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Found 38 results

  1. Hello! My name is Brian's Waifu Louise! I am here because I am just to find a better Fire Emblem community as long I don't get banned. Let's hope everything works here. And remember, my username matches as the fixed username on discord.
  2. Ika Musume


    Hello! I am so glad to find this site. I had no idea it existed, even though I've been a fire emblem fan for almost nine years! Out of the people at my school, I am one of the two Fire Emblem fans and we get a lot of slack for liking FE because of all the Smash characters lol, but I'm just glad I found an entire community of people who feel the same way as me towards this amazing series. Also, if you can't tell by my pfp I am a huge Vocaloid fan so I'm down to talk about Vocaloid and FE with y'all.
  3. Hello everyone! Name's Margrave (Or Margarine depending on who you ask), and I'm a long fan of the series, since Shadow Dragon was first released and have atleast played most games from the Game Boy Advance onwards, with my favourite games thus far being New Mystery of the Emblem and Shadows of Valentia. Hope I can interact and have fun with you folks.
  4. Hey! I used to just lurk and read threads and such about FE here. But I figure it'd be fun to try forums again and chip in on discussion. I'm a fan of GBA and Tellius Fire Emblem games.
  5. Hello! I am new to Serenes Forest, however I have been lurking here and there throughout the years. Finally decided to make an account! On to the introduction...I’m Rani! Pleasure to meet you! My introduction to Fire Emblem was through Smash Bros. Melee back in 2015. I was playing it again for nostalgias sake and was curious as to what series Roy was from since I always played as him since I was a kid. Few hours later I had downloaded a GBA emulator and was playing FE6. I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately my tiny netbook at the time was a hunk of crap. It stopped working so I haven’t beaten that game to this day. I definitely plan on it down the road! After that I was introduced to Awakening through a friend. I ate that game up. Looking for more Fire Emblems to play, I then played FE7. Loved it. Beat that and started FE9. Adored it (Although still trying to transfer my file over from another computer, only 3 chapters left!). Then I played Fates for a good while. After Fates a friend let me borrow his copy of FE8. Loved that too. Started playing Echoes when it came out because I had been considering Gaiden in the past. My 3ds broke so I haven’t beaten it but it was fun for the time I played. These are all the FE's I've played myself but I have watched a few lets plays of the ones I haven't here and there. TLDR; I’ve played FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE13, FE14, and FE15. I am very interested in playing older FE games such as FE4 and so on. I just haven’t gotten around to them yet because I have so many games on my plate atm. Outside of Fire Emblem, I enjoy: JRPGs/RPGs, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Splatoon, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Fantasy, etc. I like quite a few things but I’m too lazy to write the rest down haha. A bit off topic but I’ve been interested in FE fan hacks/games for a few years now and I’m planning to make a short little hack for a friend that’s about 7 chapters long. I’ve had the idea in my head on and off for awhile but I’m now finalizing things. Planning on using FEXP so I’m trying to learn my way around that engine. Off topic again but, I was watching someone stream a fan hack that had a player unit battle sprite with a black pegasus that had its wings folded. Does anyone know what its from? I didn't catch the title of the game at the time. Anyhoo, I’ve rambled for quite a bit now… Looking forward to meeting all sorts of people! :D
  6. Hi there! I'm a relatively new fan of Fire Emblem, and am immensely enjoying it so far. So, I thought it'd be fun to get in on the community! I haven't finished any games yet, but made a point of sampling a bunch to get a feel of things. So far, I've played good chunks of Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates: Conquest. Loving them all so far, but undecided on which I like best. Going by first impressions, I love the 3D battles in Awakening/Fates, as well as the emphasis on familiarity with your units, in the form of support conversations and marriage, with a wide variety of character match-ups. I enjoy the more unique abilities of the MU characters in these as well, versus the standard Lords. Blazing Blade/Sacred Stones feels like it takes the concept of war more seriously (in a good way), and the character animations in battle are a lot snappier and more expressive, in my opinion (THOSE CRIT ANIMATIONS). I also like how the maps are more compact and strategic, as opposed to the wide open maps of Awakening/Fates. So, I dunno about a favorite yet, but I've really been enjoying them all. That aside, I'm also an artist! I'm not super confident in my stuff just yet, so I won't be sharing any art-related stuff for the time being. But, once I've got something good enough to show, I'll definitely be posting some fanart! (EDIT: I think I've been locked out of commenting. Oh well, this was fun for all of two posts. Maybe tell me why instead of shadowbanning me?)
