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Found 2 results

  1. I'm remember a quote one time saying, "The Internet is like Ancient Egypt. People writing on walls and worshipping cats." With a quote like that, it makes me wonder, have you like me ever sat down and really thought about what you were typing onto a topic like this one before? Have you ever thought about what it would be like if 500 years from now, humans were somehow able to find a message board of any kind and wonder just what we were thinking? I mean it's a trip to look back on old message boards from the 90s as it is for a lot of us. Just imagine what it would be like for someone 500 years in the future to read this? If you had any of those thoughts before, anything that you felt was important for the human race to know to advance itself in a few centuries from now, now is the chance for you to do so! Basically come up with words of wisdom for the future generations to look back on and be inspired by once they have a chance to read these words for themselves. Provided the human race doesn't die from mass extinction or the internet isn't wiped from existence, let these be the words that offer readers a glimpse of what our lives were like today and how they can better understand us as well. I'll try to give a few examples: - What you are reading is called the English language. This was a very prominent language that appeared on a lot of United States and European websites. We knew that multiple languages existed, but people who weren't motivated enough to lean another one just stuck with what they knew. - This website (https://forums.serenesforest.net) you are on is dedicated to an electronic form of entertainment which we called video games for a specific multimedia franchise called Fire Emblem. In our era it's a fairly popular franchise published by Nintendo and had multiple releases that caused a great deal of controversy among people who enjoyed the franchise and with those who felt it could somehow improve. We're not in the era where we saw wars waged in the name of a Fire Emblem game before so at least things have been pretty calm for us. - Yes, fidget spinners were once a thing. They stopped being a relevant product of our culture about a few months after they debuted though.
  2. Hey, you guys. Sorry, if I should have put this topic up in another part of the forum, but I'm fairly new here, so I apologize in advance, if this is the wrong place for something like this. I have recently browsed through a lot of forums regarding Fire Emblem and some other video games and I have come across a very, very disturbing thing. Opinions aren't acceptable anymore. Is it just me, or did anyone else see something like this: Post: Oh, boy. FE:A is my favourite Fire Emblem! Reply: Go away. FE:A is stupid crap *more people join in and bash on Guy A* I mean, wow, right? Of course, not everyone is like this (and I don't, I repeat I DON'T want to offend anyone personally, so please hear me out on this one). The above is just an example. It could also be replaced with anything. Pokémon's first generation for example. If you see someone innocently state that Gen 1 is their favourite, you can expect a chain of comments bashing this person for stating his/her opinion. I know, it sounds like I'm whining, but something like this can be very personal to some. I myself said something and the very next day I had a chain of comments below my original post that bashed me for having this very opinion (that opinion being Charizard being my personal favourite Pokémon). It seems to be a common thing across the internet nowadays. Certain opinions are not acceptable anymore. It says something that I myself am scared to admit that Charizard is my favourite Pokémon or that my favourite game is Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (after Fire Emblem Awakening of course). Did you ever feel that way with something you liked that the rest of the fanbase didn't? Did you ever get bashed for stating your opinion? I guess I just want to know if I'm alone on this one or if anyone out there agrees with me that this is truly frightening. And again, I apologize if this is the wrong section.
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