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Found 2 results

  1. Do you like building scrub units, freebies, vanilla Jakobs, and generally what is considered a less than good unit? I for one, find it hella fun to take a unit like Jagen and make him work. (Im currently working on one) i have a rather ridiculous Stahl i built from the ground up. He can really ruin someone's day. I hope to merge him more when i get more Stahls. I also have a Florina that does some stupid shit. I dont have enough to +10 her yet, but soon~~ show off your bad/low tier unit projects here if you want!
  2. On Normal, he's never needed; I benched him before midgame because the other units were just as good. On Lunatic, I must use him to get through the early game. What about Hard mode? How much is intelligent use of Frederick on Hard? The enemies aren't very strong as on Lunatic, but your starting units and equipment will have trouble with them, unlike on Normal. My feelings for Frederick aside (I like his personality), the idea would be to use him as little as possible, but sometimes he's the only hope to escape an unfavorable situation...
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