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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. You may know me for the FE3 Translation update I made, or less likely, one of the previous screenshot LPs I've done. Recently I had two very silly ideas: I should try to beat FE3 using only mounted/horse units! I should livestream my playthrough! And thus, here I am. The streams can be found on my Twitch channel here(Including a recording of my first stream of Chapters 1-1 to 1-5). I plan on doing weekly steams every Saturday, but I'm still working out the best timeframe to maximize what interested parties can watch it live. Rules of the playthrough: Only units that either can mount to a horse or promote to a class that mounts to a horse can be used for most activities. Allowed classes: Cavaliers, Paladins, Hunters, Horseman, and Freelancer(only when transformed). Non-allowed units can perform the following activities: Recruiting other units. Marth is allowed to visit villages and seize gates/thrones. In certain chapters, I will let some non-allowed units see combat where it would be impractical to avoid it. For example: 1-10, 2-4, and 2-7. Other Questions: Is this Book1/Book2 only, or will you play both? I will play both. Will you aim for Book 2's best ending? I would lean towards yes, but will make a decision for sure when I get to Book 2. Will you be doing full recruitment? Yes, since according to the poll that's what most people want to see. Why FE3? Because it's my favorite FE, and also I think it has enough quirks/challenges that emerge from only using horse units to make it interesting. Will you play other games? Possibly, if this turns out to be popular enough to continue it. I'll allow suggestions, but I'll only play another game if I feel it also has some quirk that makes the challenge interesting. This is my first time doing a regular stream, so it will be a learning experience for me. Hopefully y'all enjoy it!.
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