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Found 17 results

  1. Since in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the Fire Emblem Franchise Category for Jugdral Series had a total of 5 Characters that are Sigurd, Seliph, Deirdre, Julius, and Leif and I seriously don't think Sakurai would add another Fire Emblem character for Fighter Pass Vol. 2 since we already had gotten Byleth as the DLC Fire Emblem Fighter in Ultimate. I'm speculating that this new Fire Emblem title will show up on E3 2021 to be the Jugdral Remakes and I know that Ultimate was the first Super Smash Bros. installment to finally add Jugdral Content in the game. So for this purpose of the thread, if the new Fire Emblem game turns out to be the Jugdral Remake and Sakurai decides to add more Jugdral Spirits as a new Spirit Event sometime after the possible Jugdral Remake gets released. What 4 Spirits and/or Enhanced Spirits from the possible Jugdral Remakes that you want to see to be added as a new Spirit Event? Julia Arvis Probably the new character from the possible Judgral Remake Nanna and Finn Possible Spirit Enhancements: Seliph (probably as a Knight Lord from a new Judgral Remake) - Don't forget that Rex did have a later enhanced spirit of his own when Pyra and Mythra were added in Ultimate. Note for the Thread: We're only here to speculate and hopes that what spirits that you want to see as Spirit Events from a possible Jugdral Remake. Were are not here to discuss the Jugdral Remake is not possibly coming in general since this is more of a Super Smash Bros. related towards on Spirits.
  2. Salutations! A while ago I found the amazing translations, made by Leif of Leonster Translations, of the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Suzuki Novelization, and began making these little fan-made audio dramas by myself. These audio dramas are voiced entirely by me, and while I am an amateur (though it is my goal to improve and become a proper voice actor one day), I intend to keep making more of these videos. Reading this novelization made me super interested in Jugdral lore, and I am truly thankful to Leif of Leonster Translations for their work. I hope you may find enjoyment in these audio dramas, and hopefully, it too could get more people interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I intend to update this topic every time I make a new audio drama related to the Genealogy of the Holy War Novelization, so be on the lookout for future parts, though I make no promises as to when! If, instead, you would like to read the translation of the novelization yourself, here's the link for Leif of Leonster Translations: https://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/158382266965/fire-emblem-novel-translations
  3. As of the second Choose Your Legend poll, Bloom is the least popular character in the Fire Emblem series (he came second lowest in the first poll, but Glade shot up several places by gaining notability for being the previous least loved). This baffles me some what. Bloom is never going to win any rewards for the best villain in the world, but he's still a far cry above some of the other, more minor and forgettable characters in the series. His Isaac counterpart, Dannan (who got twice the number of votes in the recent poll) being a prime example of a much less developed and noteworthy character. Unlike Danann (or say the replacement characters or most of anyone in Thracia 776), he plays a relatively large role in the plot of Genealogy of Holy War, taking two chapters to defeat and wielding a Holy Weapon. He's also given some nuance as a character, being against the child hunts and treating Tinny well. Anyway, all this, along with a comment in some thread (I think it was an Eldigan argument) got me thinking about Bloom, and the position he was in. What things must have been like for him. When someone brought up a comparison between him and Sigurd, being put in charge of an unwilling Agustria, everything clicked into place and I knew I had to write a fanfic examining Bloom's life and actions. Don't worry, it's not a "Oh gee guys, he was just misunderstood and is a super swell guy all along, Seliph was the real villain," sort of story. Bloom is still most definitely a villain, but I think it could be interesting to interpret the events of the game from his eyes. So here it is, feedback thread can be located here: If you've read even half of the first chapter, I'd love you to drop me a line telling me what you think, be it good or bad.
