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Found 19 results

  1. Whats your least favorite child from Awakening and Fates? My answer is Laurent..he's just bland. Yes..even IN his supports.. But its just my opinion, I can see why people would like him.
  2. I've been on YouTube for as long as I can remember and in that time I've watched and subscribed to tons of channels...but I haven't had any luck finding new people to watch..any suggestions? I gotta feeling that this topic shouldn't be in Entertainment...
  3. What class gives you the most trouble? Myrmidons? Generals? Cavaliers?
  4. I guess you can put your own personal review here..
  5. My parents aren't doing anything special. I guess were just opening gifts.
  6. Today, we will be rating the lords on a scale, here's the options! WORST: Bubsy 3D levels of terrible BAD: Soggy Bread MEH: Warheads that aren't sour DECENT: Papa John's Pizza GREAT: Green Apples Here's an example [INSERT LORD'S NAME HERE]= Soggy Bread Here's the list of all the lords! Marth Alm Celica Sigurd Seliph Leif Roy Eliwood Hector Lyn Eirika Ike Micaiah Kris Chrom Corrin
  7. Yes I know its December! But, like I always am, I'm curious. From Dracula to Jason who is your favorite horror icon?
  8. Yes, He actually made a game console, which seems to be an emulator. Ridiculous..but what are your thoughts?
  9. I'm sorry if this topic was done to death, I ran out of ideas..
  10. Try to give me the worst POTENTIAL crossovers. Sorry for not specifying. My example...Gears Of War x Fire Emblem.
  11. What FE chapter made you suffer the longest? Personally, it was the chapter when they introduced the ballista in FE7. I dont know why I was stuck on it though... OH WAIT I KNOW WHY!!! ITS BECAUSE THE BALLISTA IS BULLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!! but seriously...the ballista is annoying af. It took me to my wit's end but after 1 hour of pure torture I realized that I just have to wait for the enemies to rush me than I can just demolish them...I was able to kill the Ballista Douche shortly after.
  12. What's your thoughts? Are you excited? I certainly am.
  13. Who would win? Corrin or Robin? Take the weapons they have into consideration.. They are maxed out in stats
  14. I gotta feeling I did this already..ah screw it. If you were in a FE game which class would you be? I would be a Myrmidon
  15. Whats your favorite song in fire emblem? When you post try to put a link to the song in your response box.
  16. DON'T START A SHIPPING WAR!! DX My waifu's Severa btw! x3
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