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Found 3 results

  1. Whats the deal with the nerf to the Sol Lance and Gradivus? In Fire Emblem Gaiden, Sol had 20 might and 2 weight, while Gradivus had 15 might and 0 weight. In Echoes, Sol has 15 might, the same as the thunder sword, and 4 weight. While Gradivus has 12 might and 5 weight. So Sol lost 5 might and was given 2 extra points in speed reduction. While Gradivus lost 3 might and gained 5 points in speed reduction. This change can’t for balance because Astra still gives 50% critical along with 100% accuracy and giving Astra as a skill, thus allowing you to do 5 hits with a 50% critical increase which is basically instadeath to almost anything. By contrast, Solar Thrust can’t even double attack or counter.
  2. Since the villager class is most likely returning in fire emblem switch (and the rest of the future titles), what weapon do you think they should use going forward in the series? Swords and Lances are both weapons that the villagers have used, but what about axes? I want to see what you think about this. I think that lances fit them the best, but that's just me.
  3. To explain this: Caeda has uses Lances as her main weapon for decades, virtually all her official artwork depicts her with a Lance, she has the Wing Spear, a unique spear only she can use, and in all but one game she is not able to use Swords at base. Even in the one game where she could use swords at base, her map sprites depicted her with a Lance. So with all these things why does Fire Embelm heroes, against all logic, make Caeda use Swords? Its not as if the game is lacking sword users, there are tons of them! To a lesser extent this applies to Draug too who hasn't had the ability to use Swords since the NES original.
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