  4. The Jugdral saga is by far my favorite couple of games in the Fire Emblem franchise, thanks in no small part to the politics between the various nations and houses on the continent. In my opinion, Shouzou Kaga and company effectively painted a rich setting (at least, within the confines of the SNES), with each region having a distinct feel to it. That all being said, what are your favorite and least favorite Jugdrali states? I would have to say that my favorite state is Thracia proper because of how fleshed out it is, as well as its territorial conflict. FE5 particularly raises a magnifying glass on the Thracian peninsula, delving into several towns and villages that were first introduced in the game's predecessor. One of the most notable features of the region would be its rugged mountains and dreary wastelands, sharply contrasting with the bountiful fields of the northern Manster District. It is this agricultural gap that sparks tensions between the two states, as we witness in the Jugdral saga. Meanwhile, my least favorite state (if we are not counting Yied) would probably be either Verdane or Agustria. This is by no means to say that either country is disinteresting. Nonetheless, I find myself more engrossed in the more geographically exotic locations as opposed to the par-for-the-course grasslands and forests.
  5. Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  6. ... how do you think it would work? What plot elements or mechanics do you think will remain or change? This is just for fun! So, I honestly believe there will be a Jugdral remake in a few years from now. I didn't think it possible at first but then the Gaiden remake came, and if a Gaiden remake is possible, more so a Jugdral one; Seisen no Keifu is a lot of people's favorite entry in the series as well as one of my personal favorites too, and I'm sure IntSys is aware of the former. That being said, there are certain elements I don't think will make it in this time and age, but that are nonetheless of critical importance to the plot of the game (mostly the incest bit). So this is how I think (or hope?) the remake could make it: Genealogy and Thracia chapters will be all in one game. FE4 and FE5 are games that complement each other, so much so it would be hard to sell them separately, as opposed to when they first came out, since Thracia was released 3 years later. Also, they're not really that long because of the limitations of the console back then, and this time the remake would be in the Switch. This is something I've seen done in other games, or like in the remake for Devil Survivor 2 in which they added a whole new arc where there was originally just one, so it is possible. I don't think the maps will be as big, although I actually liked that and would prefer it to stay. But generally speaking, people didn't seem to like that, so they'll probably make the maps smaller (I don't think they can divide them). This would also fit well with my two-games-in-one idea . They'll tone down the incest thing, maybe turning them into cousins instead of siblings, since the important part is the blood more than how closely related they are. Although, I know the cousins deal is taken differently according to the country and culture. Where I come from, it's whatever, kinda weird but not considered incest. There will be no mention of sacrificing babies. They'll probably change it to older children or teens. Nintendo isn't ready to mention babies or toddlers; otherwise, if we were to be realistic, Garon would have tried to kill Corrin off since the beginning instead of locking them up . As for the game mechanics, I think they'll stay the same and they'll blend some from both games, like adding that mechanic in FE5 about mounted units being on foot when inside a castle or similar. But how do you guys think it would go? would you like a FE4/FE5 remake? Or maybe you think it would never make it into existence?
  7. This thread will contain my attempt at writing some history for the world of Genealogy. It will have a sort of historical essay feel, with elements from historical writings (notably the Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and the books of authors such as John Keay. In some regards, my conjectures may prove inaccurate: in that case, please inform me by comment or by PM so that I can change it. Over time, after documenting history to the defeat of Julius at Belhalla, I plan to go on into a description of the economy and political dynamics of the post-Julius world before continuing onward. Of course, I may do it the other way around. Suggestions and criticisms are of course welcome. Thanks to @Interdimensional Observer for giving me the idea through his "An Overview of the History of Valentia..." thread. I will start a poll asking what I should start with. Based on these results, I hope to start work on this "historical document" as soon as possible.
  8. It seems that many people's favorite game is FE4, and is one of the most beloved in the franchise, but the sequel, and last game on the SNES, Thracia 776 is rather obscure. Not that many people talk about it and even most people I have encountered that have played Genealogy has not even touched FE5 which is weird. How come? Is it becuase of the menu's still being untranslated?
