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Found 6 results

  1. Long time no see, my good friend KH. This time with Monster's Inc! Followed by an additional trailer that features the new theme song Lastly, an official release date is to be announced at this year's E3. Stay tuned!
  2. So, last night was Square's TGS press conference, and yeah. It will come to PS4 in 2016 (pretty much confirming that KHIII won't come until 2017). It will include 3D, the epilogue of Birth By Sleep (that actually looks REALLY GOOD, visually), and a video of unknown length entitled "X back cover", which will explain the lore while tying X to the the series better (AKA, something that I'll just watch when Everglow or somebody else uploads it to youtube). ...So, the title probably tells you my opinion on this. The name sounds like it's trying way too hard to be cool and makes me wonder why they changed it from simply 2.9. Plus, there's the not-so-tiny fact that they announced KHIII on Xbox One as well. Since porting costs between systems are the lowest they've been, I don't see the reasoning here. So, I don't see this selling much; it's only got one game remaster that was released on the most popular system this generation, and all the other stuff will be quickly uploaded to youtube once released. So, yeah. Really don't care much for this.
  3. Actually i.. anyways they hinted this in the 1.5 credits after all. Edit: Will Include Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts II BBS and KH2 will be in their final mix versions.
  4. Not sure if anyone has played Kingdom Hearts here (Other then the nobodies in the IP Chat) but if you have, Who's your favourite member of Organization XIII? Mine would be Demyx, Roxas, Axel, Xigbar, Xion and Xemnas But my favourite would probably be Roxas. BONUS: Favourite trio in KH. My Answer:
  5. So, I just got KH1.5 from my dad we had this religious thingy over the weekend so he forgot to give it to me but i wouldn't have been able to open it anyways so oh well But he just gave it to me, and I'm about to open it! Then my mom's going to bring KFC apparently, and I can fully enjoy Kingdom Hearts FULLY
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