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Found 4 results

  1. I know that Fire Emblems legendary weapons aren't exactly famed for having deep histories, but I'm seriously curious if there is any background or lore for Valentia's supposed legendary weapons: Astra, Sol, and Luna. Unlike other games in the series, where you get the weapons over the course of the story or by filling a side objective, in both the original Gaiden and the remake, the legendary weapons are random drops from enemies that have a ridiculously low chance of spawning, and in Echoes you have to spend a few gold pieces to forge the rusted weapons. The most I could find is an award description in Echoes saying that they are relics from the distant past, and they do have similar designs in Echoes, but other than that I couldn't find anything else about them. It doesn't help that their weapon types and visual design has changed from game to game. So again, I'm curious; Do Astra, Sol, and Luna have any lore or background somewhere, or are they really just as mysterious as their reward says?
  2. Is it required to have every weapon intact to go past chapter 22, or do they just have to be in your posession? Or is it maybe even enough to just have had them at some point?
  3. I was watching some FE6 videos a few days ago and I started thinking: Should Legendary Weapons even have uses? They're the arms of ancient heroes, forged to kill dragons, demons, and gods! If they break and disappear forever after 40 or so attacks, doesn't that undermine their significance in the game's lore?
  4. ... title says it pretty much all. Lately, the trend of FEH is to introduce legendary weapons that have 2 (full) effects instead of 1. Most people assumed that this would only be applicable to the CYL heroes. Now with Genealogy it is pretty evident that they plan to release far more powerful weapons, which aren't even limited to legendary ones. Let's have an example with Tyrfing: Original: Grants Def+4 in battle if unit's HP ≤ 50%. Divine: Grants Res+3. If in combat against foe using magic, unit receives 50% less damage from the first attack. Obviously, the Divine one has a far better effect. But aside from having more effects, the stat boost is equivalent to the same skill at Rank 3 (if they have ranks). In comparision Tyrfing only has Defiant Def 2 without having another effect. But wait, I have something better to show you. Lo and behold, Ayra's blade. Ayra's Blade: Grants Spd+3. If unit's Spd - foe's Spd ≥ 1, gain Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (If similar skill also used, only highest value applied.) Replace the Spd requirement with Atk and you get Heavy Blade ... at full rank. Anyone see the issue here? Sure, you can argue that due to the exclusive nature of these weapons you can't really compare them over another since they're bound to their owner. But you can look at these effects and see that they are ranking quite differently. I'm not saying IS should give all legendary weapons a free stat bonus like they do now. But at least they could give old legendaries their full effect instead of the gimped one. (e.g. Eckesachs having Threaten Def 3 instead of 2, Berkut's Lance giving +6 instead of +4 etc.). Here's a list of weapons which are affected by this issue:
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