  7. Hi! Hello! I am Ryuu, though I also go by (or used to go by) the aliases Melodia, Sarnai, and Suzaku. Am currently Suzaku (Ryuu)#5120 on Discord, though as I'm prone to changing my username, uh... yeah. I got my introduction into Fire Emblem through Harudoku's Fire Emblem over on discord, been playing for white a while now. Got intrigued by the series and decided to play the DS Fire Emblems and enjoyed them, but my computer's too weak for those, so.... I decided to play FE7 instead! You can, er... pretty much infer that I'm using emulators. I honestly want to play them on console! It's just that I don't have the luxury of getting myself those because poor. I'm also intrigued by Fire Emblem Awakening as well as Fire Emblem Heroes (gacha, gacha, gacha? gacha) I cannot emulate those. Gods no. FE:H is on android, you say? I.... well, got no phone, sadly. Ah well. Before FE, I used to play FFXIV (still want to get back into the game, but life's busy) and before that, Touhou. It'd be nice to go and geek out over these things sometime~! Speaking of geeking out, I love books, fire, durgens, birbs, music, bookish durgens, fiery birbs, bookish fires, and everything in between! Satoris too (if you're ever into touhou) and glasses. I, er, hope we all get along! I'm kinda slow and forgetful though, so apologies if I suddenly sputz out. Kinda moody too, though I've been doing my best to keep that under control. ------------- So! Since HaruFE is the FE game I play the most, I might as well talk a bit about the stuff I do with my characters and stuff. My userID is 143694199081009153 if you ever feel like spamming ~fites against my characters. I'd recommend bashing your head against my -2; she's my dedicated fighter. I'm far from the best, of course. I've five character slots unlocked, and for all of them I have RP profiles planned. -1 is Sarnaibileg Sansar, a (as of now, level 35) valkyrie with a love for books and knowledge. She travels the world, riding her trusty steed and writing things down as she sees them. Combat is something she abhors, and this is reflected in how she is not quite built to be a fighter (in my honest opinion) in-game; lots of luck, decent magic, but subpar speed and skill. She's a half manakete! (I love manaketes) and has been around for around 1400 years. -2 is Yuuko, foster child of -1. She's a magus with a mastery of all forms of magic-- light, dark, anima, staves. She has them all! She acknowledges but does not believe in the gods and instead places her faith in personal skill (she has near nil lck and incredible skl) and, for a character of her class, is incredibly fast. She's a glass spear-- darting around the battlefield and dealing MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!!!!! (!!!!!) -3 is Denos do Losina, a noble. Not much to say about him without spoiling what I have planned for him. -4 is... someone named esteem. Who is he? :) I love glass cannons. ' -')b ------------- @ZeManaphy Briefly, but that was before I even knew about FF. Don't remember it much, alas.
  8. I am SHSLTryfingCombusken. AKA the Brother from Strink Family. I usually play Fire Emblem (Sacred Stones and Awakening for the most part), so I joined the forest.
  9. Hello everybody! I am a new member to these forums and a somewhat new player to fire emblem. I've only played awakening and fates but ive played the sh** out of both of those. I'm a self admitted casual who spends too much time grinding EXPonenential Growth, Boo Camp, Vanguard Dawn and Ghostly Gold. I am also a genetic engineer and enjoy pairing different characters up to get different combinations of skills on kids and etc. I hope to make a lot of new friends and engage in some good conversation on the game.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm Simon. I live and breathe in Venezuela (yes, THAT Venezuela), and I'm a pretty avid FE fan despite starting pretty late with Awakening. Aside from that one I've played every FE since Binding Blade up until half of Echoes (half because my 3ds died and I can't buy a new one because lol hyperinflation). I also play Heroes a lot, only as an F2P . But anyway, aside from FE I love me playing some Zelda, Tales games, Mass Effect and many other franchises. Despite me lurking in this forum for quite a while now I've never decided to join this place. Until today of course. So I'm really looking forward to engage even more with one of my favorite communities!
  11. Well hi. I go by bad touch.I play fire emblem a bunch, watch a little anime and like wisecracking. Other video games too of course, like loads of other nintendo games. A lot of them happen to be Rpgs but there are some faster paced games, like smash bros, Splatoon 2 for the switch (Share with a friend mostly) and, of course, im in love with breath of the wild. But that's not relevant here, this post is mostly for hellos, right? So ill get on and say that i have played through to completion, in respective order: Fe7 eliwood normal mode Awakening normal Fates Birthright Fates Revelations Fates conquest FE8 Normal Ephraim Echoes hard And am currently playing through FE6 normal FE7 HHM Genealogy of the holy war I know, the games i have beaten make me look kind of scrubby, but please, im not an awakening baby anymore. ill prove it: BASES ARE BETTER THAN GROWTHS. Anyways, ta-ta. Btw thanks rezzy.
