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Found 1 result

  1. Power ups can be a gameplay mechanic kind of like how hyrule warriors had the items from legend of zelda games. Anyway here's my roster ideas. Mario: cappy Luigi: poltergust Peach: parasol, hearts, and emotions Daisy: flower/crystal power Rosalina: wand and lumas Pauline: mini toys and music Captain Toad: pick axe, turnips, and spores Toadette: pick axe, acorns(works like toad's turnips), and super crown Toadsworth: cane and toadsworth twist Yoshi: eggs, tongue, and wings Birdo: shoots eggs, bombs, and fireballs Queen Bee: honey bucket, honey combs, and stinger Sprixie princess: hammer and wrench bells they all used to create the rocket from 3D world Donkey Kong: punches, headbutts, grabs, and barrels Diddy Kong: tail and peanut popgun Dixie Kong: ponytail and gumball popgun Funky Kong: surf board and barrel blast Geno: arm gun Mallow: weather attacks Piantissimo: fruit/pepper toss and dashing E. Gadd: super poltergust 3001 Nabbit: sack Princess shokora: attacking in her cursed forms Wario: motorcycle, farting, and warioman Waluigi: dancing and tennis Ashley: red Bowser: fire breath, clawing, and tail smack Bowser jr: clown car Kamek: wand King Boo: dark moon jeweled crown Petey piranha: cages King K. Rool: blunderbuss kannonballs and belly Fawful: vacuum headgear and fawful blaster Vivian: teleportation and her fire attacks Shadow queen: shadow hands and dark energy Count bleck: scepter and chaos heart
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