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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Today I'm thinking of why should I ever use Kaze when Jakob has way more utility, damage, skill access, pair up bonuses for Corrin, doesn't need Rinkah's support just to have a decent strength, has natural access to a mirror healing skill, tomebreaker to completely shit on tome users, base 6 movement, no movement restriction on desert tiles, better stat distribution including caps (dat -2 str mod really destroys Kaze forever in my book)...and he has 2 more levels to grow out of his bases (with better base strength and def than Kaze and a royal lead in luck at any point in the game), his major problem, speed, being solved by fixing a shuriken instead of a dagger on him and alternating between healing and debuffing/Killing to level up, while Kaze has only access to combat exp. What are your arguments in favor of Jakob or Kaze? Outside from Poison strike, which I already know of, is good, but better used by other units who can actually damage all the ennemy types, not only mages. This is an all routes contest, even if Jakob is the clear winner in revelations due to being overlevelled thanks to several more chapters of utility duty before Kaze joins/rejoins. I should add that in Rev I just put base Jakob with +hp/-res Corrin as his C-support backpack and he solo'd ch7 at base with an iron shuriken>steel shuriken, going the Northern path first to grab Gunter for the Western path, used Gunter instead of MU as Jakob's backpack (my Jakob has15 str and 18 spd instead of 12-13/14-15 at level 12 after this, but got -1 def and -2 HP), without any tonic other than the free HP tonic given in the opening maps. all this while keeping him as a butler, AKA one of the weakest physical classes in the game, both offensively and defensively (25 HP 9 def at level 12 ain't anything special, even the supposed 26.5/10 ain't very good). PEMN, but being able to do this from level 1 should mean something still, especially when you fight ninjas on about every portion of the map on top of cavaliers/archers/fighters/lance fighters/Knights and a few samurais who are totally not a problem.
  2. I’m thinking about replaying Birthright on Lunatic mode. My class will be samurai, and I’m considering S supporting either Takumi or Kaze this run. My bane will be magic, but I don’t know whether to choose my boon as +STR or +SPD. I was considering a +SKL boon as well for proc crit esteem, but I’m more so focused on a physically offensive unit this round (though I know Midori benefits from a luck and strength growth and Kiragi benefits from speed in my favor). Which boon (strength or speed) would be more optimal in my case?
  3. So I found this Midori build searching for Kaze builds. It is so broken, that I'm actually in doubt that it's possible. https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73430946 The gist of it is that Midori can have a 100% chance to activate Miracle, with extremely high skill activation rates. She utilizes Vantage and Sol as well, so that makes her even more broken. The math makes total sense, but I'm wondering if it got patched or fixed or something. I'm trying to optimize every unit in my upcoming Lunatic-Classic Revelation run, and this Midori could be my MVP. If this is still possible, could someone please let me know? Thanks.
  4. There are a couple of ninja's in Fates as of right now and there are tons of ways of making an army of ninja's. However, out of the 4 base ninja's, which do you think is the best and is your favorite overall. I have got to cast my vote towards Saizo!
  5. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Suzie- I mean Kaze from Fire Emblem Fates and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process Who is the unit: So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. But there is one thing I also want to cover with Kaze...There are 3 ninjas on the Hoshido route. 3!!!! So, how do I know which one to use. For now, I'll give the short answer Saizou: DEATH EVERYWHERE! Kaze: The speedy tank Kageroi...Kagerou?: Glass cannon Growth rates: HP, 55-STR, 40-MAG, 0 :(-SKL, 45-SPD, 65-LCK, 20-DEF, 20-RES, 35 *Starting class* Class set: *Ninja* -> Elite ninja or Puppeteer Samurai-> Trueblade or Weapon master So, what class to use? Now I actually haven't experienced Fates yet, but from what I see your best options are Trueblade or Elite ninja. For the sake of this discussion we are going to build an Elite ninja Kaze. Personal Skill: Prayer of Bonds; When the user is the support unit, the lead unit has a <insert your luck stat here>% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP. Essentially, Kaze can give anyone a free miracle, which makes this a very good skill. Couple that with the fact that he is a tank, have him supporting his spouse, and this can be kind of broken. All obtainable skills: Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Strength seal, Line of death, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Lethality, Kunaifaire, Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use in Kaze (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5.Snake venom- When the user triggers the battle, the enemy's HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. If the enemy has renewal or a healer has fortify then this is useless. That is not to say it is a bad skill, it sort of helps Kunais out a little 4.Line of Death- During battles, both damage and damage received +10 I really don't like this skill on Kaze. I get he is suppose to be a tank, but defense doesn't nullify this. He needs to be able to one shot his opponent, something hard to pull of with him unless he gets a crit. 3.Flowing Strike- When the user triggers the battle, avoid +30. Ok...so what if Kaze one shots the opponent...What if the opponent can't counter-attack, like if it's and archer or someone helpless to Kunais? 2.Copycat puppet- Creates a clone of the user once per map with the use of the "Copycat" command. Only useful if he is a puppeteer, this is an Elite ninja build. 1.Locktouch-User doesn't need keys to open doors and chests. Streetpass team...no chests in My Castle...This is useless. Do's 5.Lethality-Chance of instantly killing an opponent, based on skill x 0.25%. Insta death is good in my book. Saizou makes better use of this skill, but come on, IT'S INSTA DEATH! 4.Vantage-If the user is under half HP, they attack first. Hey, this is great for Kaze, give him a brave sword and he might as well start wrecking stuff 3.Puppet break-The users attacks are super effective against puppets. Coverage is all I have to say. 2.Astra-Based on skill x 0.5%, chance of triggering 5 consecutive hits at half damage. If all hit connect, Kaze will do 2.5x his original damage. Nuff said 1.Kunaifaire-Damage +5 if the user is equipped with a kunai. Yay! Stronger kunai! This will actually make his main weapon useful! So their you have it. Building a good competitive Kaze as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and Kaze might as well be the next Lon'qu.
