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Found 8 results

  1. So, a small forum game i stole from another forum that i thought could fit here 😉 And no, Paper Mario and Advance Wars don't count. Neither do KT games 😛 The last game i played was Crosscode. And if the developers of that game is to make a FE game... Puzzles Puzzles everywhere With no hints. You gotta walk around the map with your lord triggering stuff to figure your way forward.
  2. So out of all the students, if they started in their canon class (like Shamir and Catherine) at level 1 I.E. (and gained the class' bases) but kept their starting skill levels? Edelgard: Armored Lord* Dimitri: High lord* Claude: Wyvern Master* Hubert: Dark Bishop Dorothea: Warlock/Dancer** Ferdinand: Paladin Bernadetta: Sniper Caspar: Warrior Petra: Assassin Lindhardt: Bishop Dedue: Fortress Knight Felix: Swordmaster Mercedes: Bishop Ashe: Sniper Annette: Warlock Sylvain: Paladin Ingrid: Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight*** Lorenz: Paladin Hilda: Warrior Raphael: Grappler Lysithea: Warlock Ignatz: Sniper Marriane: Bishop Leonie: Paladin Cyril: Wyvern Rider Flayn: Priest (lol) Which would have the best: Early Game? (Note: saying everybody is a non-answer) Mid/late game? Bench? Which would you keep in their class and what one's would you downgrade for skills or sidegrade as soon as advanced classes came up. How would this affect your playstyle and the usefulness of lords (since they lose their base stat advantage on normal students?) Which class benefits the most as prepromotes? If you could take only the students of one class, which would you pick? *As the cutscenes show the lords only in their timeskip outfits and even after their forced reclass into their master classes the cutscenes don't change (even the final cinematics) I'm putting their finals classes as their penultimate unique classes only. **Ingrid's canon class line is the Pegasus one but as I do not generally use her I do not know if she keeps her timeskip design as a Falcon Knight. Since Cyril reverts to default class design as a Wyver Lord, I presume the same is for Ingrid and unless proven otherwise, for purposes of this thread she's a Pegasus Knight. ***Since Dorothea is the only one with a unique Dancer outfit, for the purposes of this thread I'd consider that her canon class but as Warlock also fits the bill you can consider her as starting with either one or both.
  3. Hey guys, I just made this just to past time. If your favorite character attends the Officer's Academy, what would be their strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents? (planned class line optional: please use confirmed class only, you may edit later). Classes confirmed: https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/pre-release/classes/ Let me start with my favorite Characters: Ruby Rose Strengths - Lance, Faith (yay for friendship) Weakness - Fighting (due to her over reliance of weapons) Hidden Talent - Reason (because Spoilers) Personal Skill - Adept or (+4 spd when under 50% HP) Commoner -> Soldier -> Mercenary/Pegasus Knight -> Swordmaster -> Falcon Knight Weiss Schnee Strengths - Sword, Reason Weakness - Heavy Armor Hidden Talent - Flying Personal Skill - Reinforcements Noble -> Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Mortal Savant Blake Belladonna Strength - Sword, Reason Weakness - Faith Hidden Talent - Faith Personal Skill - Resolve Noble -> Myrmidon -> Thief -> Assassin Yang Xiaolong Strength - Fighting, Heavy Armor Weakness - Reason Hidden Talent - Reason Personal Skill - Vengeance Commoner -> Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior
  4. Hello Serenes. Today, I'd like to try to find the answer to a question almost as timeless as mankind itself. From the moment man started to fashion fur capes and grass skirts, the question that always occupied their minds and drove culture and society forward was this: "Who wore it best?" Now, in our modern, technical age, we have the power to reach out and discover the truth. In this thread I'd like to see everyone's opinions on the best recipients for the different accessories. After a period of three days, I'll count all the votes and record the top 3 candidates for a given accessory. Who will be FEH's next top model? Current Selection: Yellow Ducky, Hand Towel, Askran Hairpin, Swim Goggles, Spring Bunny Hat Winners of Past Rounds Round 1
  5. IS has asked you to design a game. They want this new game to take the very best things from each game in order to create something that all fans can enjoy. So, what will you put into this new game? The catch is, you can only take ONE story element and ONE gameplay element from each title you've played. It doesn't have to be the first instance such a thing has occurred in the series. Assume each element would be done well, even if the source game didn't do it so well. Here is what I'd put into a new game FE6: DRAGONS. Support conversations. FE7: Multiple character/story arcs. Light/Dark/Anima magic. FE8: A nuanced villain. Branching promotions. FE9: World building. Base conversations. FE10: Multiple perspectives and opinions on a conflict. Variety of victory conditions. FE13: Multiple protagonists. Class skills FE14: A story with multiple routes. Attack/Guard stance. FE15: Use characters and the setting to explore different themes. Forging. Heroes: This has a story? Some skills such as Obstruct and the Raven tome series. I've played FE11 but I can't remember it well enough to comment...
