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Found 3 results

  1. I was just think something in my mind about those two recurring characters Jake and Aimee. Since we do know that Anna's mystery was been revealed since Awakening that there are multiple Annas as sisters that explains why she been appearing around the world except for Valentia (which Anna's support conversation with Celica in Warriors that Celica mentioned that she hasn't seen a single Anna appeared in Valentia) and it was carried it over to Fates, Heroes, and even Warriors. But, we still know that Jake did appeared in the Archanea, Judgral, & even Elibe, he was never appeared again besides the DS remakes and also, there's Aimee that appeared in Archanea as a minor character and she have more appearance in Tellius games. But, do you guys think Jake appearing in Archanea, Judgral, & Elibe and Aimee in Archanea and Tellius could possibly be not the same ones but they are completely different Jakes and Aimees like one of Jakes are probably be brothers/cousins from traveling the Outrealms (or descendants/processors vice versa) and the two Aimees could probably be sisters/cousins from traveling the Outrealms (or descendants/processors vice versa). I even did seen Anna's support with Caeda and Lyn did mentioned about Jake in Warriors and that Anna doesn't actually know Jake. I don't think Jake could probably be one of the Anna sisters' descendant or fathers since the two Annas did mentioned in Awakening and Fates that they have a good knowledge of their family and like to keep secrets, that Chrom when meets the playable Anna in Paralogue 4 finds it really weird and confusing on his part.
  2. How many Annas are there in Fire Emblem? Who is your favorite Anna? I would like an exact number of every Anna who has appeared in Fire Emblem. Who is up to the task? Is anyone fit for this job? I challenge everyone to try and count them all. That is all. Remember, no skirmish or secret shop Annas from Awakening becuase they are infinite. Any Anna that appears during a main chapter, xenologue, or paralogue is fair game. The Anna at the Outrealm gate counts too. For all games prior to Awakening, along with the ones that appear during chapters, you must count the Annas that appear when you save in the midst of a chapter, tutorials, secret shops (since they aren't infinite). MU customization Anna from FE12 counts too.
  3. Just a little question does anyone but me think it is halarious that anna is in like every fire emblem game?(this welcomes any discussion about anna or anna related things)
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