount of time a character spends in the dinky classes of Assassin/Swordmaster). -Things to watch out for in Lunatic. Is anything different, aside from the stats and skills? Are certain skills less useful or necessary? Is what I've set down thus far inherently flawed? Thanks for helping, and for any helpful information!
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