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Found 1 result

  1. YouTube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c0XWTNe8cDJBsbjljp4jA2b Narga said it'd make more sense if I kept a playlog of my run instead of double posting in advice threads so I thought I'd start a new topic documenting my progress. I've been re-doing a LTC run of Blazing Sword multiple times during the last couple of years. Recently I redid the Lyn Mode portion because I wasn't happy with the resource allocation, namely the experience and bosskill distribution. My discovery of beamcrash videos and GeneralHorace's approach to FE8 made me more aware of what it takes to achieve the lowest turn count so the progress in my playing has been very noticeable. I don't think I can surprise anybody with FE7 efficiency in the year of 2013, but I think this continuous LTC run has already had many interesting achievements. Besides the actual lowest turns, I will often aim, whenever possible, to obtain the items that are worth my time (e.g. my Pirate Ship 3-turn has me steal both the promotion items as well as a Pure Water from one of the Shamans) and, of course, train my units to continue performing adequately. General rules/assumptions behind the playthrough: - LHM is played prior to playing HHM, with efficiency continuity between the two - All Gaiden chapters besides 19xx (due to the absurdity of the requirement in LTC) in spite of the extra turns taken involved and sometimes also needing to take additional turns to fulfill the requirement (see desert chapter) - Character recruitment (not to mention the availability of promotion items) can be ignored if their presence is detrimental to turn counts A few notes on RNG/reliability as relevant to this runthrough: - This is not a full-fledged reliability/reliable efficiency run, as some of the strats will be riskier/less reliable but mainly because there are too many variables involved that makes repeatability in another playthrough problematic (the RN string controlling the combat outcomes, and level-up differences such as an extra point in skill being enough to determine whether a particular attack will connect or crit) - I do not have any means to literally look into the game's current RN state (aside from playing a turn and seeing what happens) nor can I hack it - This means perfect level-ups are unlikely to be observed (don't believe I've had one on this run yet) - Nevertheless, for the purpose of meeting certain "magic number" requirements or simply maintaining a competent team of units in a context where I have little time to train outside of defence chapters in a fast-paced run, I have and will continue to try getting good levels. This mini-goal tends to interfere with survivability on enemy phase in some of the "rushes" not to mention connecting the bosskilling attacks, so some characters will get quite RNG-blessed (right now the luckiest is Eliwood with str/def increases on each level-up), others not nearly as much (Kent is the biggest offender with very mediocre durability, and I also wish Marcus grew some speed which he hasn't yet done). Turn counts Resource allocation Promotions Prologue - Chapter 10 The entirety of Lyn Hard Mode is in this video. If you go directly to the YouTube page, you can click on the time numbers in the description to immediately go to specific chapters (as well as the turn count). The focus of the LHM clears, besides low-turning everything, was training Sain (emerges at 13/1 at the end of Lyn Mode) and Florina (takes the robe), to a lesser extent Kent and to an even lesser extent everyone else. I have found out (and will some time in the nearest future certify with video evidence) that a second Paladin is the only way to 6-turn chapter 17 and 2-turn chapter 17x.
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