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Found 2 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xYSbx-2hlfj0mQHziO91uVeABf_qYgimAfpyim93-NA/edit?usp=drivesdk Feel free to criticize on anything you think for the Alec > Levin argument.
  2. So, I'm on Chapter 5. I've realized that I have to kill Sylvia or I won't get my Levin!Arthur. Basically I can't proceed without Sylvia and Levin falling in love. So I had a few questions about the consequences of this action. - What will it be of things in Sylvia's inventory? I currently have a Slim Sword and a Leg Ring. What will it be of those? Also what of her money? - Will this remove any Love Points there were between her and Claude and her and Levin? Will I then be able of finishing Levin and Tiltyu (I know it shouldn't take more than a few more turns together) (This is especially important because it decides whether I will be able to pair Levin with Tiltyu once Sylvia is dead) - After I've managed Sylvia's inventory for her sacrifice (so taking away her stuff in case it disappears upon her death, because I really want the Leg Ring she has) - After Sylvia is dead, can I safely rush Claude back to Zaxon and have him resurrect her for her dancing utility? I've realized that I won't be able to get Claude's staves unless I give money to Aideen. Should I give them to Aideen or just wait for them to show up in the Second Generation? - Last but not least, who do you recommend I give the Leg Ring and the Pursuit Ring to? I don't know about the Leg Ring, but the original plan for the Pursuit one was to sell it and give it to Jamka once my guys are about to get Meteor'd in the face (aka the First Generation ends). He would pass it down to Lester. The other option was Levin!Arthur, but between Adept, Critical, Wrath and Forseti, he has more than enough ways of killing enemies. Just so you know, my other pairings (Aira/Lex, Lachesis/Beowulf, Fury/Noish, Sylvia/Grim Reaper, Dew/Briggid) all have Pursuit on both children, so that won't be a big issue.
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