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Found 2 results

  1. So, this is a little reflexion that popped when I and my best friend were having a discussion. He started getting to my nerves, and then we argued a bit. Then, it became a humouristic thing, and finally, it ended with the reflexion that I'm posting. And I'm doing it, because I felt like sharing my thoughts with you. Who knows, maybe it can change your ways of seeing everything? You'll have to read this to discover it! [spoiler=Warning: Huge wall of text frickin' incoming]So, you should know what things like puberty, adolescence and that kind of stuff do to people (the youth, in which I still belong): It makes them act differently. It makes them think differently. It makes them be total jerks, when they shouldn't be. How many children in the age of 5-10 or so are jerks? Not a lot, I assume? In my country, we call this ''the rooster age''. Or something like that. I'm not perfect at English, alright? >:c It may sound stupid in English, but it's quite certain in my country, because there, a ''rooster'' is a person that it's a total jerk, and he doesn't give shit about being it. But at the end of the day, he is just a chicken who isn't able to tell things to the face. But to resume: The adolescence is an age where people start acting rebellous. And my reflexion is, that from there, there are THREE types of person, each one acting differently to the changes that the adolescence delivers: Person 1: He is mentally mature. He knows the consecuences of the adolescence. He knows that he shouldn't be acting like a total jerk. And he won't take the idea of succumbing to the adolescence. He is well aware that, those guys in the school, who are jerks and need to have the feeling of being superior to the others, or bully the most inoffensive ones (the person 1 type), shouldn't act like that. However, in an irony, he acts rebellous against the adolescence. He doesn't like the idea of being someone else, and not themselves. And because of the thoughts he has, other people of the school will reject him from groups (friend groups, heck, even sport groups), because not a lot of people think like he does. He will suffer in the adolescence. A lot, or a little, depends. I think It's fair enough to say that, I belong to this kind of people. However, I won't go in depth with my story. Person 2: You could say that he can be as mentally mature as Person 1 is. However, he DID succumb to the adolescence. He didn't resist the thought of being a rebellous little jerk. He adapted to it. He knew that, were he have thoughts of the Person 1, he would get rejected. So, in a try to have a lot of friends and stuff, his social worries overcome his pride. Person 2 can be a little jerk, a middle ground, or a total asshole. That depends. But, in the end, it's not his fault. He may be lucky enough to not have any problems with his life. My best friend belongs to this category. Person 3: This can be considered as a thing apart. Person 3 thought: ''Well fuck this shit, why I need to care about moralism and stuff, I will just go and smoke some weed with some other junkies who also think like me!'' I don't think he is very mature, mentally-wise. He belongs to this kind of people who you can find smoking in a corner, making girls of 15 years pregnant (who also think like them), and stupid stuff like this. To be honest, these guys can almost never be trusted. They'll surely back-stab you, if needed. And due to this, Person 3 will SURELY suffer a lot in the future, even if he is cooky at the adolescence, because most of these guys are uncultivate and I doubt they'll ever get a job, or have the determination to study and get one. Sadly, there's one person of my school that I know that belongs to this kind of people. And he's a total motherfucker. Think of this like a cycle. Person 2 may turn to Person 3. Person 3 may became mature, mentally-wise, and turn to Person 1 or 2. Person 1 may change his mind and succumb to Person 2. And in a worst case scenario, Person 1 may have enough with the life and became Person 3 because he doesn't have any choice. Either that, or commit seppuku. However, misunderstoods, discussions and fights may happen. It's to hard to take factors and analysis in account when talking to someone without screwing it up. We're too lazy to think what to always say, because we have to interact with sooo many people everyday, that it would get so tedious. So, don't let fights get in the way of relationships. But sadly, sometimes, it can't be helped. It has to happen. Well, if you managed to read all of this, I thank you for sparing a bit of your time reading this kind of stuff, that may very well depress you, or make you feel better. If it's the former one, well, I'm sorry! So, that's it! And no, I'm not emo, and I'm not a person who tends to be depressive. I'm a very optimistic person. I just like to do these kinds of reflexion. This one in particular made me feel better with myself. Thank you for your attention, and remember. We all have to get through adolescence, one way or another, sadly. And I'm too lazy to make this look better. I know it's a mess, mostly because it was a bit rushed, the paragraphs are messed up, English is not my main language and it can be a bit of a problem to understand it, but you'll have to DEAL WITH IT. Have a good day!
  2. Please just..This boredom.. Post anything without sense in this thread. do the max you can. this mean photos of course. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
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