  6. Kaze. A Hoshidan ninja. In stark contrast to his older twin brother, Saizou, he’s a composed and polite young man. He firmly believes in choosing his own master and is strongly loyal, even going as far to sacrifice his own life. The most popular amongst the army. [spoiler=Marriage/Buddy Seals] Spoiler (Marriage/Buddy Seals) A Marriage/Buddy seal allows a unit to reclass into one of the select class trees of his spouse (S support) or buddy (A+ support). A unit may only achieve an S support with units of the opposite gender (exc. Kamui, Syalla, Zero), and may only achieve an A+ support with units of the same gender. (The credit for the following information goes to Gayserbeam, as I copied the wording of his explanation. Check out the Class Changing and Inheritance Thread for more information. If the users Primary Class is different than their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, even if the user has that class as a Secondary Class already. If the users Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class. If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class.An unlearnable class is a class that may be unique to a character or their children. The following units have unlearnable classes: Nishiki (Fox Spirit), Flannel (Garou), Azura (Singer), Mozume (Villager). If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, and their Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Substitute Class. A Substitute Class is simply a select class a character with an unlearnable class passes down under certain circumstances. The following units have Substitute Classes: Nishiki (Herb Merchant), Flannel (Outlaw), Azura (Rod Knight), Mozume (Herb Merchant). If you're still confused, let me use Kaze as an example to try and clarify matters! Kaze/Rinkah: Kaze's Primary Class is Ninja, and Rinkah's is Oni Savage. Therefore, Kaze would Marriage Seal into Oni Savage.Kaze/Hana: Kaze's Primary Class is Ninja, and Hana's is Samurai. Therefore, Kaze would Marriage Seal into Samurai. As Kaze's Secondary Class is Samurai, he would not receive a new class tree from Hana. Kaze/Kagerou: Kaze's Primary Class is Cavalier, and Kagerou's is Cavalier. Therefore, Kaze would Marriage Seal into Kagerou's Secondary Class-- Spellcaster. Kaze/Azura: As Azura's Primary Class is Singer, an unlearnable class, Kaze would Marriage Seal into her Secondary Class-- Pegasus Warrior. Kaze/Ninja!Avatar: Avatar's Primary Class is Nohr Princess, an unlearnable class. Kaze's Primary Class is Ninja, and Avatar's Secondary Class is Ninja. Therefore, Kaze would Marriage Seal into his Substitute Class-- Knight. [spoiler=Possible Classes] Classes in red are ones Kaze can only achieve in either the Hoshido or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in black are ones Kaze can only achieve in either the Nohr or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in blue are ones Kaze can achieve in the all campaigns. Base Classes (8H, 7N, 15T) Bowman Cavalier Dark Mage Fighter Knight Lance Fighter Mercenary Ninja Oni Savage Pegasus Warrior Priest Rod Knight Samurai Spellcaster Wyvern Rider Promoted Classes (14H, 9N, 25T) Basara Berserker Blacksmith Bow Knight Brave Hero Butler Dark Knight Exorcist Falcon Warrior General Golden-Kite Warrior Great Knight Holy Bowman Holy Lancer Jonin Mountain Priest Paladin Puppeteer Revenant Knight Shura Sorcerer Strategist Trueblade Weapon Master Wyvern Lord [spoiler=Expansion of Possible Classes] Primary Base Class: Ninja Primary Promoted Classes: Jonin, Puppeteer Secondary Base Class: Samurai Secondary Promoted Classes: Trueblade, Weapon Master Marriage Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the spouses. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Hana: n/a Hinoka: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Kagerou: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist Oboro: Lance Fighter -> Basara, Holy Lancer Orochi: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist Rinka: Oni Savage -> Blacksmith, Shura Sakura: Priest -> Exorcist, Mountain Priest Setsuna: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman ​ Belka: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Camilla: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Charlotte: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Effie: Knight -> General, Great Knight Elise: Rod Knight -> Butler, Strategist Luna: Mercenary -> Bow Knight, Brave Hero Nyx: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer Pieri: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin ​ Azura: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Felicia: Rod Knight -> Butler, Strategist Mozume: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman Buddy Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the buddies. