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Found 3 results

  1. (I know this a bold thing to ask since we can't even check IVs in-game yet, but bear with me.) Getting bad IVs sucks, especially when a unit's kit is designed to work with a particular stat (e.g. Ayra, the Myrrhs). Some would say that IS would never let us fix bad stats because they'd lose sales from whales who would pull on a banner for an "ideal" unit, and I agree that that's probably the reason they haven't done so already. However IS has already made some QoL that risked their bottom line, with the most recent example being Combat Manuals (since buying more space is now pointless). So, if IV-fixing is ever made real, how would you expect it to be implemented? Right now we have two currencies that are completely useless (whether IS wants to admit it or not): Arena Medals and Light's Blessings. Why not let us use one of these to adjust a unit's IVs? And if they chose the Medals, it'd be another incentive to play Arena for those who've turned away from it. And if getting to choose our exact IVs is too much to ask, letting us randomise the IVs of a specific unit could work too, as long as you lowered the cost to compensate - this way people would only reroll for units who have the worst IVs possible LIKE MY -SPD/+RES LAEGJARN and be more likely to just cross their fingers for a lucky summon while pulling for other units (e.g. if someone wants a 4* unit for merging). Thoughts? P.S. I hope this question is open enough to stand on its own, @eclipse?
  2. Recently I pulled 2 Sigurds from his banner, both have HP- but one has SPD+ and the other DEF+. Is the extra speed worth it or should I focus on the more tanky one? For the leftover one should I fuse him or salvage his skills to someone else?
  3. A lot of people around have been suggesting/advocating for nature/boonbane rerolls on specific units. Many methods have been proposed, hero feathers, orbs, badges, but one kink still remains: Will IS implement a system like this? My guess is no, considering it is a FTP game, and they make most of the money off of orb purchases because people want perfect units. If they took away the need to pull more units they'd in turn take in less revenue, meaning less money to spend on the game's development which means less high-quality updates for us. Therefore I propose this, a way to change natures on your favorite units without taking away from IS's revenue: Say you have a Level 32+1 Roy. (Much like myself) His IVs are okay, but not what you want them to be for your build. Now let's say you pull another Roy, this time with better IVs (or at least IVs that are better for your build). Now here's where my idea comes in. By spending hero feathers (different amount depending on star rating. I'd say about 5000 for 5, 2500 for 4, 1250 for 3) to "merge" the unit's IVs, your 32+ Roy would receive the level 1 Roy's IVs, and the level 1 Roy would disappear. This seems like a more realistic implementation of IV changes, considering you still need to pull a clone in the first place. IS doesn't lose any potential $$$ and we spend less time grinding. Win/Win If anyone has thoughts/comments/qualms I'd love to hear them :)
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