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Found 1 result

  1. I was thinking of this for a while for something Fire Emblem Awakening and I did saw a YouTuber Unassuming Venusaur managed to post videos of custom Awakening Same Gender S Support Conversations that gave me an idea for this topic. I know that the next Fire Emblem games after Awakening such as Fates and Three Houses managed to add LGTB support conversation for Corrin and Byleth since both of them are Avatars as well. So if Awakening had LGTB S Support Conversation for both genders of Robin happened, which characters do you think one of the Male and Female Characters do you think will might get the Same Gender S Support Conversation? I still think Tharja might get one since her incarnation Rhajat had one in Fates and she does have an attachment for Robin (Tharja would have to lose Noire since you need a father of Tharja's child), but I don't know which Male Character in Awakening might get one since they don't seemed to be have a lot of Male attachments? I know that in Fates that Male Corrin can't get Female Kana nor Nina if he had S Support with Niles and Female Corrin can't get Male Kana if she had S Support with Rhajat in Fates, that would technically means Robin can't get Morgan if he/she get the same S Support with one of the same gender characters. If I have to pick a male character that would might get a S Support with Male Robin, my guess for one of the male characters might be Lon'qu or Brady. So if your opinion on which male and female characters from Awakening that might can get a Same Gender S Support for Robin, which one do you think might get?
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