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Saizou: n/a Xander: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Silas: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin [spoiler=Notice] In the previous optional poll, Lazward placed 2nd and Setsuna and Effie tied at 3rd (technically 3.5th). Therefore, Lazward would get 3 votes and Setsuna and Effie will get 1 vote each. Ryoma only received one vote while Flannel received none. So Ryoma and Flannel will be out for 2 polls (returns poll 19). Jakob and Subaki has been added back to the poll. if it is demonstrated again is that the forum is not interested in them: Subaki will be out for 4 polls (poll 22); Jakob will be out for 8 polls (poll 26). Belka has been added to the poll Note: If you plan to go through multiple classes, vote for the Final/Endgame class (except for preference, vote for whatcha like). Due to the limit of questions allowed to be posted. DLC poll will be temporarily out. ​ [spoiler=Possible Skills] Personal Skill: Miraculous Save: When user is the support unit, the lead unit has a Luck% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP Skills are organized alphabetically based on the classes. Within the classes, skills are listed in the order of achievement (e.g. a GK earns Luna at Lvl. 5 and Diamond Strike at Lvl. 15, so Luna is listed before Diamond Strike). Base class skills are listed before promoted class skills. Descriptions of skills Sakura can acquire through her primary and secondary class trees are listed below. Descriptions of all the skills are located on the skills pages. Base Classes Skills Bowman: Skill +2, Prescient Victory Cavalier: Open Assault, Rescue Dark Mage: Bind, Devilish Wind Fighter: HP +5, Roundhouse Knight: Defense +2, Confined Defense Lance Fighter: Defence Seal, Substitute Mercenary: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance Ninja: Locktouch, Snake Venom Oni Savage: Resistance Seal, Shove Pegasus Warrior: Swallow Strike, Eastern Heart Priest: Miracle, Rally Luck Rod Knight: Resistance +2, Distinguished Son Samurai: Flowing Strike Vantage Spellcaster: Magic +2, Fortune Wyvern Rider: Strength +2, Cut Through Promoted Classes Skills Basara: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant Berserker: Rally Strength, Axefaire Blacksmith: Smithy Skill, Lancebreaker Bow Knight: Rally Skill, Kunaibreaker Brave Hero: Sol, Axebreaker Butler: Servant's Joy, Tomebreaker Dark Knight: Magic Seal, Lifetaker Exorcist: Rally Magic, Tomefaire Falcon Warrior: Rally Speed, Mirror Strike General: Defensive Formation, Pavise Golden-Kite Warrior: Soar, Sun God Great Knight: Luna, Diamond Strike Holy Bowman: Raven Strike, Bowfaire Holy Lancer: Speed Seal, Lancefaire Jonin: Lethality, Kunaifaire Mountain Priest: Renewal, Magic Counter Paladin: Defender, Aegis Puppeteer: Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet Revenant Knight: Deadly Breath, Overbearing Shura: Ogre Strike, Counter Sorcerer: Vengeance, Bowbreaker Strategist: Rally Resistance, Battle Command Trueblade: Astra, Swordfaire Weapon Master: Strength Seal, Line of Death Wyvern Lord: Rally Defence, Swordbreaker Locktouch: User can open doors and chests without requiring keys Snake Venom: When user triggers the battle, the enemy’s HP is reduced by 20% after the battle Lethality: Skill x 0.25% chance of instantly defeating the enemy when dealing 1 or more damage Kunaifaire: When user is equipped with a Kunai, damage +5 during battle Puppet Break: Attacks are effective against Puppeteers, Puppets and Golems Copycat Puppet: Select the Copycat command once per map to create a puppet with the same appearance, stats, inventory and HP as the user (Anything that happens to the puppet happens to the user and vice versa even death) Flowing Strike: When user triggers the battle, Avoid +30 Vantage: At the start of battle, when the user has under half HP, they attack first Astra: Skill x 0.5% chance of triggering 5 consecutive hits with half damage Swordfaire: When user is equipped with a Sword, damage +5 during battle Strength Seal: After battle, enemy’s Strength -6 Line of Death: During battles, damage +10, damage received +10 For more info about stats and growths, please go to http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/ [spoiler=Summary] Optimal 1. Jonin [80.65%] 2. Trueblade [9.68%] 3. n/a Practical (Hoshido) 1. Jonin [87.10%] 2. Puppeteer [6.45%] 3. Trueblade [3.23%] Practical (Nohr) 1. Jonin [87.10%] 2.5 Puppeteer [6.45%] 2.5 Trueblade [6.45%] Preferred 1. Jonin [80.65%] 2. Trueblade [6.45%] 3. n/a Optional Poll 1. Lazward [12.90%](4+3 votes) 2. Nishiki [19.35%](6 votes) 3. Rinkah [12.90%](4 votes) Next poll, we will be dancing with Lazward.
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