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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I've experienced something that seems like a bug. After boosting Haitaka (level 16 early promotion to lance master to reclass into fark flyer, get to level 5 and reclass to lance master for seal speed, given him the midori paralogue's herb for +1 everywhere and elite skill then updates Haitaka level 6 lance master in the logbook), I've loaded another save file and even with gold, I couldn't even try to recruit any einherjar/prisoner unit. I was at chapter 15 revelations (I also boosted Haitaka on rev chapter 10 so it was possible) and I tried to diminish my number of units by killing Sakura's sky knight, but I still couldn't recruit anyone. Is it normal or it a bug?
  2. There's an online save editor as WIP which can already duplicate, delete and share units online with other users online. It doesn't need FEAST and duplicating units doesn't wipe out your convoy.
  3. I am trying to figure out why my Einherjar units' prices differ, even though their stats and skill sets appear to be identical. I bought my first two generic Troubadours (Trim) from the shop. I used the Logbook trick to keep them level 1 while maxing their stats, gave them Boots, class changed them to all possible DLC classes, and applied all applicable skill scrolls onto them. Their final price is 73,300G each. I did the same thing for the next pair of Shrine Maidens and their final price is the same at 73,300G. And again for the next pair of Sky Knights and the price is the same. However, when I trained a second pair of Trims again, their final price is 72,500G each. At first, I thought I might have missed giving them a skill scroll or stat booster, but I double checked and both pairs of Trims have the same maxed stats across all classes and have all the same skills. I have been comparing them back and forth to make sure all the stats, movement, class sets, and skill sets are the same for the past hour or so. I even made sure they have maxed all weapon ranks to make them the same. All of them are also still level 1. This is all I can figure out so far: My Trims, Minoris, and Konoes all: It is driving me nuts trying to figure out why they are priced differently. Did the dragon herbs gave the first three pairs an invisible stat boost over the stat cap on certain stats? Did the game ignore a skill (73,300-72,500=800)? Is there a discount mechanism in the game? Is it an exploit/bug/glitch and if so how do I duplicate it again? So many questions bugging me!
  4. So I'm trying to make a street pass team made up of custom avatars in fates. Since fates has 9 save files thanks to the extra data, I decided to use them to make my different save files for all of my different MUs. I made 3 different save files in the extra data, one being the actual account I'll be sending out, and the other two I registered into the unit log book. Now this is where the problem comes in. I made the fourth one and bought and einherjar of the fourth MU to register it in my Logbook. When I went to the "main" save file to buy the fourth MU, it said that I already recruited it despite only having the 2 previous Einherjar in the file! Not only that, the second MU that I made and registered was nowhere in sight in the log book! After some experimenting, I found out that save files that are in the same row are assigned the same log book spots. Also, I tried saving the save file to a different row, deleting the unit from the logbook, and then buying it again, but the MU is still in the same position in the log book. Do you have any alternative ideas/ways to make a MU army cause the logbook doesnt work any more.
  5. Hello guys, I have Fire Emblem Fates since yesterday and there is one thing that I absolutely want to know: WHERE is the logbook and HOW can I include Avatars from other files in my main one? I would really appreciate if someone could answer me I searched all day and find nothing Thanks ! (Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, or something like that, I'm french. :))
  6. In awakening, it was possible to endlessly raise the stats of "guest characters" through clever usage of the Logbook. Are you still able to do this in Fates? Also on a similar topic, can you add Amiibo units to your logbook? So if I train an Ike amiibo on one save file, can I purchase him in another save file and use him there? Or do I have to start from scratch again?
  7. I have a strategy that will work for anyone who has DLC, on any difficulty. First, you add your avatar into the avatar logbook, with full stats, and any skills you want him to be equipped with. This should be done on easy, or hard, so that you don't have too much trouble. Second, start a game on the difficulty that you cannot complete (e.g. Lunatic). Spam Frederick paired up with Chrom, until you have completed chapter 4, so that you will unlock the Outrealm Gate. Third, grind the Golden Gaffe, until you have enough money to buy the avatar from Step 1. Now use this avatar as much as you want. Notes: The more full-stat avatars you have, the better. You can keep grinding the golden gaffe, to buy up to 20 avatars at once. If you have Rouges and Redeemers 3, you can equip Limit Breaker. You should consider equipping this on your avatar(s). If you have 99,999 Renown, you can sell the Supreme Emblem for 99,999G, and your Bullion (L) for 10,000G, and (probably) buy an avatar before completing chapter 4. These avatars cannot have support conversations, so unfortunately, the support boosts won't increase. You can use the EXPonential Growth, in order to get lots of experience, but I recommend you wait until completing chapter 16 (or paralogue 16) so that you can buy Master Seals, and Second Seals. I hope this information helps!
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