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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, I was reading through one of those "convince me to like X" threads, and an interesting point caught my eye; RangerJackWalker mentioned that if Tharja was a man, and retained the appropriate not blatantly sexualized dialogue, she would be even more controversial than before. Now, I have spent the last hour and a half reading through the supports, scripts, and the such, and it seems that as long as a few supports are tweaked and female S supports were added, it could be a fairly flawless transition. Virion's supports seem to show the most necessary change. The whole "avatar obsession" could simply switch the supports between the male and female and it could fit fairly well. So, in the end, I feel Tharja could be left mostly alone and could have been just as good a male character as a female one. The real thing that would hinder this from being done well is the fact that M!Tharja now exemplifies male sexuality, which I guess could lead to a bit more controversial subjects, seeing as m!Tharja's chest couldn't be a main point in some conversations anymore. Or perhaps M!Tharja could simply not be sexualized, and just be a really dark and stalkerish person, or is male Yandere not a thing? Anyway, that's it. Would you be fine if Tharja was a man? Would you hate her more, or less? Where on the husbando-meter would she rank?
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