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Found 3 results

  1. I'm thinking of buliding a Linus with Basiliskos with life and death effect, fury 3, desperation 3 with a +3 speed seal. It'd bump up his attack to a scary 61 with 44 speed and with the fury 3 penalty linus would activate desperation 3 quicker. On paper this looks to me like a insane offensive unit but the question is, is this is a good idea? I'm not 100% sure.
  2. Most people including myself prefer Lloyd over Linus. Simultaneously, most people including myself prefer Hector over Eliwood. Considering how Lloyd is supposed to be like Eliwood and Linus is supposed to be like Hector, don't you guys find this odd? I think it has to do with how perfect a character is compared to how flawed they are. Of these four, Eliwood is the most "perfect" and Linus is the most flawed. Both Hector and Lloyd are the middle ground and hence resonate more with the audience. All in all, I think balance is the most important thing when writing characters. Also, FE seems to have over competent protagonists in comparison to antagonists. Lloyd is one of the rare antagonists who's shown to be very competent and that's a breath of fresh air. Likewise, since Hector isn't as perfect as most male FE lords, as a result, he too is a breath of fresh air. What are your thoughts on this paradox?
  3. I am planning on creating a mod for Fire Emblem 7 that adds a few more recruitable characters. Though, I do not want to remove any of the other recruitable characters. I was thinking of the following options for starter: Create a chapter/secret chapter that allows the player to prevent Leila death; therefore, recruiting Lelia. Allow the player to recruit either Lloyd or Linus in the Cog of Destiny. In order to integrate these characters into the company, I need to write support conversations. However, Leila is not listed in Nightmare support editor. Is there a way to add her here without messing everything up or removing another character? Anyone have any suggestions? In general, is there a way to add new characters without replacing old ones? Thanks!
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