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Found 2 results

  1. ... or just Read The Fucking Rules Mafia 2. Whatever works for you. The Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tjAzpr3WP34EbJro5PHYYiPKsn2ay129pOTVjNvZ0Vo/edit [spoiler=Host PM]Reinfleche, you are Reinfleche, Host Rules Master. +A young man with devilish looks and a magnetic personality, you are the longest-running SF Mafia veteran even though you've had some long stretches of inactivity. After the incredibly fair and impeccably well-designed first Read The Fucking Rules Mafia, the citizens of SFMafia have pleaded for the second coming of this brilliant game type. In a display of magnanimous generosity, you have blessed the peasants of the SF Mafia community with the much sought-after sequel it truly deserves, and will rule with just as strong an iron fist as last game. +As the host, you may edit any rule at any point in time without any form of warning. However, you have restricted the implementation of hitman modkills, because they are lame. +Whenever a player breaks the rules, you may respond in the thread by modkilling them, similarly without any form of warning. Regardless of what rule is broken, your punishment is even and brutal. +You are immune to all rules as the host of this game. +You win if this game is amusing enough. For some reason some people thought "know what game needs a follow-up? RTFR 1" so here we are now. This is taking the spot of "joke game" like Everyone is Mafia Mafia because people are tired of those ones, apparently, and as such should not be taken very seriously (since there were a lot of people who didn't get the memo last time). This will not start until Paperblade's EiMM is complete. This game has a gimmick, the gimmick being stated clearly- read the fucking rules. At any time the rules could be mysteriously changed by me, taking effect immediately! The penalty for failure to comply with rules is a modkill, which will happen as soon as I catch it- if you didn't know the rules and did something wrong because of them it's your fault for not reading hard enough, so watch out. As such, the rules will not be revealed until the game begins. There are a secret number of player slots available in this game. To sign up for this game you must do 4 things, because they may be required for the purpose of the setup (or may not be, who knows?) Post in the thread in a way that is a clear indication of signing up PM me a character you would like for your role PM me an alias that you would like to represent you (put these in the same PM) Join #sforestmafia on IRC (read the HQ) and notify me there of your signup (if I'm not on, PM me a log of you at least trying along with your character/alias) Signups will be randomized if they hit the limit, if there is any limit after all. Players: Manix- Manix, Diamond Dogs Supreme Heterosexual, killed Night 1 CT075- Elieson, Diamond Dogs Family Man, modkilled Day 1 Junko- SB, FOXHOUND Sensational Bahamas Tourist, modkilled Day 1 j00- Wombat, Sons of Liberty Hazubendo, killed Night 1 Euklyd- Prims, Diamond Dogs Vigilante Pro, killed Night 1 Shinori- Snike, Cobra Unit Dramatic Box King, modkilled Day 1 Blitz SB Mitsuki- Mitsuki, Sons of Liberty Spanish Shipper, killed Night 1 Kinumi Elieson- scorri, FOXHOUND Cat Maniac, modkilled Day 1 Belisarius- Shin, FOXHOUND British Villain Wannabe, lynched Day 1 Kay Proto Xinnidy- Refa, Sons of Liberty Refactor, modkilled N1 Baldrick- jalmont, Sons of Liberty Emergency Cop, modkilled Night 0 Paperblade- Haze, Patriot Smooth Criminal, Won Night 0 scorri- Juliette, Hidden Independent SF Mafia All-Star, Won Day 1
  2. As was discussed in the Alm vs Claire thread. Okay, so this is a project I'll be working on over some time to complete FE2 as quickly as I can without too much hassle. There is still a good amount that is unknown in this game so not every detail is really worked out, so I will probably be doing some level of improvising as I go through- this might end up being a trial run, and then I can go back and fix thing afterwards. In a way, Gaiden is probably an easier game to speedrun than most others even with a large information gap- there are far less resources I need to worry about, like lack of money and item durability, and there are no promotion items to speak of. That out of the way, there are a few objectives in this playthrough I will be accomplishing along the way, some for practical reasons, others because I will play this run however I please. Since those are important to know, here they are! 1) Everyone will be recruited, even if they aren't very useful or recruiting them is a pain (Atlas, Dyute). I don't like skipping recruitments, even when extra units will almost certainly be a detriment in certain scenarios, so I will not be doing so. 2) Everyone will be alive at the end of the game. This one is interesting, because there are a few spots where it's possible to revive a unit, and deaths could be used in interesting ways to save turns, but at the same time I'm not sure how much I want to play with this since managing timing for this will be pretty difficult. But if I think of some ways to use revival spots for the betterment of the run I'm not opposed to using them. 3) Every map will be visited at least once, even if it is optional. Same as #1, I don't believe in skipping maps when there aren't any that are super hard to visit or anything. Some maps I will need to visit a few times throughout the game for various reasons. I'm not sure how to handle skirmishes because they're beyond my control right now, but they will be a problem I'll need to address when Chapter 3 comes around- if anyone knows of a good way to manage these I'd really love to know. 4) I want to keep RNG manipulation to a minimum. For one, I only know one way to advance the RNG mid-map (which is visiting the unit list), and it is boring, so it is in part a limitation in practicality. Secondly I don't think strategies that are over-reliant on low chances are the part of this run that is supposed to be interesting. If a low-chance critical hit or level-up or something similar is really needed to help beat a map with a significantly lower turn-count then I will do so, but if it's just saving one turn, I don't think it's worth it. I'll be referring to maps based on the number assigned on Fire Emblem War of Dragons because it's an easy way to maintain a certain level of consistency and I really don't know a better way of sorting them out! I think that's about it. I haven't yet started because I need to get everything adjusted on my new computer but I have started planning out stat benchmarks I want to meet on certain units. I have a good idea for where I want to be on most of Chapter 1, then things start getting trickier. I'll be doing videos for every chapter and maybe some form of commentary, I dunno if people like these quiet or with thoughts on what I'm doing. Anyone who has thoughts on commentary, knows anything involving RNG advancing, anything else that I might find helpful in this playthrough, or really has anything to say about this at all would be appreciated. I'll post again whenever I make some progress. That'll be all for now.
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