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Found 1 result

  1. Link to the website The details are thus: Top 8 voted heroes will be in a Voting Gauntlet (late Feb), and the winner is given out for free (mid-March) In said VG, all units will score the same, so no need to worry if you don't have that unit for the 1.1x score bonus Doesn't seem to be affected by color; it's possible, for instance, for all 8 heroes to be blue Can't vote for regular Alfonse/Sharena/Anna, of course It's not clear if there'll be banners for these top 8 heroes, but it's certainly possible, since last year's version of this event lead to a banner for the 4 winners Edit: Midway results so far For those who can't see the image, the list for now is: Altina Mythic Sothis Legendary Azura Winter Sothis Lif Edelgard Legendary Alm Legendary Leif NY Alfonse Duo Idunn Brave Veronica Surtr Legendary Ike Dimitri Legendary Roy Fallen Corrin F Ephraim Duo Byleth F Claude Fallen Tiki
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