  12. Aomame


    The name's Aomame! I'm excited to see what's going on in this site, hope we can get on well :D I originate from the FEA and to seek further FE fans, I decided to join up here. If you could spare the time, perhaps a little advice would be good? Again, thank you and have a nice day!
  13. Well...I've finally created an account! I've been lurking here for a while. Anyways, it's nice to meet you all.
  14. Hello FE fans! After a long time browsing the Forest, I have finally went ahead and made an account. It is nice to be here! A couple things: I was one of those who entered the world of Fire Emblem through Awakening. Since then, I have played Fates, Shadow Dragon, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Blazing Blade. I have come to enjoy Path of Radiance because of its characters, lore, and writing (Fun Fact: The editor for Awakening and Echoes worked on Path of Radiance). Also when not in the Forest, you will likely find me on a TV Tropes wiki page doing some small editing and cleanup on Fire Emblem related pages. Hopefully the reason if you ever run into me on that site isn't because I deleted a bad edit you made . College might keep me busy from this forum (and the the internet in general) for periods of time. Any who, glad to be here!
  15. dweebunny


    It's late and I must get up early tomorrow, but I thought I should probably make an introduction before I go to bed. My name's Margaret, but I'm mostly known as Dweeb/Dweebunny online! Feel free to use any variation of my name/penname- whatever you're most comfy with, should you ever want to chat! I'm 21 years old and am currently training as a nurse. I don't know how often I'll be here, as I'm not used to forums in general...! I've known about serenesforest since early Awakening days, and I believe I used some resources for personal use like desktops, icons, etc... My first FE was Radiant Dawn, although I really need to replay it as I've forgotten most of it. (I was quite young when we played it...) It's thanks to this exposure that I tried out Awakening's Demo, and then I set it to download from eshop the moment it came out in the EU. (it was a school night, so I had to set it at midnight and wait until the next day to play...) I've played Fates (Conquest) and recently completed Shadows of Valentia. If Awakening didn't hold a special place in my heart, I believe SOV would be my favourite. So they're tied for my favourite FE! I'm not as familiar with older titles, but I have been curious to try them out someday when I have more time on my hands. I'm mostly curious about Genealogy of the Holy War (Which I've heard is infamously difficult, so I may keep it for last. ...Or watch a playthrough...I'm mostly curious because of the characters.), the Binding/Blazing Blade games, and Sacred Stones. I would also like to try Path of Radiance and replay Radiant Dawn someday, somehow. (Wii is broken, rip...) Again, I may not be able to contribute much here. I'm not a sprite editor or a writer- I'm a hobbyist artist... Here's my listography which has some links to places I'm on. I'm also on twitter! Just earlier today on twitter I was overexcited at the slightest possibility that Celica could be Irish based...but I'm basing this solely on her Overclass class being Irish based. I know FE isn't set in our world, but it's nice to have the little possible rep in there. I can dream... Anyway, I should sleep. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did! I apologize for the length, I'm not good at condensing things, apparently, haha-! ;;
  16. Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever. My name is Zoe and I've been a lurker of the forums for about a year now. I never saw much reason to post or make an account until just barely. The FE community has always been very lively and interesting to me but I've been a bit shy and only just barely got the guts to make an account here. I'm a hobbyist fanfiction author, my favorite site is AO3, and I love cooking and, well, gaming. My favorite FE game is Path of Radiance, but I haven't got to Radiant Dawn yet, and my favorite character is Soleil from Fire Emblem Fates. I'm excited to make all of your acquaintances.
  17. Hi everyone! Fire Emblem has been my main jam since 2012 and I've enjoyed looking back in time at all the incredible moments and characters which have been created by this amazing group of games. Yes, Corrin is my main and always will be :) I'm not going to argue with you all about her characterisation in Fates because they really didn't do as well as they could have with her, I understand that. But her design is just simply incredible, and the fan art which exists of her is also stunning. So yeah, she is my main Waifu, however Celica and Lyn can't be ignored! Heroes is something I have played since the day it released and still remains one of my favourite mobile applications. Really interested in Roleplay. I've done a bunch of it before on social media platforms but as I've been lurking I'm extremely intrigued about the different ways they occur here. The process in creating OCs is going to happen over the next few weeks! Hope we can all have some great discussions about the games we all love!
