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Found 2 results

  1. This is pretty much "Explain a movie plot badly" for Fire Emblem, except it's not just limited to the overall story. It can be about supports, cut-scenes, story events, gameplay, etc. For some examples: King creates decades long conspiracy, escalates a minor conflict into a continental war, and ends up sacrificing his life, all to get rid of one insane person. Man turns food testing event into a diplomatic marriage proposal to aid with race relations. Woman licks his eyes. A rabbit, a candyman, and a historic cosplayer all join army on the spot to prevent assassination attempt. Desperate heroes go back in time to the previous generation to prevent a zombie apocalypse. End up fighting in a different conflict entirely. Priestess goes on pilgrimage to the main temple of her goddess. Accidentally eradicates criminal empire along the way. Calvary kill ten attackers by standing still in a corridor.
  2. Hello evrybody, i'm Izhuark and you surely don't know anything about me (if it's the case i invite you to read the well named "about me" section of my profile). I'm actually in summer vacation and have too much time so i looked on Romhacking.net if i could find translation of an RPG on the DS since i'm an huge fan of RPG... And I found this game. I never heard about it and tried it yesterday (it is past midnight in my timezone) about 30 minute and then thinked it would be cool to do a blind run on this forum... So here whe are ! About the game : Like i said i only played 30 minute into the game to know what kind of RPG it was and it seem to be a classic RPG with menu based combat and a 4 character party. The game look a lot like Etrian odyssey in the way it represent enemies, the guild and mission system, party formation, the skill tree and an adrenaline system like in the first EO except that instead of having a jauge that fill with each action each character have 3 "exhaust" points and can spend one to enter in this "adrenaline mode" i just now it augment the overall damage of the next action and i think you can restore those point by sleeping at the inn. The main difference between this game and Etrian Odyssey is that instead of roaming in a dungeon the layout is like clasic rpg's with towns and world map to explore. i read in the translation patch's readme that the game is masochistic so i except something around Etrian Odyssey difficulty... Prologue : In a world whith good Hunters and bad Dragon... I planned to let the user of the forums make their character but since I had no response; I will continue the let's play with my own ... but anyway if you want to know how the other class and apparences look here they are !
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