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Found 8 results

  1. Jakob, Devoted Monster It is not a coincidence that TOD!Jakob is dressed as Frankenstein. With the right skill set, he is a monstrous amalgamation created from the corpses of Firesweep BB!Cordelia and special Refinement Takumi. TOD!Jakob is the husbando to die for if you ever need to trade your life force for more Orbs. Level 40 stats: HP: 38/42/45 Atk: 32/35/38 Spd: 20/23/26 Def: 30/33/36 Res: 29/32/35 Total: 164~165 Default skills: Weapon: Monstrous Bow+ Assist: [none] Special: Ignis Passive A: Bracing Blow 2 Passive B: Wary Fighter 3 Passive C: [none] Guard Bow/Monstrous Bow: Arena Assault Firesweep: Arena Brave Bow: Arena Slaying Bow: Arena Defense Close Counter: Arena
  2. I just got a four-star Jakob from my most recent pull, and I've always wanted a ninja class. Right now he's filling Draug's slot, as he kept dying easily to I'm wondering if Jakob is worth the time and/or shards training, or if I should just keep Draug in. Thanks for any help.
  3. So I was searching pair up bonuses and comparing for a team I had in mind for PvP, so I looked into pair up bonuses and found this: Felicia PS= 2+ Damage, Receive -2 Damage Jakob PS= Receive -3 Damage , +15 Avoid Felicia C=Hit rate +10, Avoid +5 B=Critical Evade +5 A=Avoid +5 S=Avoid +5, Critical Evade +5 Felicia Spd +1 Res +1 Mag +1 Spd +1, Res +1 Jakob C=Hit rate +10, Critical +3 B=Critical Evade +5 A=Critical +3 S=Critical +3, Critical Evade +5 Jakob Str +1 Spd +1 Skl +1 Str +1, Skl +1 EDIT: Forget it, she gives the same amount of avoid when not paired up, but when paired up is less than him, lol sorry.
  4. So I reclassed Jakob to Great Knight (with a Heart Seal mind you) and gained Cavalier skills plus Luna. Then I married him to Effie and wanted to finish getting his last skill before reclassing again. However he gained Defense +2 as his next skill? I leveled a bit more and the next skill he got was also a Knight skill.... Anyone got an idea what happened here?
  5. All he has is Silas and Takumi/Gunter (depending on route). I kind of feel like they should have at least given him one with Kaze, if not a few of the Conquest retainers as well (maybe Niles?)
  6. Hello everyone. So does anyone have a Jakob with Aptitude? Seems like no one does and I want to make him better so Dwyer is better too. Thanks if anyone does and have a great day!
  7. Hello Serenes Forests users! So once again Im having troubles in my game. I followed optimizations guides, and everyone turned out good for now, and I got advice for one of my last uncertain pairings, and this was the leftover bracket.... I don't mind their story, its better than the Benny X Peri one imo, but they are pretty nice together I guess :P So Jakobs fine, its never been anything wrong with Jakob.. Its just Nyx.. What do I do with her? Her stats are ok I guess, but she keeps nearly dying or just dying and I have to restart. Any suggestions to make her and Dwyer better? Nyx stats: 10 str, 20 mag, 13 skill, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 15 res Thanks and have a great day to anyone who helps!
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