  18. I should have done this sooner (but I didn't know how) Anyways rather late than never. Hi, my first Fire Emblem was Awakening. Then Fates followed by Echoes. How I got introduced to the series was by scrolling through Nintendo E-shop free demos one day. After playing Awakening's demo, I knew I had to try it out. I also got Heroes when it first released and it's actually quite enjoyable. So yeah, that's all I have to say. :p
  19. Hey there everyone, I'm probably one of many lurkers that decided to become a member on this forum, I've been getting into Fire Emblem over past months and I've been curious to see what actually being a part of a forum would be like {instead of just lurking forever). *Edit: Removed prefix because I'm not sure If they're allowed for introductions.
  20. Tis' I, the amazing Tacio! And guess what? I'm no longer a anonymous anymore! Seriously though, if you ever encounter me again for some reason, please be patient with me. I don't know what I'm doing. I also suck a Fire Emblem, so expect me to hang out on question threads sometimes. And with that, I bid you beautiful people farewell!
  21. Hi everyone, I'm Cranium. I've played every Fire Emblem game multiple times, but I haven't gotten into a community such as this until now, though I have been active in other Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing communities for a while. I'm glad I came here and hope to learn more about the fandom as well as tips for playing each game better when I revisit each of them.
  22. Online name: itsiantime Real name: Ian DoB: December 11th Favourite FE Game: Awakening Favourite Game (other than FE): Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World / Persona 4 Favourite FE Character: Kagero Least Favourite game: Pretty much any horror game Sports: Soccer Online friends: None at the moment :o Favourite music: Electronic Favourite artist/band: she Favourite song: (Due to embarrassment I will not say it lol) Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: Yahoo lol...... Hobbies: Solving math problems, trying to learn french, and video games Good Point: I can listen to your problems, helps you with math stuff Bad Point: The bigggest problem is i'm stubborn Anything else? : [/b] Chie will always be my homie!
  23. Salutations members of the Serenes Forest community. I figured I'd start with an introduction post before diving in too deep. I am a relatively new Fire Emblem player, having started back with FE7 on its release, but not really getting into the series proper until some friends were talking about Awakening. Since then, I've been making my way through every game in the series that I can, having at this moment completed FE7, FE8, FE11, FE13, and 2/3rds of FE14, and have started FE6 and FE9. I go by the tag The Swedish X, as people can see. While not born and raised, half of my immediate family is from Sweden, and am quite proud to have that connection. I am currently a student animator working through college, and am certainly nothing special yet. About as rough as I am with Fire Emblem, to be honest. I hope to become much more educated on everything Fire Emblem here, and look forward to getting to know more fans of the series.
  24. Hello! My name is Sammie and I'm a new user on here. I have only been a fan of Fire Emblem for a little bit and still need to play a lot of the games, but from what I've played, I absolutely love the series! Some of my other favorite video game series are Earthbound and Pokemon. I hope I can make some new friends on here and learn more about the series!
  25. My online name is Miracle-Flora. I'm new here and I just joined today. I hope you guys can accept me into this community! Here's a little bit more about me, just in case you were wondering! Online name: Miracle-Flora, of course! Real name: Prefer not to say, but I do share the same name as an FE7 character, but I'm not telling anyone who she is. DoB: December 8, 1999 (I'm sweet sixteen!) Favourite FE Game: I really like Awakening and Fates: Birthright. Favourite Game (other than FE): I like Mario Kart. (curse the blue shells!) Favourite FE Character: Oh no, this question is hard, it's like choosing my favorite child. Oh well. My favorite Fates characters are Kaze, Jakob, Niles, Inigo Laslow, Kaden, Subaki, Camilla, Male Kana, and Midori. OH AND ANNA NEVER FORGET ANNA! She's my mascot at Votech Forget I said that. Least Favourite game: There isn't any game I played that I'd call my least favorite game. Sports: Does Special Olympics count? Online friends: I have fellow friends on AidoruPriPara Wiki that I like. Also on DeviantART too! Favourite music: I really like JPop. Favourite artist/band: I like Prizmmy☆, i☆Ris, UNDER17, Nanahira, various denpa artists, and more. Favourite song: As of now, Viva Happy♪. Country: 'Murica. MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None. I did used to have an MSN but I haven't used it in years. Hobbies: Watching anime, playing Fire Emblem games, (if I don't like Fire Emblem then why am I here?) singing, dancing, blasting my ears off, playing Love Live! School Idol Festival, and drawing in Photoshop. Good Point: I'm really energetic, and my energy is all released at parties, events, and other places. Bad Point: Numbers and I do not get along, because of my aversion towards math. I also tend to say things I shouldn't have said, plus I have a really loud voice. However to me I'm talking completely normal. WHY?! Anything else?: Ever since May of 2014, I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, so feel free to call me autistic and get away with it!
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