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Found 5 results

  1. Description: “One of Ryoma’s retainers, and a ninja of Hoshido. She was given the mission to participate in the spring festival, and she is fulfilling that duty.” Kagero arrives, being the first flying dagger, and has some huge, amazing...stats and skills! Being on of the daggers in the new era of actually offensive daggers, she comes with amazing atk and spd, and even has a little bit of res to boot Super boon in bold, super bane is italics Stats: HP: 36 | Atk: 35 | Spd: 34 | Def:18 | Res: 27 | BST: 149-151 Staring Skills: Weapon: Lethal Carrot+ Special: Glimmer A Slot Skill: Spd/Res Bond 3 B Slot Skill: Live for Honor C Slot Skill: Goad Fliers Hyper Offensive (Optimal Build) Debuffer/Buffer Remake of the Orginal (Arena Assult) Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions of your own
  2. Kagero: Honorable Ninja Though she was once top dog among dagger units (and still is, in a sense... if one counts her Spring incarnation) for her powerful weapon and high Attack as a dagger-wielder, Kagero has long since fallen from relevance in the metagame at large, owing not only to the ever-growing abundance of strong non-infantry units introduced to the game or appearing in arena matches, but also to the introduction of stronger dagger units such as her aforementioned alt, as well as Sothe and New Year Takumi. Though her stat build isn't quite up to snuff in comparison to these newer daggers, she still boasts the second highest Atk of all dagger units, and while this makes her a good dedicated slayer of infantry or mages with certain skill builds, due to the changing shape of the meta those wishing to use her more broadly would be well advised to branch out and build her to strike a wider, more general swath of targets... Level 40 stats: HP: 28 / 31 / 34 Atk: 32 / 35 / 38 Spd: 29 / 32 / 35 Def: 19 / 22 / 25 Res: 24 / 28 / 31 Total: 147 ~ 148 Default skills: Weapon: Poison Dagger+ Assist: -- Special: Reprisal Passive A: Warding Blow 3 Passive B: Daggerbreaker 3 Passive C: -- Classic Ninja (speed-focused / general offense) General use, Arena offense, chain modes Selective Assassin (mage/infantry slayer) Challenge maps / specific PvE
  3. There are a couple of ninja's in Fates as of right now and there are tons of ways of making an army of ninja's. However, out of the 4 base ninja's, which do you think is the best and is your favorite overall. I have got to cast my vote towards Saizo!
  4. Ok then, some might remember that a while ago I started a series of threads in which we would discuss a certain character from Fire Emblem Fates, decided by a poll. That failed miserably, but now, it seems like the perfect time for it to make it's return, in Season 2! As a note, it's possible that characters who were previously covered may be coming back, for completion, as I hope that one day we might have a thread for each character in the games. This week, to kick it off, we have the female ninja, the retainer of the high prince of Hoshido, Ryoma, and the winner for the best bust in Hoshido, Kagero! As a note, this is the only week that I will choose a character, each week after this a poll will decide the next topic, and as it was before, each week will have a character of the opposite sex as the week before, eg. In the poll for Week 2, since Week 1 was Kagero, all options in the poll will be male, and then the week after that it will be back to a female. Anyway, let's look at Kagero's... well everything. Class Sets: ---------------- Base Class Sets: Ninja, Diviner Marriage Class Sets: *Male Avatar's Talent*(Corrin), Troubadour(Jakob), Samurai(Kaze, Saizo, Hinata, Ryoma), Sky Knight(Subaki), Cavalier(Silas), Shrine Maiden(Azama), *Nothing*(Hayato, Kaden), Archer(Takumi) Buddy Class Sets: Oni Savage(Rinkah), *Nothing*(Orochi), Archer(Setsuna) Personal Skill: Shuriken Mastery- When Kagero receives damage from a Dagger attack, the enemy receives half the same damage and the Daggers stat reduction effect Base Growth Rates: -------------- HP: 30% Str: 65% Mag: 0% Skill: 20% Speed: 50% Luck: 30% Def: 25% Res: 40% Max Cap Modifiers: -------------- Str: +3 Mag: / Skill: -1 Speed: -1 Luck: / Def: -1 Res: 1
  5. Hello I have a question regarding re-classing. My plan is for Orochi: 1. Level up to 20 2. Master Seal to Onmyogi 2. Friendship Seal with Kagero to reclass to Ninja 3. Level up 4. Heart Seal (?) to Diviner This is so I could somehow make up for Orochi's really low speed. Is this even possible?
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