  9. (New here so I just assume spoiler tags are a thing I should put) So after beating FE4, I've decided to make a family tree for Jugdral, with a 3rd generation of OCs. Now, there are a few things to be aware of before commenting on the tree. Ishtar and Julius have a kid via this set of events; Julius and Ishtar make a kid, Ishtar and Julius fight Seliph in the last chapter, Julius is killed, Ishtar is killed, Loptyr uses magic like Forseti did, and brings her back since she's carrying his next scion. I know that having 3 bloodlines is probably bs. But, I'm mostly doing this for fun, and 3 bloodlines is the most fun. Also on the note, this is not to meant to follow any canon; I'd just either choose pairings or go on r/fireemblem and ask "who should I pair X with". Lastly, before asking questions, browse this thread and this thread. They're the two I made on r/fireemblem before this and will likely sort out some questions you might have. I'm totally open to changes, but just don't be a dick about it. That probably goes without saying though. Source for tree
  10. So, I recently played FE4 and I freaking love it. At the final chapter right now; hard as all hell but I'll manage. Now, what got me stoked the most is the vast lover/jealousy system of the game we all know and love. And while some have more detailed reasons to choose their specific units to love the others, let's put things in perspective. Do people pair their units because they look cute together, or for their child to cohesively inherit their broad skillsets? I mean, we have our 'canon' manga ships like Lex/Ayra, Adean/Jamka, Lachesis/Finn, etc. but some pairings are better than others. For instance, Ayra is awesome with Holyn because Larcei and Skasaha get both Meteor and Lunar. I regret making Lachesis pair up with Beowulf though - I really, really want to love my file's Delmud but I can't. So, what do you say? Ship or Badass Units? I'm guessing both but did people actually make the mistake of pairing their units just for the hell of it (like I have ;_; ) and had the kids turn out fantastic in the 2nd gen? This is... probably a stupid question. I just wanted an excuse to get on the Jugdral bandwagon with the cool kids in town and stuff.
  11. I had an idea for a general FE thread and changing the topic regularly (about weekly or so) about speculating if things went differently at pivotal moments in the story of the various Fire Emblem games because its fun to speculate what would have happened at these moments. The first pivotal moment I had in mind was what if Greil survived in his first fight with the Black Knight and how this would have changed the Tellius Saga. Q1: For starters I think that Greil would realize after healing from his wounds that he was no match for the Black Knight since he could no longer use his sword arm and would double down on his efforts to train Ike realizing if anyone was going to beat the Black Knight it would be him. That being said he would still remain in charge of the Mercenaries. The positive of this would be that Ike would become much stronger and skilled at a faster rate than he did in the original story but wouldn't have developed so much leader since he was thrown into that situation so suddenly. Now one hitch I have is that I do think while Greil might have survived the first encounter with the Black Knight he would have eventually met his end at his hands since the Black Knight is encountered multiple times throughout the story and he would do anything to prevent Ike or Mist from having to fight him so soon even if it meant him knowing fighting a battle he could not win. If he did survive until the ending parts of the story where Ike originally fights him I do think he would let Ike fight him having trained him intensely in that time and believing he could beat the Black Knight. Some other implications are the impacts this would have on the events Radiant Dawn with Griel still alive but aging would probably have handed off the responsibility of the Mercenaries to Ike. However, as events progressed he would be forced to explain who the Black Knight really was and the meaning behind Lehran's Medallion and reveal some of the more important parts of the setting much sooner. The story at this point could go in multiple directions with the Mercenaries either supporting the Laguz alliance like they did in the original story or being completely focused on preventing Ashera from awakening. This is meant to be in good fun so feel free to post your thoughts about it all. Oh and lets try to refrain from Fates spoilers/ Fates scenarios since the game has yet to have a world wide release. Q1: What if Griel survived against the Black Knight? Q2: What if Zephiel was killed in FE7? PM me your ideas and suggestions for what if scenarios in the Fire Emblem stories. Particulalry for FE 2, 4, and 5 as my knowledge of those games is sparse at best.