  6. I've been hearing other people lamenting not getting the characters they wanted while their focus was around. But what if you could choose your own focus? I'm imagining a system that would help people getting those characters they missed without making it TOO easy to get everything you want. The way I'd set it up is that you would select 4 characters, 1 from each color. You would be able to pull from this focus as much as you like BUT, after you pull a focus character, the focus is closed for 30 days. Who would you put into a custom focus? For me I would do: Red: Eldigan - I like my horses and while Ursula destroys most things, she by herself can't solo a map without support, particularly if there are tough greens around. Eligan has a cool unique weapon and natural Fury, so that's nice. Blue: M!Robin - As much as the heart yearns for Ninian, my non-horse teams need a strong Blue caster. TA also makes him a strong counter to most colorless units as well. Green: Minerva - I'd like to build a flier team and green is the last color I don't have a 5* in. Minerva hits hard but unlike her brother, she is fast as well. Hector could also easily be a top pick. Colorless: Priscilla - This is just a personal choice. I don't have any characters in this category that I simply must have (besides maybe Takumi) but I love her artwork and mounted healers are pretty good for training units and other non-arena stuff. I don't think the devs would ever do this but it's fun to think about.
  7. And would there be any notable differences or divergences between you and the archetype of your choice? So, I actually think I'd want to be of the Jagen archetype. I'd be the promoted crutch you rely on at the beginning of the game, do the damage needed so that the other units could finish off enemies, yadda yadda. I'd have a mount and have reasonable defenses for the beginning so I don't easily get killed. Unlike the other Jagens, the base class of my promoted class is a dark magic user, and the promoted class is a mounted hybrid fighter/caster, though I have higher ranks in spellcasting. Early on, the stats and the weapons given to me will make me a reasonably effective hybrid character that will deal good damage to enemies at the beginning, but the only weapons I have are the weakest ranked ones of the types that I can use. In terms of starting bases, there's some anomalies: My internal level let's me gain experience according to a Lv. 11 character (with my actual level being Lv. 1) though that still guarantees that I won't gain much experience from killing mooks. I start with 31 HP, my Strength and Magic are rather high, Skill is abnormally high (though the weapons I start with except for my trump weapon can't crit so this only ensures that I have very good hit and be guaranteed to weaken units), and my Speed is high enough that I am not gonna get doubled by earlygame enemies, but low enough that I'd only double mooks of the slowest classes (and this also ensures that I'm not doubling and KOing mooks in the earlygame), which makes it very low for a Lv. 11 character. Luck is decent for a Lv. 11 character, Defense is good for a lv. 11 character, and Resistance is decent for a lv. 11 caster. Growths are somewhat interesting: Due to my internal level, my actual level cap has been raised so that I can reach up to Lv. 30. The HP growth is high enough that I'll end up with a decent amount of HP on average. Assuming I hit my averages, I'll end up with rather low Strength for a max level character at endgame. My Magic growth is higher than my Strength growth, but assuming I hit my averages again, I'll end up with somewhat low Magic at endgame too. My Skill growth is, like my starting Skill, abnormally high, and it's a stat that will be just about guaranteed to max out at endgame when I reach my late levels. My Speed growth, compared to my Speed stat, is actually rather decent, if offset by the low starting bases, so my Speed would be relatively low in the endgame, but hitting the averages will ensure that I can avoid being doubled by slow-to-average speed units up to at least the endpoints of the midgame. My Defence growth is also high enough that I will actually have relatively decent Defense at the endgame (though it's best to try to keep me out of range of units carrying extremely high-MT weapons and/or can double, like Berserkers). However, my Luck and Resistance growths are horrible and will ensure a weakness to high-crit weapons and magic by the time you're about to get to the lategame. So early on, I'll take the damage like a sponge and dish it out to put big dents in the enemy, physical or magical. But if you want to take me all the way into the endgame, I am gonna need high-crit- and/or Brave-type magic and/or a damage-increasing Skill-stat activation Skill to ORKO enemies, and likely need to be reclassed into a pure caster class as well. In addition, I'd still have a weakness against magic attacks and high-crit weapons, and would prefer not to be in a situation where I can be doubled. If there is a postgame where you could fully train and max me out, my best builds would likely be ones that boost my critical hit rate to absurd heights (and I'd likely have a personal skill that'd help me at that too). A Skill-stat activation Skill would be helpful as well.
  8. well along with my fe 6 playtrhough i will be making this, there are 3 reasons why i made this in the first place, 1. to test out my screenshots and the quality,(need to restart fe 6 and don't want to play it anyways) 2. to entertain you guys 3. to entertain my self, i also suck at fe 8, even worse than fe 13 lunatic, yeah trying to use archers is not my style, and i will admit i have only played to c5 and it is listed as my favourite fe game because it IS, yeah it is fun, anyways let the fun begin!
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