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Found 6 results

  1. It's simple, really. Post a pun or joke and rate the above poster's pun or joke on a scale of out of 10 (percentages are fine). The joke can be posted as a picture or meme. Please refrain, however, from posting personal attacks on other forumites. So I'll start: If the math teacher is talking about history during calculus class, his remarks are surely tangential.
  2. So what's the best fire emblem related joke you can of? Or if you can't think of one, just a regular ol' knock knock joke works too. Here are some I think are good: "I always considered Sigurd a Jagen archetype since he is very powerful to start but stops being useful halfway through the game." (Quoted from a comment by user Dokidoku on this video) The reason Leif is so fast in Heroes is because he's been on the run for most of his life
  3. Would've posted this in Jokes & Memes about Fates, but that topic may be considered old now and we could use another Fan Works topic. So, feel free to post and share your fan art, fan fiction, or other fan works relating to Fates here. This includes jokes and memes like in the previous topic. * * * * * As for me, I wanted to share some custom support conversations and scenes made by a certain individual on Youtube. For the most part, Fate's story has been criticized ever since the JPN release. Some fans have decided to make their own fanfics or versions of Fate's storyline while others expand upon the Fate's universe. This particular creator uses Fates assets and edits together a video that mimics dialogue conversations. So, we can have custom supports, custom scenes, and even custom epilogues. The channel did become inactive for a while, but it seems the creator is back to a schedule of sorts releasing a new video every two weeks or so. I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy the characters of Fates and wanted a better more story than what we got initially.
  4. So, I didn't know whether or not to post this in Forum Games or General FE, so I went with General FE, because this isn't really a game. Just a silly thread. A silly little thread where you post puns about fire emblem characters, events, etc. They can be bad or good; new or old. I don't know if there was a different thread made for this purpose, but I don't see it anywhere up front. Anyway, no more stalling! Post your puns below! I'd rather not see repeats unless you are commenting on it or have something to add. Here's mine: If Arvis were a pirate, would that make Sigurd's last fight of FE 4 the Battle of Yarr-hara?
  5. What it says on the tin. If you know me, you know that I make a lot of jokes and references. Constantly, all the time. Real life of a piece of media I've heard of, I like to be comical and not take things seriously. But other people do take many more thing seriously. As a religious person, I have my own boundaries set at places relating to that. At what point does a joke or reference go from clever to controversial?
  6. One asks "Where is an elephant's genitalia?" To which the other replies; "Where else but it's foot? If it steps on you,you're fucked." tell me sf blog what do you think of my nonexistent comedic talent
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