  12. Okay so I have played all fire emblem games excluding the Jugdral saga. The reason being is they are very intimidating as I here they are very punishing to the uninformed. So i guess what I am asking is any tips for a newbie. Im not sure if we are allowed to discuss fan translations but does anybody have a link to one for either game (if we aren't supposed to discuss them just don't mention it.)
  13. Hoshido as the wealthy, peaceful country and Nohr serving as the poor, war-hungry country reminded me of the Thracian peninsula of Jugdral, with Kamui serving as Altenna and Garon and Marx portraying Trabant and Arione respectively. Has anyone else noticed this parallel, and do you think they'll pull off the two countries' relationship as effectively?
  14. Am I the only one who would like to see characters with personalized skills like how Jugdral and Tellius did, but have class skills along with them? I mean I know reclassing is a thing, but come on, it adds a little more to the characters if they have personalized skills based on who they are. I mean honestly, with 5 slots it's not that out there of a concept, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see if any characters have an "abnormal" skill.
  15. This is my first fanfic. The idea is that instead of being a dumbass, Eltshan fights Shagall from the beginning, and becomes king of Augustria. Augustria is then the last bastion of freedom as through house Nodions bravery and Eltshan's strategy it resists Grandbells attempts at conquest. Our story begins on the outskirts of Isaach, as one of the last lights of hope of humanity is about to be stamped out... Chapter 1- Grave Tidings The 14 year old boy ran. He ran like he had never run before. He knew full well that the future of Jugdral lay in his hands. "Where'd that little bastard go?" Shouted one of his pursuers. " How should I know," yelled another one. Oifaye heard the footsteps growing softer and sighed with relief. He looked down at the bundle in his hands. "You are gonna have a great destiny, Celice. You are gonna save the world someday." That, unfortunately, was not to be the case. The magic descended suddenly, and without warning. Oifaye and Celice were gone. There was not even dust left over. Manfroy, from his perch, smiled. The spell had worked perfectly. There was no one left to oppose his master now. No one except... Him. Sigurd... Cuan... Gone. And they wouldn't come back. Damn it, thought Eltshan, My sister could be being tortured to death right now, and I'm focused on my friends from military school. The new king of Augustria did, of course, have more pressing matters at hand. He had received news of the massacre of Sigurd's forces at Barhara only hours before. His beloved sister, Lachesis, had been in Sigurd's army. Eltshan needed to know what had happened to his sister. One thing was sure: if they had laid a finger on Lachesis, Grandbell would pay in blood. "Cross Knights, form up" Eltshan barked. His men charged a contingent of Grandbell troops holed up in a village. They were no match for Augustrias finest. "Brother... help" Eltshan looked down and gasped. His sister was lying on the ground, bloodied. "They caught up with me... Nanna's safe... help." Eltshan helped his younger sister to her feet. "You are safe now, sister. Lets go home. A great storm is coming, one that will sweep up all of Jugdral. We must prepare." He turned to one of the captured Grandbell soldiers. "Why is the emperor attacking the nations of Jugdral? What does Alvis hope to gain from this? Power?" The king demanded. "The Emperor... desires peace and justice! Long live Emperor..." The man fell forward, an arrow protruding from his back. The Augustrian company looked down in horror. There was no further discussion. None was needed. The Augustrians vanished into the night. The assassin looked down from his perch. When the Augustrians were gone, he jumped down, arranging the body in an easily visible way. His work was completed. Now, Grandbell would have the excuse it needed to make war on Augustria. The Archbishop would be pleased.
  16. so yeah looking at the title a person who has not played much fire emblem will be attempting to beat in which many fire emblem fans consider the hardest fe game. let us see how far i get. And oh no tips please unless if i ask for them. also can anyone tell me where the best translation patch is. i watched mageknight's404 walkthrough and i couldn't understand the weapon names or anything so yeah. another thing can someone tell me how the attack forecast works in this game. hope you enjoy
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