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Found 4 results

  1. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Write Your Butt Off (WYBO), it's a monthly writing competition that's been active on the forum three seperate times. It is completely and totally for fun, as well as to recieve feedback and talk shop with other writers. It follows a format of a two weeks writing period, a one week voting/feedback period, and one week of nothing, with the winner choosing a prompt for the next month, and we do it all over again! Despite my more than spotty participation rate in the most recent WYBO, I quite enjoyed my time there for the most part, and it was nice to read the work of other creators. It's been a fairly long time since the last WYBO ended, and I was wondering if there would be anyone willing to participate if we were to bring it oit of hiatus? There are a few key members of the thread who have since been inactive here in the forums, but I would love to see the rise of a fourth era of WYBO.
  2. So topic. I've recently been part of a discord server dedicated to roleplaying and I must say that it's a great experience. Then I remembered how the community here also has an active roleplay community and thought that it might be a good idea to make one for SF. We could create our own lore, factions, and generally have a good time. Before I go through with it though, I want your opinions. Would you be interested in joining a RP-dedicated Discord server and if you do, what would you want to be in it? For clarification, I'm not talking about a server to discuss existing RPs but a seperate roleplay contained within the server.
  3. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4+ players. 2. Deirdre, Ardan, Alec, Noish, Radney, Roddleban, Aless, Oifaye and Julia are free for all to use. 3. Sigurd and Celice are banned from drafting. 4. When the mothers are drafted, their children come with them. Example: Drafting Ayra gives you Ayra, Lakche and Skasaher. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may only: Seize, recruit characters, participate in Talk conversations and special events that do not require the participants to be lovers. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, giving Charisma bonuses, or using the Give command. 3. Leaf may not equip the Leg Ring. 3. Other and Neutral units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Arena use is allowed and encouraged. Penalties: 1. Non-holy weapon users (Noish, Ayra etc.) have a 3 turn penalty per unit per castle. 2. Holy weapon users (Levin, Shanan etc.) and Dancers have a 7 turn penalty per unit per castle. Example: Using Noish (if undrafted) en route to Jungby results in a 3 turn penalty. Once Sigurd seizes Jungby, you take another 3 turn penalty if you use Noish while en route to Evans. 3. Using the Give command is a special 12 turn penalty. 4. There is a 1 turn penalty per experience point gained by Sigurd and Celice. Exceptions: 1. Generation 1 units may lose a bout in the Arena and then die to an enemy while unequipped to prevent them getting married. The enemy must have no other friendly units in his attack range and must finish the character in a single round. 2. Briggid, Claude and Tiltyu are free to use in Chapter 3. 3. Dew may lower the bridge in Chapter 4 if undrafted. He may not perform any other disallowed actions without penalty. 4. Leaf, Fin and Janne are free to use in Chapter 7. 5. Shanan is free to use in Chapter 7 until Yied is seized. 6. Midir is free to be attacked in the Prologue. Sigurd and Celice are free to be attacked while unarmed. Signups: 3. MartyTheDemonSlayer: (Ethlin, Leaf, Altenna), (Fury, Fee, Sety), (Lachesis, Delmud, Nanna), Azel, Claude, Holyn, Beowulf, Hawk, Dimna, Ardan, Amid, Asaello 1. Baldrick: (Aideen, Lana, Lester), Laylea, Levin, (Tiltyu, Arthur, Tinny), Lex, Shanan, Dew, Daisy, Femina, Sharlow, Jamka, Hannibal 2. General Horace: (Sylvia, Leen, Corple), Fin, Cuan, Midir, (Ayra, Lakche, Skasaher), (Briggid, Patty, Faval), Mana, Janne, Tristan, Linda, Johan, Johalva [spoiler=units remaining]
  4. So, I've been thinking recently... Superheroes are awesome. At least I think that. Then I thought of something else! Nachos. And after I ate some of those, another thought hit me! 'Hm, I intended to one day start an RP thread, I like superheroes, and we don't have a super hero thing here on Serenes Forest, maybe that could be what I start!' And after many hours of thought, mostly about toast, I decided to open up this thread, and see who'd want to be a super hero! [spoiler=Rules which would be in place] 1. Roleplay moderators (I.e me) will be in place to manage/approve super characters, wether they be heroes or villains for the sake of balance. So no Arm fall off boy vs. Superman. 2. No published heroes or villains or characters of any kind. This would be in it's own little super-verse separated from things like Marvel or DC. 3. No destroying the city. 4. No killing someone's character unless thy agree to it. 5. No stupid revivals or unapproved major plot points. Please, let's keep this from getting out of hand.
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