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Found 3 results

  1. Well, I decided to start this. Just last Christmas I bought Crusader Kings II, and pretty much almost all of its DLC. So, like with the cancelled Victoria II LP before it, I figured, why not narrate a playthrough? This shall be fun. On the time this thread was made, I owned almost all of the DLC that has been released at the time (Monk and Mystics was still as TBR), but I figured better to start now than to wait. Only DLC I was missing was a few music packs and the ebooks, so nothing that changed the gameplay. For this playthrough, I'm starting with the earliest start date (769AD), and choosing the Kingdom of Asturias. My main goals are these: Reenact the Reconquista, and expell the Muslims from Iberia. Form the Empire of Hispania. I'll also try to aim for some optional secondary goals in mind: Expand into North Africa. Obtain a high enough end score to beat the highest in-game records. And a wild goal unlikely to really be reached (maybe): Reform the Roman Empire. I'm starting right away with my next post being the first update. So anyone reading this before that happens, please refrain from posting until that first update is made. Thank you. So, when creating a new game, there are many settings to establish. I'm mostly with the "Historical" and "Default" options. And avoiding Ironman mode, since I want to manually save, thank you very much. And, oh yes, one main thing: No Sunset Invasion! Seriously, I'm all for going ahistorical in these kind of games... but an Aztec/Nahua invasion of Medieval Europe? Nope, the line must be drawn here! This far, no further! The game has a lots of mechanics, and I'll try my best to explain in the narrative as they become relevant. For anything I miss or don't explain right away, feel free to look it up or ask me and I'll explain. Anyway, this initial post will also host a table of contents with links to the respective posts. So without delay... let's begin, shall we? Table of Contents
  2. THEY CHANGED HER COMBAT ANIMATIONS AND I DON'T KNOW IF I LIKE IT OR NOT. For example if she is the support unit in attack stance she will attack but she does not approach the enemy and the animation just looks glitchy and weird. IS WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MY BEAUTIFUL HALBERDIER EQUIVALENT! :(
  3. FIRE EMBLEM Twilight Kingdom Hello everyone, I want to show you a new project idea. I think it's good and you will like it. (Sorry for any grammatical or ortographical mistake, English is not my native language). Story Thousands of years ago, in our world coexisted two races: humans and naari. Naari used an extrange fighting art named magic. Therefore started a great war named the Magic War. Humans won, so they banished the naari to another world. 2300 years later, the Kingdom of Renoll, until then small and poor, suffered a civil war and the rebel leader, Txaz, was named Emperor. He started to conquest countries, successfully. The Kingdom of Imyd, in the northwest, supported him, like the Kingdom of Lalsen, in the east, did. Imyd supported Renoll until the King Dansen of Imyd died in strange circumstances in his camp. The prince Leiss, seeking revenge, broke the pact with Renoll and founded the Alliance (alongside the Kingdoms of Amuld and Nird and the Republic of the Twin Rivers) against Renoll and Lalsen. Four years later... The game will tell the story of Armyn, an apprentice knight, with the objective of return peace to the world. And also he will have to fight against the secret weapon of Renoll's Emperor, warriors enhaced with naari power, while he discovers the truth about his past. What do you think? Will it be an interesting game? (Leave a comment, please) Sadly, if I want to do it I will probably need some help, especially with sprites and maps, they are not my strong point. If you want to help, I will be very grateful Thanks for reading!
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