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Found 7 results

  1. I’m at the post-end part of chapter 5, where you get introduced to fighting the Black beast monster at Chapter 5, and for the first part, I was able to chip down the first shield of the Black beast with my main core team (Cav Dimitri, Theif Female Byleth, Soldier Sylvain, Fighter Dedue and Mage Annette), with the various gambit uses, such as Disturbance, Assualt troop. However, what I find that I have trouble in this trouble is my units dodging the special monster attack (I believe it is called Thorns of Ruins?) that manages to hit Dimitri and F!Byleth the hardest, leaving them with less than half HP and since i only have one healer on my team and I try not to use too much of my physic uses (which is Mercedes and I could only recruit Marianne for this chapter mission, but she only has heal and not physic to heal my frontline team). How can I quickly get rid of the shields of the monsters that are intact, and to chip down the monster’s health when it is dazed before it recovers and the shields regenerates , without overusing my gambit uses or getting Dimitri and Sylvian killed (since they have the monster effectiveness combat arts along with Dedue) and using up all my Divine Pluses? Also, some of my units only have a certain amount of authority level, and there are some units that are in my BL house that haven’t managed to get the required authority level, so not all of my units have gambits that they can safely use in the post-end of chapter 5. Any advice or suggestions on which battalions are best effective against the Black Beast and which gambits should be linked? Please and Thank you. Also, sorry for the long, convoluted explanation. First time playing on hard classic of an FE game.
  2. As the title of this post suggests, I cleared the first chapter of the DLC side story and was able to go to Abyss in the main story timeline, and there was a list displaying exclusive and special weapons (such as Rapier, Levin Sword, etc.) in a place named the Altar shop I believe? Anyways, this might be a dumb question and all, but are you able to use these exclusive special weapons in early game or late game of the main storyline or are those weapons reserved for the side story only? Also, if by chance I am not able to get access to it instantly in the side story DLC, would I need to recruit Constance or Hapi (I forgot which characters you get from which chapter) in order to unlock the Abyss weapon and item shop? Please and Thank you.
  3. Welcome everyone to this small LP of mine! Some of might have seen my PME Thread (where you can also see all the changes) over on the Fates Subforum, and after finally getting all 16 of units, and some asking around, i decided to do a small LP! It won't be a detailed one, but i will try to post pics of my general strategy and of interesting events happening! For this post, i have only a small introduction. I went and edited my units right after the route split. Our Main Character, the Man himself, Kaga! Somehow, in his way to infiltrate IS' games, he became... a fish dragon? What's interesting about this unit is that it has access to 1-5 range attacks and heal, but can't double attack or Attack stance. Can still pair up, though! Although the Bonuses are abysmal, really. Following Kaga in his adventures, his loyal servant disguised herself as a lord! She knows that they've got trouble with how her lord became a fish and all, hence she is going all out with her magical arsenal! This is the start of a chaotic adventure, and i hope as much fun as i will have, you all will be entertained as well! Index: Episode 1 Episode 1x Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Bonus Episode Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Interlude Episode 16 Episode 17 Endgame
  4. Hey Kaga Saga fans! So, I am on Ch.19 of Vestaria Saga and moving onto Ch. 20. I'm playing on the harder difficulty (Orthodox), and I am able to kill the dragon and end the map just as Ravinia arrives. I'm just making sure that its okay to move forward even though she has appeared. Does this ruin any chance of me recruiting her later on? I'm just worried because of the "Conditions will worsen at Turn 40" message. Makes me think that by not completing the map before Turn 40, I am losing my chance of ever recruiting Ravinia. Thanks!
  5. I just checked out Kaga's blog and saw he updated his blog to include the twitter account for vestaria. The latest blog entry here: http://zeeksweb.blog120.fc2.com/blog-entry-175.html (September 15, 2018) https://twitter.com/Ks_vestaria (last tweeted September 9, 2018) and I just signed up just to leave this here as I didn't see anyone else mention it or anything. I just hope we get some more kaga related posts on this fourm as it is the main reason why I decided to sign up today.
  6. So I finished Thracia 776 recently and just started playing Tearring Saga and a trend that the games share is that they will let take an overlook of the map and the enemies, but they will not tell you where your starting position is. When first playing Thracia I thought it was a technical limitation, but as I played more I realized it was a deliberate choice. For those who don't know some chapters in the game will have your units positioned in certain ways to create map scenarios that you have to overcome. A slight spoiler warning ahead and an example is at the end of a certain chapter Leif sends out half of his army to spearhead an attack with him and the rest of his forces following behind after they get some rest. The next chapter begins with you choosing your units and managing their equipment and then the chapter starts with Leif and half his men at the top of the map, the other half in the middle and a huge and expanding enemy force at the bottom. You'll then notice this is an escape chapter (with Leif starting on the escape point) meant to simulate that the advance troops are running back to base away from the enemy. This seems like an easy win if it wasn't for the fact that you didn't know where your units would spawn. The units running from the army of mounted units could all be infantry with you mounts all up at the top. Still too easy? There are thieves and endlessly spawning brigands attacking houses all along the sides of the map out of the way of the escape point making it harder to get back to base. On top of that there is a recruitable unit among the enemy that makes it necessary to engage them if you want the new unit and you'll want them since they come with a leadership star and due to events in the story you could be down one and if you decided not to recruit a certain someone the map before you have technically lost two. I'm bringing this up because I found it interesting that they were able to make such an interesting map premise that works really well in the narrative and put real tactical challenges along the way aside from just really strong enemies. Most of the enemies chasing you down aren't that strong, but the number of them will eventually whittle down you forces unless your careful. At the same time I also found it really annoying to have no idea how my units would spawn or how to optimize my strategy without restarting. Tearring Saga does the same thing so and since Fire Emblem hasn't done this since I'm guessing this is a Kaga thing, hence the name of the topic. So my question is what do you guys think of these types of chapter starts? Do you think they would be fun to implement in another game (I don't know if Berwick or Vestaria Saga have them)? Maybe some suggestions on how to better implement them in a more fair way?
  7. Heyo, new member to serenes and novice game dev here ~ Just wondering if there is any news on a english patch or such for SRPG studio?? Thanks and the lot~
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