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Found 3 results

  1. I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  2. Just thought I'd ask this question. Of all the games to feature a playable "avatar", which "avatar" do you like best, for any reason you might have?
  3. Well, a thought occured to me today (it happens a lot) that maybe Robin,Mark, and Kris are all related by blood. Basically, FE7's tactician Mark's children lead to FE12's my unit Kris, whose Children lead to FE13's Robin. My only real basis for this theroy is Lyn's DLC convo in Smash Bretheren 3.Obvious reference is obvious. So if there is any real contradictions here, I would like to know. Also, I know Elibe and Archenea are possibly differnt worlds, but Awakening proved travel between worlds is possible in FE.
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