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Found 2 results

  1. Lowen is usually the cavalier that is left out if the player decides to use more than 1 cavalier as he focuses more on being a tank than being strong which since in FE7 most units can 1RKO when a unit doesn't it is usually called bad so these are Lowen's bases and growth rates: Level: 2 HP: 23 Str: 7 Skl: 5 Spd: 7 Lck: 3 Def: 7 Res: 0 Con: 10 Mov: 7 HP: 90% Str: 30% Skl: 30% Spd: 30% Lck: 50% Def: 40% Res: 30% So let me briefly talk about his stats. HP: He can actually cap this stat at 60 without use of an Angelic Robe. Str: His base is higher than Kent's but lowen than Sain's but both Kent's and Sain's growth is higher Skl: I'm not expecting much from this stat at all, he's going to be accurate when using swords but when I used silver lances in my last LP with him his hit was in the 70s and that is no good Spd: His base speed is equal to Kent's and higher than Sain's but he is going to end up pretty slow ind the end since his growth is super low Lck: His Luck is high for some reason this might make him look like a dodgetank but luck gives very small bonuses per point that it doesn't matter. Def: This is is best stat he is good at taking hits and his base is also very good. Res: His resistance stat is very big but his base means he won't be exactly very tanky. Con: His con of 10 seems amazing but once you remember he has low speed it won't mean he will exactly double a lot of enemies. Mov: He's a cavalier so he has 7 movement which will be pretty useful For his supports I'm planning on supporting him with Rebecca since Fire affinity is good,although Rebecca won't be the MVP of this LP I am going to use her this time. And I'm also going to support him maybe with Eliwood since to prevent the problems from last time, I will train Eliwood a bit. And I'm playing on Eliwood hard mode again without playing Lyn's mode but that won't really affect anyone but Sain. Anyway without furder ado, let's go!
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