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Found 6 results

  1. Kirby will turn 30 next year. I know it's a bit early, but we can already make our thoughts what HAL is going to give us and release for this event. I expect something similar to Mario's 35th birthday last year that a few past games will be remastered for the Switch. I think the best candidates are: Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards Kirby's Return To Dreamland Kirby's Air Ride If games will be remastered I'm highly sure 64 will be one of them since it's pretty much the pendant to Mario 64. The first kinda Kirby 3D, to be honest 2.25 D game. Many new fans don't have a Nintendo 64, so it'd be only fair to give them a chance to play this game on a more recent console. Kirby's Return To Dreamland is the first game of the new - and still today most recent era. Objectively it's the best classic Kirby game, not only because of the 4 player mode. If this gets a remaster, there would be the opportunity to add an online mode. It was already a missed opportunity Star Allies didn't have that. Air Ride was pretty much a filler pick to have as many titles as Mario got last year. It's not a classic title, but it's pretty popular and another title hard to be purchased for new Kirby fans today. For being a Gamecube game it would be the pendant to Mario Sunshine, so identical to Mario's 35th a N64, Gamecube and Wii game would be remastered. Aside of games I hope for more merchandise will be added like relasing dolls or figures of the Mage Sisters, Hyness and Elline. Honestly I'm quite excited for this already. You can post what you hope and expect from this anniversary. Edit: I made two polls. Some classic games like Dreamland 3 aren't mentioned since they technically exist already in Nintendo Switch Online.
  2. I know we have seen king dedede have his game but what if meta knight got his own game well this topic could be for ideas of his game I'm guessing that meta knight would have an fighting/rpg game where you could play as meta knight and maybe the 2nd player could be one of the meta knights idk but I would like to hear your ideas.
  3. As some of you guys know I want kirby in MK but is still not in why nintendo WHY?! sorry I had to refence to the kirby games saying WHY?! any ways vote on the poll saying yes or saying no
  4. Like the topic said which copy power for kirby is the best. To be honest my top 3 are parsol Mic and smash So what are your picks
  5. This is the topic for the pink cute and badass puffball and his friends! The Kirby series exist over 20 years is probably behind Mario and Donkey Kong the third most important franchise of platformers. There´s no way not to like him! So he deserves an own thread on SF! You can discuss about everything you want: - your favourite game in the series - your favourite power ability - your favourite "Dedede´s theme" - your favourite song - or maybe about the new Kirby game "Triple Deluxe", which will be released the 2th May in the US and the 16th May in the EU. I have watched a part of a LP and it looked great! It looks similar to KRTD, but with some new features. Especially the 3D effect is used very well. But I do not want to spoiler that much! I live in the EU, so I ordered a JP import, because I cannot wait this long time.
  6. Might as well pump out the last few franchises, just to round everything out. Veterans: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede Possible Newcomers: Bandana Dee, Prince Fluff, Gooey
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