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Found 1 result

  1. I haven't had the time to play low-turn counts for nearly half a year, it seems. Now that I've got some, I could get into something and since an Echoes LTC had been brought up to me several times, it's no surprise I started the run. Gaiden/Echoes seems like the least LTC-friendly games out there, as enemies you can't reliably one-turn KO are a nightmare to a run like this, other factors also contributing to the difficulty. YouTube Playlist Above you can find everything I've shared of the playthrough so far. I record every battle and eventually it all ends up in the playlist. The video for each map is accompanied by a lengthy video description, which I never seem to grow tired of writing. I've felt the need to start this thread for multiple reasons. The main one is getting some advice on some rather important policies (outlined in the topic poll) and another one is to document and plan out the run. The few times I did a playthrough of the game, I hardly did it with an eventual LTC in mind, so I have quite a lot to brainstorm about moving on from casual to really meticulous and ambitious playstyle. My current turn counts are as follows: Having reached map 1-7 with a pretty mag-rigged Silque @ lv. 5.98, I've been wondering if she can feasibly get to Warp prior to this map. Being able to warp a fighter or two over the wall would presumably speed up the map's completion exponentially. Since we're talking about 6 levels worth of experience in 4 storyline maps, I imagine the answer is affirmative. I've gone back to past maps (from the very beginning) trying to improve upon the chapter 1 clear by feeding Silque all of the bosskills and also trying to get some extra exp from enemy phase (not the hardest thing to arrange when Silque takes the most damage if nobody else in range is getting doubled). I may have to give all three +spd well boosts to Silque, but am not yet sure if this necessary. If she can gain these points on her way to Warp, others could make use of the well boosts. For example, when you play very fast, Merc!Gray only has 7 base spd with the Lightning Sword. This means he needs 3 procs to double Slayde in the last map of the chapter (which is not necessarily a turn-shaving difference considering how many other foes we need to handle and that Gray can't 2HKO anyone but archers anyway). Playing fast and making so many sacrifices restrains me even more (skipping random battles and dungeon fights is already rather limiting). For instance, I can hardly imagine which kills I can afford to feed Kliff on the revised run (which could well prove a failure with Silque not reaching Warp but I'm hoping for the best) and if he's ever seeing promotion at all (I guess, he just needs to be fielded for that bonus exp to get there some day). At the same time, I really do require a competent archer, possibly two. Now some urgent problems outlined in the poll... Silver Mark farming and Forges This is a very important issue, because so far it seems to me that silver marks can be farmed for endlessly in dungeons without aggroing enemies, 1-5 per visit or more if you're feeling reckless. I've heard others say the coins eventually end and you can't milk a dungeon for any more, so I tested this today and got to over 100 silver marks before doing map 1-3 in chapter 1, not to mention a ton of food from boxes. If marks can really be farmed endlessly, you just need to dedicate yourself to farming as many as you can to have the best versions of your weapons as early as possible. This can get too silly imho. e.g. the chapter 1 Iron Bow can turn into a Killer Bow+3 because you just need to get 590 silvers/2 golds to max the forge. Every other earlygame weapon is maxed similarly, and it's possible considering gold marks can be traded if you bring enough silvers with you. It's easy to see why I would find such a run discouraging (too much looking around grass in dungeons instead of strategising), but how can I handle the problem? One solution is simply never picking up any food from dungeons and never cutting grass for coins. Some money can still be accumulated by beating enemies in fixed encounters, selling food found in towns and doing quests. I'm not sure if there's any middle ground. Optional encounters A notorious obstacle before this run. Once enemies appear on the map, they appear to have a fixed pace at which they progress towards you. Reloading your save will not change their behaviour at all. Naturally, this problems makes me very apprehensive, as I would need to manipulate them in order to (ideally) not see any optional battles on my run. Unless somebody makes a discovery regarding their behaviour and ways to exploit it, I will probably have to suck it up and just face some of them in-battle. This leads us to another issue to be solved - do these encounters add to the turn count in the run? I should also add that the line between storyline and optional encounters is somewhat thin. Many folks who have played the game more than once may have noticed that if some "random" enemies appear in the same place of the map where a storyline battle is about to occur, you will be facing both the fixed enemies as well as the skirmish party on the storyline map. It's all very confusing and troublesome at the moment, and yet without resolving the issue there's little clarity concerning LTCing the game past chapter 2 or so. Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated, as per usual!
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